Will Kratom Make You Tired – A Comprehensive Guide

Will Kratom Make You Tired

Are you interested in kratom but worried about a possible crash similar to coffee and other energy drinks? After years of consuming almost every single strain on the market, I think I’m pretty well versed in this topic, which I’ve learned.

1. Will Kratom Make You Tired?

Will Kratom Make You Tired

Kratom may produce drowsiness when consumed in more significant than average doses. Red strains, such as Red Bali, are much more likely to cause drowsiness than green, white, or gold strains. If the individual is sleep-deprived before consuming kratom, the odds of experiencing a crash are much higher. Allow me to explain in further detail.

2. Why Does Kratom Make You Tired?

If you’re looking for a chemistry answer, I’m afraid I must let you down this time. But don’t worry, I won’t leave you empty-handed.

There are two main reasons why kratom, ingested in any form, will make you tired and sleepy. The first involves a high dosage, and the second depends on the strain’s color. Let’s take a look at both.

2.1. Kratom Dose That Makes You Tired

Kratom Dose That Makes You Tired

You may ask yourself, “So, what constitutes a high dosage?” The answer depends on how much you usually consume in one dose.

For example, my average dose is about 4-5 grams of powder. If I take more, say around 7 grams, you best believe I’ll fall asleep within an hour or so. The contrary is also true. If I take a slightly less-than-average dose, I may experience an energy boost regardless of the strain’s color. Knowing how much kratom to take is crucial, not just to avoid a crash (or induce one if you want to sleep) but to also avoid side effects, such as a nauseous headache. Believe me, those are no fun.

If you don’t know how much kratom to take, most people start with 2 grams and work their way up by adding a gram a day until they feel the desired effects. However, for more info regarding your kratom dose, click the button below to be redirected to a post where I show you how to SAFELY experiment to find your perfect dose and avoid adverse side effects such as nausea and headaches.

2.2. Kratom Strains That Make You Tired

Kratom Strains That Make You Tired

The primary kratom strains responsible for making you tired and sleepy are red. Granted, almost any color strain will make you sleepy when consumed in large doses, but reds are primarily known for their sedative effects.

In my experience, Red Bali is the most sedative, offering fantastic pain relief. If you have trouble sleeping at night because of pain, you may want to give Red Bali a try. Suppose you are unconvinced about Red Bali; check out this post I wrote, which goes into further detail by clicking the button below.

I suggest a white energizing strain to avoid a red strain’s tired, sleepy effects. White Maeng Da is the most stimulating strain I’ve had in stock thus far. It’s not euphoric or analgesic, but you can expect a guaranteed blast of energy like a strong cup of joe without the hard crash.

3. How Long Does a Kratom Crash Take to Kick in?

How Long Does a Kratom Crash Take to Kick in

Drowsiness is the last of kratom’s effects to kick in. For example, Red Bali may make you feel relaxed, followed by pain relief, and drowsiness is the last effect. The amount of time it takes to experience sedation depends on how you consume kratom.

For capsules, it takes about 45 minutes to feel the initial effects. Hence, you’re looking at about an hour and a half to two hours before you experience sedation. If you consume powder and wash it down with water, known as the toss and wash, you’ll feel tired within an hour or so. The same applies to drinking kratom tea.

By the way, if you’d like to learn how to make kratom tea like professional herbalists (literally), click the button below to be redirected to a post where I show you step by step.

4. How Long Does Kratom Sedation Last

How Long Does Kratom Sedation Last

Once you begin to feel tired, you can expect to experience sedation for at least a whole hour, but most likely longer. The sedation effects of kratom are no joke. Therefore, if you feel tired, avoid driving or operating dangerous machinery.

Although the heaviest period of sedation occurs for about an hour, you will also feel tired for roughly 3 hours, maybe more. This is why red strains are great for a whole night’s rest. When I use red strains for sleep, I fall into a deep sleep that lasts the entire night (I sleep for about 7 hours a night).

I’ve also noticed that consuming food while experiencing kratom’s sedation effects will intensify the drowsiness.

5. How to Avoid a Kratom Crash

If your goal when using kratom is to avoid fatigue, the first and most important thing you can do is avoid red strains. As mentioned previously, red strains are specifically used for pain and sleep.

5.1. Don’t Use a Red Kratom Strain

Don't Use a Red Kratom Strain

Any other kratom color (green, gold, or white) is acceptable. White is the most stimulating of all colors. I’ve found the following white strains to be the most stimulating:

If you want to obtain a mood boost along with energy, use a green strain. Remember that the energy boost won’t be as substantial as a white strain, but the euphoric feeling more than makes up for it, which is why green strains are my favorite.

Gold strains, like white strains, produce stimulating effects, just slightly less potent. However, unlike white strains, they can be used for pain relief. The following two gold strains are the most popular.

  • Gold Meang Da
  • Gold Bali

5.2. Consume Small Doses

Consume Small Doses

The second thing you can do to avoid a crash, if you haven’t already guessed it, is to consume a smaller-than-average dose. Kratom, like a wide variety of herbs, produces different effects when different dose sizes are ingested. Consuming a smaller dose helps you prevent a crash and produces energy, sometimes even when using a red strain. I know, it’s weird and confusing.

If you don’t know your dose size, it’s going to take a bit of experimenting, but you’ll get it right eventually, and when you do, you’ll know exactly how to avoid or induce the tired feeling.

5.3. Drink Coffee or An Energy Drink

Drink Coffee or An Energy Drink

Once you begin to feel a bit tired, you can drink coffee or your preferred energy drink to avoid kratom’s sedative effects.

I understand why you would be hesitant. I was, too, but I’ve mixed almost every NON-drug stimulant under the sun with kratom and have never experienced negative side effects. Here are some examples of energizing drinks I’ve mixed with kratom to name a few:

  • Black Coffee
  • Red Bull
  • Reign
  • Monster
  • Bang
  • C4
  • Rockstar

Do NOT take more kratom, even if it’s a white strain, in an attempt to counteract the sedation effects. You will only make yourself more tired.

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