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How Long Does Kratom Last? [Each Effect Varies]

You may have read in other blogs that kratom effects can last up to 8 hours. Although this is partly true, each effect, such as pain relief or mood boosts, varies in duration from the other.

Based on personal experience and what my readers have shared with me, I’ll be happy to thoroughly explain roughly how long each kratom effect lasts and what factors affect the duration.

How Long Does Kratom Last?

Kratom Powder

These are all rough estimates based on personal experience:

Pain Relief: 3-5 Hours

Energy: 4-5 Hours

Sedation: 6-7 Hours

Euphoria: 30 minutes

Relaxation: 3-5 Hours

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How Long Does Kratom’s Anxiety and Depression Relief Last?

Anxiety and Depression Relief

Anxiety, stress, and depression relief tends to last about 4-5 hours. Anxiety is the primary reason I began using kratom, so I’m very well-versed in this area.

With the exception of capsules, you can expect to experience anxiety and depression relief as fast as 10-15 minutes. If you use capsules, you may have to wait as long as 30-45 minutes.

Kratom’s relief really does work, and it works well. It literally feels like your mind receives a break from all the overthinking. Your tense body begins to relax, allowing you to once again enjoy and focus on important matters.

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Once the anxiety or depression relief wears off, you can re-dose. However, keep in mind when you use kratom twice on the same day, your tolerance will significantly rise, and you also increase the risk of experiencing negative side effects.

My preferred kratom strains for anxiety and depression relief include Green Maeng Da for daytime use and Red Bali for nighttime use.

How Long Does Kratom’s Pain Relief Last?

Kratom's Pain Relief Last

Kratom’s pain relief can last anywhere from 3-5 hours, depending on the severity of the pain.

For thousands of years, people have used kratom to eradicate pain. It can be used to treat chronic conditions such as arthritis and back pain and more acute symptoms, including headaches or physical trauma.

With the exception of capsules, you can expect to experience pain relief as fast as 10-15 minutes. If you use capsules, you may have to wait as long as 30-45 minutes.

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Just like with anxiety and depression relief, you can re-dose once the effect wears off. However, the risks are also the same.

My readers’ favorite strain for pain relief is, without a doubt, Red Bali. However, if you prefer a strain that will not cause intense sedative effects, I suggest you give Red Maeng Da a try.

anxiety and depression relief

How Long Does Kratom’s Energy Boost Last?

Kratom’s energy boost lasts roughly 4-5 hours.

White strains are the most stimulating of all kratom strains. They provide an energy boost similar to a cup of coffee but in a more balanced way. If you’re a frequent caffeine drinker you know exactly what I mean.

Caffeine sometimes provides a very intense energy boost, to the point where we feel anxious or crash really hard afterward. Kratom’s energy boost does not do that at all.

It’s almost like a mellow energy boost (yes, I realize I just contradicted myself), with a gradual increase in energy followed by a gradual decline.

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With the exception of capsules, you can expect to experience kratom’s energy boost as fast as 10-15 minutes. If you use capsules, you may have to wait as long as 30-45 minutes.

The strongest stimulating strain is White Maeng Da. It’s the most potent energizer on the market.

How Long Does Kratom’s Sedation Effect Last?

Kratom's Sedation Effect Last

Kratom’s sedation lasts about 6-7 hours.

When you take kratom for sleep, you’ll notice the initial drowsiness is the strongest, and you can expect it to last for about an hour. Depending on the strain, you might feel like you got hit by a horse tranquilizer.

After the initial drowsiness, you’ll feel relaxed and still sleepy, just not to the same extent. This feeling will last for hours, which will allow you to remain asleep throughout the night.

Most kratom effects kick in pretty fast (10-15 minutes, as previously stated). However, the sedation effect takes the longest.

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With the exception of capsules, you can expect to feel drowsy after 45 minutes to an hour. If you consumed kratom in capsule form, you may have to wait as long as an hour and thirty minutes.

Red strains are the best for sleep, more specifically Red Bali. If you have trouble sleeping because of pain, Red Bali is the best 2-1 kratom strain for pain relief and sedation.

How Long Does Kratom’s Euphoria & Mood Boost Last?

Kratom's Euphoria & Mood Boost Last

Kratom’s euphoria only lasts about 30 minutes. However, the mood boost can last anywhere from 3-5 hours.

You might be tempted to believe that anxiety and depression relief is the same as a mood boost. However, I can confidently assure you they are completely different.

While anxiety and depression relief simply eases your mind, mood boosts literally make you feel optimistic and happy.

I have noticed some of my friends transform into chatterboxes when experiencing the mood boost (it’s actually quite funny).

So, what’s the difference between a euphoria and a mood boost? They’re essentially the same thing. However, the euphoria is much stronger, and it’s responsible for the mood boost, which “lingers” for hours once the euphoric feelings have worn off.

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With the exception of capsules, you can expect to experience euphoric feelings as fast as 10-15 minutes. If you use capsules, you may have to wait as long as 30-45 minutes.

Green Maeng Da is, without a doubt, the best kratom strain for producing euphoria and boosting your mood.

What Factors Make Kratom Last Longer?

Factors Make Kratom Last Longer

The most important factor that dictates how long kratom’s medicinal benefits will last is the type of strain. Even when comparing the same colored strains, there is a significant difference in the potency of the effects.

This peculiar circumstance is due to the percentage of alkaloids contained in the kratom leaves of each strain. The alkaloids 7-Hydroximitragynine and Mitragynine are responsible for all of kratom’s medicinal effects.

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The more alkaloids in a specific strain, the more potent and longer the effects.

This is why I didn’t just provide you with a color strain for the effects, but instead, I gave you the exact name of the strain for pain relief, energy, etc.

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