White Borneo Kratom: Everything You Need to Know


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White Borneo Kratom

White Borneo is an ideal white strain for beginners. It produces an energy boost with slight pain relief.

Most white strains don’t relieve pain at all. Hence, if you suffer from minimal pain and are looking for an energy boost, I highly recommend White Borneo for you.

You can take it as a tea, capsules, or powder.

White kratom strains are renowned for enhancing focus and boosting energy – and White Borneo Kratom certainly boasts those qualities.

White Borneo hails from the island it is named after, and it’s one of the best strains around. Kratom – or mitragyna speciosa to use its botanical name – is teeming with alkaloids that offer a range of therapeutic effects. This is an ideal strain if you’re seeking a stimulating kratom experience.

In this fact-packed review, I’ll be guiding you through exactly what White Borneo is, the various forms it comes in, and why you need it.

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White Borneo Kratom Effects   

Kratom is a remarkable plant with contrasting effects between strains. I’ve mentioned that White Borneo – and white strains in general – are excellent for energy and stimulation. But used correctly, they can also help with relaxation and anxiety relief. All these effects are thanks to the collection of alkaloids within kratom, like mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Let’s take a closer look.

Energy booster

I’m always amazed at just how effective White Borneo is as a pick-me-up. If you struggle for that morning motivation or find yourself struggling in the afternoons, a small amount of White Borneo is just the ticket.

Its stimulating properties are an ideal alternative to coffee – and better yet, it won’t make you jittery and fidgety!

And I’ll let you in on a secret: taking White Borneo with orange or grapefruit juice really helps to maximize those alkaloids.

Enhanced Focus and Clarity

In a world of distractions, staying focussed and productive is no easy task. You check your phone one minute, and before you know it, you’ve spent an hour on social media!

Thankfully, White Borneo is excellent at keeping your brain in check.

The energy boost from this kratom is as much mental as it is physical, and will leave you alert, fresh, and ready for the challenges ahead. I find that small quantities – spaced out over several hours – is the best way to remain focussed throughout the day with White Borneo.

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Relieves pain

Make no mistake, for severe pain, you’ll probably need a red kratom strain. But if you’re dealing with mild pain or inflammation, a strain like White Borneo may actually be preferable. I’ve even found it effective for migraines, and headaches, too.

White Borneo is superb if you need pain relief, but can’t risk getting too sleepy or relaxed. The analgesic and energizing effects jive well together, and will keep you in a well-balanced state from morning until night.

I know many of you are looking for an alternative to pesky painkillers. As long as you use kratom responsibly, it’s certainly a great option.

Soothes anxiety and stress

White Borneo is a popular choice for people affected by anxiety, high stress or low mood. The energy boost can help with improving motivation, while the calming benefits help to stave off any anxiety.

The mild physical relief will allow you to forget your worries, while keeping you in good mental balance. This makes White Borneo kratom a reliable and sustainable stress-buster.

Improved sex drive

Don’t worry, I’ll keep it PG – but I have to bring it up! Kratom really can boost your libido and heighten your performance in the bedroom.

With White Borneo, this is largely thanks to the mixture of physical stimulation and anxiety relief. If your body is feeling up to it and you’re in the right headspace, it’s naturally going to lead to better sexual performance. I’ll say no more!

White Borneo Powder 

Like most kratoms, White Borneo comes in several forms. I’ll start by discussing powder, the most versatile type of kratom on sale.

Unlike kratom leaves, powder has an even distribution of alkaloids throughout the product. So you won’t get caught out with a higher or lower dose than anticipated.

You can enjoy White Borneo powder directly – this is known as the ‘toss and wash’ method. But many find it more satisfying in tea or other beverages. Kratom can even be used as a food ingredient. J

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Just be careful with the potent bitter flavor as it can be overpowering!

The more experimental kratom users may even make their own kratom capsules with powder and a capsule maker.

This approach is great if you want to mix strains, but not worth it for a single strain, since kratom capsules are available ready-made. Indeed, I’ve got some to show you later!

How to Take White Borneo the Right Way 

Thousands of years ago, when humans first discovered kratom, the only way to consume it was by chewing the leaves.

While certainly effective, the intense – and for some unpleasant – taste makes chewing these coarse leaves quite the chore.

But times have changed, and kratom has gone commercial and worldwide. Now everybody can happily appreciate its benefits.


If the strong, natural taste of kratom puts you off, then capsules could be what you’re looking for. Capsules are a hassle-free way of getting your White Borneo, with a specified quantity of kratom in each.

This ensures you are dosing accurately and consistently, and are always getting the same effects.

Moreover, these aroma-less capsules are very discreet, which is nice if you want to be discreet about your use. Simply swill down as many capsules as you need with water.

Kratom effects from capsules tend to be slow and gradual. This is because the body has to digest the capsule before the powder within is released and absorbed into the bloodstream.

I love the slow release that capsules provide, as it gives me a steady delivery of White Borneo over many hours.

But you may be looking for a fast-acting experience. If you prefer your kratom to hit hard and fast, or struggle to swallow down chunky capsules, you may prefer one of these other methods.

Toss and Wash

The ‘toss and wash’ approach is a wildly popular way of taking kratom, thanks to its simplicity, and the quick onset of effects.

It’s as simple as ‘tossing’ the kratom into your mouth, ‘washing’ it around with water, before gulping it down. The benefits are typically noticeable within minutes, with no crucial time lost breaking down the capsules.

‘Toss and wash’ works a treat if you’re desperate for a quick jolt of energy or relief from moderate pain.

There are a couple of downsides. Since ‘toss and wash’ essentially involves swallowing the powder, you are exposed to that notorious bitter blast of kratom. For some this is overwhelming, for others it’s just part of the experience! This method is also liable to getting a little messy, and getting a precise dosage is tricky. I feel ‘toss and wash’ is best for more experienced kratom users, who aren’t fussed if their dose is accurate to the milligram.

White Borneo Tea

kratom tea

Kratom tea is another favorite, and has a long history. In the olden days, people would boil up the leaves direct. Nowadays it’s much easier – you can just use the powder! Here’s how I do it:

1)     Heat some water to just below boiling point, or boil and let it cool a little. Leave the powder to one side for now.

2)     Pour the water into a cup and mix in your kratom. Stir very thoroughly or the powder will clump together and be harder to drink. Sometimes I use a matcha whisk to guarantee a smooth blend.

3)     Add sweetener. This step isn’t compulsory, but it’s effective at blunting kratom’s harsh flavor. Sugar is ideal. You can also manage the flavor with a dash of lemon juice if you fancy an invigorating beverage.

Like the ‘toss and wash’ method, kratom-infused tea takes effect more speedily than capsules. That said, it does take more effort and time to prepare.

I usually drink kratom tea at home and when not in a rush.

White Borneo Dose

Getting your White Borneo dose right is vital to having a good kratom session. For energy, focus, clarity and sexual performance, stick to a low dose.

For anxiety and pain relief and general relaxation, opt for a higher dose. I hear you – what is “low” and what is “high”?

There is no exact science to kratom dosing, and everyone will be impacted slightly differently. Body size, age, speed of metabolism, and product potency can all influence how you react. But here are some guidelines for staying safe.

Start with just a couple of grams. If you are a first timer, it’s best to get a feeling of how White Borneo affects you, rather than diving in at a higher dose. It’s not a race, and a bad experience could put you off.

Anywhere between 4 to 7 grams could be classed as a moderate dose. You may need a little more, but bear in mind that your tolerance will grow with regular consumption.

When I started taking kratom, I kept a record for each strain on how much I was taking, how often, and how it made me feel. This gave me peace of mind, and helped me understand how kratom affects me. Having your own data will help you make much better dosing decisions than any online advice.

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Does White Borneo Have Side Effects?

Yes. Like all kratoms, White Borneo does come with a risk of side effects. The best way to avoid a bad experience is to stick with moderate doses.

Kratom does have opiate-like properties which can contribute to tolerance and, worst case, dependence. Regular kratom users may find they need higher doses for the same results, increasing the risk of side effects.

This is why keeping a dosage record is helpful!

Irritation and agitation is a concern with higher doses of white strains – similar to if you’ve consumed too much caffeine.

Nausea and vomiting is uncommon, but a risk for kratom beginners who start with large dosages. Tongue numbness is less of a worry, but a possibility – especially with ‘toss and wash’ – due to the bitter flavor.

Most people have a very satisfying time with White Borneo kratom. But if you have any hesitations about taking kratom, I recommend contacting your doctor.

True, not all doctors are up to speed on kratom. But they will have a detailed understanding of your medical history, and can provide personalized advice.

White Borneo vs White Sumatra

Southeast Asian strains White Borneo and White Sumatra are hugely popular in the West. But which one is better?

There is little to choose between them, although some note that White Sumatra is among the most potent white strains – right up there with White Maeng Da.

This purported extra-strength may be better for seasoned users, while Borneo’s milder reputation could be suitable for newer users.

Some suggest that White Borneo is a little more sedative than its counterparts, and I would agree.

This is appealing if you want to avoid the most intensely stimulating kratom strains, or want to keep the delicate balance between mental stimulation and physical relaxation.

As far as side effects go, White Borneo and White Sumatra are very similar. These side effects are few, and the risk only comes when moving up to higher doses.

In my opinion, these are really minor differences. Each user has their own experience with kratom. Without loads of people getting together to compare both strains, it’s impossible to be certain on how they differ.

What I am certain about is the effectiveness of Sumatra and Borneo as white kratom strains!

White Borneo for Sale 

White Borneo is just one of many kratom strains available at Kratom Krush. Check out the store for White Borneo Powder and White Borneo capsules. Keep an eye out for any on sale items and discount codes. There’s always a bargain to be had at Kratom Krush!

I hope you have found this White Borneo kratom guide useful. Whether it’s your first time learning about kratom, or a veteran kratom user looking for new tricks, hopefully you have picked up something new!

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