5 Cheapest Wholesale Kratom Vendors

Tim Rosenberger Tim Rosenberger

April 21, 2022

Start-up kratom companies often have limited funds. Therefore, you might be looking for cheap wholesalers to get your business up and running. I am here to help with this comprehensive guide to buying affordable wholesale kratom!

In this article, I will take you through the kratom basics before exploring the expanding range of products on the market. And if you remain unconvinced about kratom’s potential, I will explain why it’s an unmissable opportunity.

But first, let’s check out the five cheapest wholesale kratom vendors in the industry right now!

Top 5 Begin Here

1. Best Selling Kratom


Kratom Krush

Whatever your wholesale requirements, Kratom Krush can deliver on them. Quality meets affordability, with stellar, lab-tested products available at fantastic low prices – and the more you buy, the better the savings!

Kratom Krush stocks powder, capsules, tea bags, extracts, and even loose leaves – a rarity for a western wholesaler! Companies can choose from dependable, renowned strains like Maeng Da and Bali, or try their luck with emerging options.

Kratom Krush ensures clients understand the products they buy, through detailed product descriptions and attentive customer service. Every client receives the full Kratom Krush treatment – the best wholesale experience in the industry!

2. Most Popular


Bulk Kratom Now

Start-ups interested in selling kratom powder and capsules should check out Bulk Kratom Now’s wholesale catalog. While this vendor lacks the variety of its rivals, they do a sterling job with the products they focus on and can work for any store.

Bulk Kratom Now promises rock-bottom prices without compromising on quality – a bold claim they manage to back up. You can also experiment with Bulk Kratom Now by investing in split kilos (i.e., a combo of strains in a single kratom powder).

With almost a decade of wholesale experience, Bulk Kratom Now has stood the test of time in this ever-changing industry. The limited selection hampers them slightly, but I cannot knock their selection of cheap, lab-tested products. 

3. Runner Up


EZ Kratom

EZ Kratom is an accomplished wholesaler of kratom powder, capsules, and extracts. All products consist of pure, organic, and non-GMO kratom – they never use additives or fillers like inferior brands are notorious for.

These guys stock a range of ultra-enhanced powders which are more potent than classic, finely-ground kratom. While more expensive, the extra strength makes these products good value for money and ideal for experienced users.

EZ Kratom takes the risk out of purchasing wholesale kratom with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. It’s a welcome feature that should put clients’ minds at rest, but it’s not unique. Indeed, some wholesalers extend this to 45 days or longer. 

4. Runner Up


Super Speciosa

Stores and distributors of any size can find wholesale joy with Super Speciosa. The high-class wholesaler prides itself on supreme quality and goes further than most to deliver it. By pasteurizing kratom, they remove impurities without ruining the alkaloids.

Super Speciosa cares about traceability and transparency – all products come with batch-specific lab reports. This will leave your customers with no doubt that they are purchasing premium, authentic kratom from your store.

But all this excellence comes at a price. Exceeding industry standards isn’t cheap, and Super Speciosa is a costlier than its competitors. But quality-wise, there’s no criticizing the company’s kratom powder, capsules, and tablets.

5. Runner Up


Kats Botanicals

Finally, we have a solid wholesaler in Kats Botanicals, but one that is hardly the cheapest in the industry. The powder, capsules, extracts, and shots in their collection hit the mark on purity and potency – but prepare to pay more for the privilege.

That’s not necessarily a problem, although Kats Botanicals isn’t the only store manufacturing high-quality kratom. However, I concede they have an intriguing collection of specialty blends that you cannot get from other wholesalers.

As an American Kratom Association-approved, GMP-qualified vendor, Kats Botanicals is a match for anyone on quality. But I do not recommend them if you want cheap, lab-tested kratom – you can find better value elsewhere.

What is Kratom?

Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) is a tree native to southeast Asia, known for its therapeutic effects. A tropical evergreen tree, kratom grows in Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and surrounding areas. 

Kratom leaves contain indole-based alkaloids – such as mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine (7-OH) – which have plenty in common with opioids. As of April 2022, scientists have isolated more than 40 kratom alkaloids.

In the United States and other western countries, kratom is a newly-popular natural therapeutic, despite having no recognized medicinal value. But in southeast Asia, its use as an analgesic and stimulant dates to at least the 19th century. 

Historically, people have taken kratom during religious ceremonies. Thrill-seekers have recently embraced it as a legal high, thanks to its psychoactive and euphoric effects.

Kratom veins 


Every kratom strain has a unique mix of alkaloids and other substances. And while scientists don’t know everything about kratom’s chemistry, we can tell many compounds hold sway over its effects, since each strain is a bit different.

But the vein coloring of a kratom leaf is more important than the strain itself. For instance, Red, White, and Green Bali kratom vary significantly in effects.

Red vein kratom administers the most calming, relaxing, and narcotic experience. Rich in soothing alkaloids, the opioid-like qualities make these strains effective painkillers, stress-busters, and recreational drugs.

But white kratom strains – especially white Maeng Da and Thai – have energizing, stimulant properties. Some find white kratom causes anxiety and jitters, but they are great for those needing a pick-me-up or motivational boost.

Predictably, green vein kratom is an all-rounder, offering a balance of relaxation and invigoration without becoming too one-sided. The blend limits the side effects of red and white kratom while providing a therapeutic experience for all times of the day.

Why selling kratom is a fantastic business opportunity

Money-making opportunities like selling kratom do not come around often. Millions of people in the U.S. use kratom products, but you won’t find them in pharmacies and hypermarkets. I will discuss why later.

That means small businesses and start-ups can have a sizeable slice of the ever-growing kratom pie. Those who find kratom products beneficial will likely be using them for months and years to come, so it’s a market where you can build a loyal customer base.

Furthermore, the industry is constantly developing and innovating. Far from being saturated, manufacturers regularly bring new product concepts to market, and customers lap them up.

Numerous niches are waiting for a creative company to take them by storm. Of course, you could stick with mainstream kratom products and compete against established businesses. But your success may lie in being a cutting-edge brand.

Types of kratom products


When it comes to products, the kratom industry has some firm favorites as well as intriguing new additions. Let’s go over the perks and downsides of each.

Powder: Ultimately, most kratom products are powder in some form. But loose kratom powder pouches give users the ability to enjoy the herb however they like.

With kratom powder, you can brew tea, and make capsules, edibles, and extracts. Or you can wash it down with a glass of water! But prepare for a bitter flavor!

Capsules: Most vendors stock an accompanying capsule product alongside loose kratom powder strains. Capsules effectively cover up the flavor while enabling users to manage their dosage by the milligram.

Some customers may have issues with bulky 000-size kratom capsules. When purchasing in bulk, check whether the wholesaler uses 000 or smaller 00-size caps. If possible, I recommend 00-size caps – these hold around 700mg or 0.7g powder.

Teabags: Kratom powder in a tea bag comes with the advantage of not having to strain the brew before drinking. Kratom tea bags are convenient for users with busy lifestyles or those who want discretion (i.e., workers dosing up in the office).

Leaves: Loose, dried kratom leaves remain relatively uncommon, but some wholesalers stock them. Like powdered products, leaves have a notorious flavor and a rough, coarse texture. You can chew kratom leaves or brew tea with them. 

Extracts and concentrates: Kratom shots, tinctures, resin, and wax are highly-potent, alkaloid-rich extract products. Only advised for veteran users familiar with high dosages, concentrates provide more intense relief than standard products.

Edibles: A new arrival on the kratom scene, infused edibles have several upsides. Kratom has a less pungent taste when part of a cake or cookie. And edibles allow users to take a precise kratom dosage with discretion.

Kratom’s Legal Status in the U.S.


The kratom industry faced an existential threat at the federal level in 2016. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) wanted to classify kratom as a schedule 1 drug but met stern resistance from activists. 

While the feds have had no luck banning kratom, some states and countries across the U.S. have succeeded. When shopping as a company or individual, you will see a list of states, counties, cities, and towns where vendors refuse to ship products.

That’s partly why super-stores and pharmacies do not sell kratom. They are afraid kratom could become illegal at some point and are worried that stocking products would tarnish their brand. But big corporations are risk-averse by nature.

Let’s face facts. Kratom is only growing in stature and products have become a useful tool in the battle against the opioid crisis. Banning kratom would be illogical and have harmful, lasting consequences. That’s why I cannot see it happening.

What to Look for When Buying Cheap Wholesale Kratom

Even though you are looking for cheap wholesale kratom products, you should never scrimp on quality. Any savings you make by purchasing low-grade kratom from a dodgy wholesaler will soon be lost through poor sales and a damaged reputation.

Avoid these mistakes by remembering these three tips when buying kratom in bulk.

Third-party tested products


Cheap kratom products must have a third-party seal of approval from an independent laboratory. Without third-party certification, customers cannot tell whether your kratom is genuine or even safe for consumption.

And that means they won’t shop with you. Many vendors sell affordable, lab-tested kratom products. If you want customers to view you as a genuine, trustworthy brand, buy kratom from lab-tested wholesalers.

Good packaging

Sketchy wholesalers could try selling you poor-quality kratom in shoddy packaging. They might be trying to get rid of products another client had returned for a refund. 

Always check that the wholesaler has packaged your products properly. Decent storage determines whether a product will expire after a few weeks or several months. You cannot risk selling potentially stale kratom to customers. 

High-quality customer service

Buying cheap doesn’t mean you should settle for mediocre customer service. When spending hundreds or thousands of dollars, you can expect a wholesaler to go to every length necessary to secure a sale.

Don’t hesitate lots of questions about products, from their characteristics to which ones would fit well in your store. Buying from a wholesaler isn’t merely about the transaction, it’s about the relationship between the vendor and the client.

How to Store Your Wholesale Kratom Products


I suggest storing all wholesale kratom products in a cold, dark, and dry location. Never expose products to direct sunlight. Keep loose kratom powder in air-sealed mason jars and edible products in a fridge. 

How Long do Wholesale Kratom Products Last?

Most kratom products last for an average of three months, but it depends on your approach to storage. If you neglect storage, your products may start losing potency in weeks – this will inevitably lead to many unhappy customers!

Purchasing Cheap Wholesale Kratom Products Online vs. Shops Near Me


Wholesale kratom products are always cheaper online than in brick-and-mortar stores, due to the company’s running costs. A web-based wholesaler only needs a storage location and a website, making it a slick operation.

But physical wholesalers need a proper shop with many staff. These costs add up and get passed onto customers in the form of higher prices. And there’s no need to buy in-person anyway – online wholesalers are just as good, if not better!

You can purchase cheap, lab-tested kratom products at Kratom Krush. Sign-up for a wholesale account today and check out their awesome deals!

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