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Best Kratom Strain For Motivation & Boosting Productivity

Due to its mood-enhancing abilities, Green Maeng Da is, without a doubt, the best kratom strain for boosting motivation naturally and safely.

It’s known for producing the strongest euphoria, which improves mood and allows the individual to bypass mental and physical exhaustion.

Consequently, Green Maeng Da significantly increases productivity and reduces stress/anxiety.

Let me explain to you why you’re going to love Green Maeng Da.

Green Maeng Da, The Best Natural Motivation Booster

I’ve tried pretty much every single strain you can think of. So, when I tell you Green Maeng Da is the best strain for motivation, it’s because I’ve compared it to dozens of other strains.

Here are a few other strains I considered for boosting motivation when writing this post:

These strains are also effective for boosting my motivation and increasing productivity. However, they either lacked or did not match up to one major quality Green Maeng Da possesses: a kickass euphoria.

Combining the euphoric feeling with energy makes you feel like a million bucks like you can take on the world.


euphoric feeling

The euphoria is, in my opinion, the most important factor for boosting motivation. Others argue energy is the most important. I disagree.

The euphoria you obtain from Green Maeng Da is primarily responsible for clearing your mind. If you have anxiety, consider it gone.

If you have trouble concentrating on long and strenuous mental tasks, the euphoric feeling gets you in the zone. Believe me, and you will notice your focus and concentration increase.

euphoric effect

This is why I wholeheartedly believe the euphoric effect is responsible for boosting your motivation, not the energy boost.

Think about it: most of the times you’ve struggled to begin a task, such as a long project or a homework assignment from back in your school days, it wasn’t due to a lack of energy. It was motivation to start and remain focused!

If you enjoy a hobby, do you need to find the motivation to do it? Of course not! You naturally feel motivated.

That’s how Green Maeng Da works. It boosts your optimism so you feel positive about life and whatever it is you’re about to engage in. Therefore, allowing you to remain focused and increasing the amount of work you would normally complete.

The euphoria only lasts about 30 minutes, but the improved focus and concentration lasts as long as 3-5 hours.

For more info on the duration of kratom’s effects, click the button below to be redirected to a post where I explain in further detail.


Please don’t think I’m trying to diminish the importance of Green Maeng Da’s energy boost. The energy you obtain is still important and plays a vital role in helping you remain motivated.

The stimulation increase obtained from Green Maeng Da is similar to the average cup of coffee but a bit more balanced, meaning you don’t get a huge boost of energy and then come crashing down.

White Maeng Da Kratom

However, if you’re looking for only an increase in energy and not a strong euphoria, you’re better off with a white strain such as White Maeng Da, as it’s known for producing the strongest energy boosts.

The stimulation increase obtained from Green Maeng Da is similar to the average cup of coffee but a bit more balanced, meaning you don’t get a huge boost of energy and then come crashing down.

The energy lasts about 3-5 hours, but it always depends on the individual.

Pain Relief

Because green strains are a hybrid mix of red and white strains, you can expect the same benefits. Therefore, Green Meang Da is known for producing analgesic effects similar to those of red strains.

I would argue the pain relief from GMD is not as potent as the top reds such as Red Maeng Da or Red Bali, but it’s still very effective, and many people like to use GMD to relieve pain during the day because of its motivational boost.

Red Bali Kratom

Red Bali is the best two-in-one strain for sleep and pain.

It’s offered in powder and capsules. If you have a difficult time sleeping at night due to chronic pain, this strain is for you.

GMD is great for treating conditions such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Back pain
  • Aching
  • Headaches
  • Chronic Pain

GMD is the best for pain relief compared to other green strains.

The only other strain that comes close is Green Malay, but it all depends on the batch, as even the same strain from the same supplier can vary in potency over time.

How Fast Does Green Maeng Da Work For Motivation?

time to begin to feel motivated

The time it takes for you to begin to feel motivated will depend on how you consume kratom.

Look at the table below to get an idea of how fast the consumption methods will take to kick in.

Type of ConsumptionMinutes to Initial Effects
Toss and Wash10-15

My favorite way of consuming kratom is the toss and wash. It’s one of the fastest-acting methods of consumption while producing the strongest effects, most likely due to the digestive system absorbing the alkaloids, 7-Hydroximitragynine, and Mitragynine at once.

If you don’t know what the toss and wash is, it’s simply dispensing a spoonful of kratom powder in your mouth and washing it down with a glass of water. It’s not the most pleasant way to consume kratom, but it gets the job done.

How to Increase The Motivation Effects of Green Maeng Da

black coffee

Want to get the most out of your Green Maeng Da? Simply combine it with caffeine.

I like to use regular black coffee, but I have obtained the same effects with energy drinks, such as Red Bull, Bang, and Monster. It’s okay to mix kratom and caffeine. I’ve never experienced any negative side effects.

When I combine caffeine with kratom, I notice both the euphoria and energy effects of Green Maeng Da are slightly enhanced. It’s not a whopping difference, but it’s definitely noticeable.

Make sure to drink the caffeine before the euphoria kicks in. It’s best if you drink the caffeine right after consuming your Green Maeng Da.

Ralph Gary
Ralph Gary
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