White Thai Kratom Effects, Dosage, & Benefits

white thai kratom

White Thai is among the best white strains under White Maeng Da and Trainwreck.

It provides incredible energy and slight mood boosts, perfect for increasing productivity.

You can consume it as a tea, powder, or capsules to obtain its benefits.

Few kratom strains match White Thai kratom effects for intensity and potency, and it’s without question Thailand’s finest kratom export.

I’ll be navigating through White Thai’s effects in this review, in addition to suggested doses and a guide on how to take kratom.

White Thai kratom (mitragyna speciosa) has powerful, energizing effects and also helps improve focus and mental clarity. These traits are most pronounced in small doses, with higher doses linked to a relaxing, balancing effect. Kratom’s unique qualities come from a range of opiate-like alkaloids.

I’m excited to share this strain with you. I’m confident you’ll be amazed at White Thai’s wide range of uses, and I’ve got some great tips to ensure you have the best experience possible. Let’s get started!

White Thai Kratom Effects (used for which conditions)

Before I begin, a quick disclaimer: the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved kratom as a medicine. This section is purely to let you know why people take it.


Fatigue affects all aspects of life. It stifles your energy levels and negatively impacts your mental well-being. White Thai kratom banishes fatigue and will help get you back in control of your life.

With astounding stimulating effects, this strain will ensure you stay energized all day. Manual laborers in Thailand have long used White Thai kratom to keep fresh when working tough days in harsh jungle conditions.

Sexual dysfunction

Poor sexual performance doesn’t just hurt during the moment – the psychological effects permeate long after the moment is gone. But White Thai kratom effects include resetting and charging up your libido, making intimacy the pleasure it’s meant to be.

The energy boost gives you stamina. The mood-enhancing effects and reduced anxiety put your mind at rest so you can enjoy getting down to business.

Low Mood

White Thai’s pleasant mood-boosting properties are perfect for getting you out of a slump. Energy and motivation tend to go hand in hand, and a small dose of this strain is enough to put you in a better frame of mind.

I’m not suggesting White Thai is a remedy for deep depression, but it’s a great choice if you need a pick-me-up.

Effects of White Thai

In this section, I will touch on some general benefits of white vein kratom. I will also explore how this strain could help you in day-to-day life.

Energy and motivation booster 

The all-around, intense stimulation White Thai offers makes it a favorite worldwide. With rich energizing properties, this strain has your back on groggy mornings and dragging afternoons.

White Thai will leave you physically fresh, mentally sharp, and ready to give 100% all day.

Enhanced focus and productivity

A stimulating substance that boosts your focus and productivity without causing the jitters? That sounds like a game-changer, which is just what White Thai is.

When it’s time to knuckle down for a few hours and finish your tasks, the last thing you want is a wandering mind that won’t play ball. White Thai will bring you into the zone and keep you there!

Improved mood and reduced stress

Mood issues and heightened stress levels often go together. Sadly, the latter can lead to other health problems if not managed. But people around the globe are enjoying great results from White Thai kratom.

Small amounts are enough to extract the mood benefits, while the relaxation delivered with a higher intake is better for stress relief.

How to Take White Thai 

Kratom strains are versatile and can be appreciated in several ways – White Thai is no exception. That considered, the original method of taking kratom – chewing the leaves – is mostly a thing of the past.

The modern kratom market focuses on accessibility and variety, as I’ll explain in this section.

Toss and Wash

What the heck is ‘toss and wash’? First-timers are probably puzzled, while old-timers likely have a grin on their faces.

The ‘toss and wash’ approach is all about getting kratom into your system as quickly as possible. This method is simple and remarkably effective.

You’ll need kratom powder and a glass of water. Feel free to add lemon juice or sweetener to eliminate the bitter taste. That’s not a knock on White Thai – kratom is just notoriously bitter.

Ideally, use a measuring spoon to scoop the powder into your mouth, sip some water, and start swilling it around.

Swish vigorously to work out any clumps and hold for as long as possible to maximize the chances of sublingual absorption. You should start feeling the effects a few minutes after dosing.

I love ‘tossing and washing’ my kratom and have become acclimatized to the flavor over the years. The punchy bitterness could put newcomers off, though.

Tossing with a measuring spoon helps get the dosage accurate, but it’s not as reliable as using capsules.

How to Make Tea

Kratom tea is the oldest form of kratom consumption, still in everyday modern-day use. The method has changed a bit, with powder now the go-to kratom product rather than boiling up the leaves. Powder speeds up and simplifies the process significantly.

Brewing kratom tea is pretty similar to brewing regular tea.

1.     Heat some water to just below boiling point, or let it boil and stand for a few minutes. Just below boiling point is the sweet spot temperature.  

2.     Scoop your White Thai powder into the cup of water and stir – trust me, you don’t want clumps and lumpy tea! A small whisk works well for getting the clumps out, but a spoon should suffice.

3.     For a truly authentic experience, now’s the time to drink. But don’t feel compelled to fight through the bitterness. Sweeten the beverage however you like – I like honey or sugar – and enjoy.

Kratom iced tea is also a possibility. Just follow the above steps, allow the tea to cool for an hour or two, then load up a glass with ice. Easy!


If you cannot get to grips with the flavor and want a more pleasant form of consumption, I highly recommend kratom capsules. This eliminates the flavor without compromising on potency.

What’s more, kratom capsules are smell-free and extra discreet, allowing you to top up your kratom levels with confidence wherever you are.

Kratom capsules were my introduction to kratom, and I especially like them for white strains such as Thai. Standardized dosages are perfect for beginners who want peace of mind that they are doing things right.

With capsules, you know how much you’ve taken down to the milligrams.

But if capsules were perfect, other products would not be needed! The slower onset of effects is a drawback for many.

If you need an energy boost, waiting around for up to an hour is not ideal! But the alkaloids in kratom can only start working their magic once the capsule is broken down and the powder released, which does take some time.

Furthermore, not everybody tolerates swallowing several large kratom capsules well.

White Thai Dose

Dosing with kratom is a bit of a minefield, and everyone has slightly different advice on how much you should be taking.

For anyone just beginning their kratom journey, I can’t emphasize this enough: keep a diary! A few notes on the product you’re using, how much you’re consuming, the dosage, and the effects will prove priceless.

After a few kratom sessions, you’ll be getting in tune with your body and making those critical decisions with confidence. Maybe you need to add a gram, or perhaps you should change your intake method.

But we still have to start somewhere. Here are some general guidelines on dosing with White Thai.

Start small: White Thai’s energy-boosting and focus-enhancing effects are achievable through low doses. Starting cautiously with around 2 grams allows you to get acquainted with kratom’s effects.

Best to start small and work your way up rather than push the boat out and have a nasty session.

Increase incrementally: Adding a gram at a time will keep you in control, and you’ll soon be in the moderate-to-high dose range for White Thai (4 to 8 grams). These doses should introduce the mildly relaxing properties of this strain, although not to the extent of a red vein kratom.

Early in the day: White Thai kratom is super-stimulating and lasts for several hours. Therefore, I suggest taking it in the mornings or early afternoons. Otherwise, as with caffeine, you could be wide awake at midnight!

A word on higher doses: Stronger doses may not be necessary. Upping the dosage too much increases the risk of side effects.

Does White Thai Have Side Effects?

White Thai kratom can cause side effects – some are general to kratom, while others are specific to white vein strains.

I’ll start with the big one: addiction. You may be turning to kratom to get away from addictive painkillers. That’s a great choice, and even though kratom alkaloids like mitragynine have opiate-like properties, they are significantly less likely to cause kratom dependence.

But you still need to be careful. The more kratom you use, the more your body becomes tolerant to it. Without your trusty diary, you could soon take a few extra grams for the same benefits.

This also increases the risk of other kratom side effects, such as nausea and vomiting.

White Thai may trigger anxiety and paranoia. The energizing effects are key to the strain’s appeal; some report that white strains help their anxiety.

White Thai is particularly powerful and could be too much if prone to high anxiety levels. That’s another reason you shouldn’t jump straight into the higher doses.

Other possible kratom side effects include:

·        Hallucinations

·        Delusions

·        Constipation

·        Seizures

·        Liver damage

·        Death (in rare cases, per the FDA)

Perhaps you want to start taking kratom but are unsure if it’s safe for you. I strongly encourage you to speak with your doctor, as they will know your circumstances.

True, kratom is not FDA-approved as a medicine, but a good doctor with an open mind will help put you on the right track.

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