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How Much Red Bali Should You Take to Sleep Like a Rock

Red Bali is the best kratom strain for sleep, especially if you suffer from chronic pain. However, you must consume a slightly larger-than-average dose to obtain the best sedation effects. For example, my average dose is 4 grams. Therefore, I would consume about 5-6 grams to induce intense drowsiness.

If your average dose is 6 grams, you consume 7-8 grams. With so much online information, finding the correct Red Bali dose to help you sleep can be confusing. Fortunately, I’ve had plenty of experience with various kratom strains and doses and conducted lots of research to help you find your perfect Red Bali dose.

It’s better to take a higher dose of Red Bali to induce sleep. However, it’s crucial not to consume too much Red Bali as you may experience adverse side effects.

To avoid accidentally taking too much Red Bali, you’ll want to follow the steps mentioned in the next section. This will ensure you find your perfect dose for sleep without experiencing severe adverse side effects.

Experimenting For Your Perfect Red Bali Dose

I wish I could tell you the perfect dose to improve your sleep. Unfortunately, so many factors influence how your body will react to Red Bali that I have no way of providing an exact number, but I can provide a starting point.

All of the factors mentioned below directly influence the effects of Red Bali.

  • Weight
  • Gender
  • Tolerance
  • Metabolism
  • Food in your system
  • Other substances, such as alcohol

If you’re new to kratom, I suggest starting with 2 grams of powder or 3 capsules. Add a gram the following day if you didn’t obtain your desired effects.

If you start with capsules, add a capsule the following day and continue this cycle until you acquire the desired sedation effects.

Keep in mind your body has to break down and process kratom before the alkaloids are absorbed into your bloodstream.

I take kratom about 2 hours before going to sleep.

Things to Keep in Mind While Experimenting For Your Ideal Dose

There are a couple of things you may want to keep in mind while experimenting. First and foremost, don’t consume Red Bali twice in the same day.

If you double up, the effects will be much weaker the second time, and finding the perfect dose will be much more challenging.

You also increase the chances of experiencing adverse side effects.

Stick to using Red Bali once daily until you settle on a dose. Only then can you begin to double up.

Red Bali Kratom Capsules

Red Bali Kratom Capsules

I don’t like the bitter flavor of kratom powder or tea. Kratom capsules are the perfect way to bypass the bitterness without sacrificing potent results. Each capsule holds 0.7 grams in a pharmaceutical-grade vegetable cap for maximum health safety. However, even with the perfect sedating dose, I highly recommend using Red Bali only when you need it.

The more often you consume Red Bali (or any kratom strain), the faster you will grow your tolerance. The second thing you want to remember is how you consume Red Bali. Whether you choose capsules, kratom tea, or the toss-and-wash method, you must use the same method of consumption throughout your experimentation phase. If you’re wondering how to make kratom tea properly, click the link here to be redirected to a post where I teach you step by step.

If you switch your method of consumption while trying to find your ideal dose, you may experience stronger or weaker effects even when using the same amount of kratom. Specific consumption methods tend to absorb the alkaloids mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine faster than others and produce quicker, slower, or stronger, or weaker results. There is no superior method of consumption when using Red Bali for sleep. Whether you use kratom tea or capsules, you can expect to feel extremely sleepy and ready for bed within 2 hours and remain in that state for up to 5 hours.

For that reason, I highly advise using Red Bali only at night. Please do not take Red Bali before operating heavy machinery like driving.

Which is the best red strain for sleep?

Red Bali is the best strain for sleep. However, everyone reacts differently to each strain. If you feel like Red Bali isn’t very practical for you, I suggest trying Red Borneo. Red Borneo is another extremely popular red strain for pain, sleep, and anxiety

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