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Will Jet Clean Synthetic Urine Pass a Drug Test?

So, you need to pass a drug test but aren’t going to do so by natural means. There are so many synthetic urine products around nowadays, with Jet Clean Synthetic Urine just one of several. Drug testing has become much more sophisticated over time – so, the first big question on Jet Clean is, “How does it work?”

Jet Clean Synthetic Urine mimics human urine to help with passing a drug test. This product contains ingredients found in real urine and has a genuine appearance and aroma. Jet Clean synthetic Urine works by heating it to body temperature, and can be kept warm for hours if necessary with the use of a heating pad.

Do you need synthetic urine? Before diving in and making a purchase, we want to share with you the properties of synthetic urine, and some tips on how to ensure a successful drug test. With a drug screening, there are no second chances, so it makes sense to swot up!

Jet Clean Synthetic Urine: The Basics

Jet Clean is a premixed synthetic urine solution and is sold with a temperature strip and heating element. The company markets its product for fetish play, although we know most customers are looking for something else – that is probably why you’re here, too!

It’s a simple, toxin-free unisex kit, and potentially a perfect option for first-time fake urine users, looking for an easy experience to get them through a stressful test.

Urine drug tests aren’t just looking for drugs, but for a legitimate urine sample, too. With the growth of the synthetic urine industry, that’s become more important than ever. Hence why it’s so important that companies like Jet Clean always stay one step ahead of the game. In practice, that means ensuring that synthetic urine has all the compounds you’d expect to find in real urine.

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Frustratingly, Jet Clean isn’t exactly clear about what ingredients are in its fake urine. However, the realistic smell and coloring suggest that uric acid and urea are present. These two waste products are necessary for any fake urine product. It would be nice to see some information on the specific gravity and PH levels of this synthetic urine.

The absence of a crystal-clear list – standard practice for the leading fake urine companies – means there’s reason to be skeptical of Jet Clean. However, there are plenty of internet users who speak positively about the brand, too.

4 steps to success

There’s a helpful instruction manual provided with each kit. We’re going to run you through it and expand on the key points, to give you confidence in achieving drug test success.

  1. Take your premixed 3oz Jet Clean Synthetic Urine bottle and warm it in the microwave for about 10 seconds
  2. Check the temperature using the strip provided (you want it between 90 and 100°F)
  3. Strap the heating element to the bottle with a rubber band – this will keep the liquid warm for up to six hours
  4. Optional: Secure to your body using a leg strap or synthetic urine belt
jet clean urine

The last step is important if you’re unsure about the type of test you’re faced with or know that you’re going to be under scrutiny. Perhaps you have to give a test on-site, and perhaps you’ll even be monitored! Discretion is non-negotiable – you can’t just whip out a bottle of Jet Clean and pour it into the cup!

That’s where a strap or belt comes in. This at least allows you to conceal the urine, so you can make it look legit when giving the sample. You could go even further with a prosthetic device (basically a fake penis or vagina). Then you’ll be able to keep things perfectly natural, even if there’s a peeping tom watching your every move!

Top tips

Most synthetic urines last for around two years. You don’t want to keep them hanging around any longer, or the chemicals may degrade, leading to an inevitable failed test. Take care of Jet Clean by storing it in a dark, cool cupboard, and never expose it to direct sunlight. Furthermore, you should never attempt to reheat Jet Clean Synthetic Urine.

Read the instructions, and then read them again! You only get one chance with synthetic urine – if you screw up, you’ll need to buy another bottle. And if your situation is time sensitive, you might be out of luck.

What happens if I don’t use synthetic urine?

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If you know a test is coming and you’ve no chance of passing, you’re backed into a corner. Crossing your fingers and hoping for the best isn’t a viable strategy if your job is online. Depending on the test type, you may be able to convince a generous friend to provide a sample for you. Otherwise, you could try avoiding the test – but such behavior will likely just make your boss even more suspicious.

So if you have been smoking or drinking too much, your options are severely limited. But synthetic urine offers a way out. With the right product, you can go and take the test without worries, and provide the clean test needed to get you out of bother.

3 surprising reasons to use Jet Clean Urine

People don’t just buy synthetic urine products like Jet Clean to pass a drug test. That’s right. Fake urine has a wide range of uses – some fun, some more serious!

Fetish play is the main one – or, more crudely, sexual play that involves urine. Obviously, real urine isn’t exactly the cleanest thing to play with, so some sexual fetishists are experimenting with fake urine instead. Jet Clean is toxin-free, looks good, and smells good (if you like that kind of thing!) and is perfect for watersports.

Or perhaps you want to prank your friends. Maybe your mate has a beautiful new sofa and you want to douse it with urine just to wind them up. With Jet Clean, you can recreate human urine and get the reaction you’re seeking, without leaving a long-term urine stench.

The alternative health scene is full of some interesting remedies, and perhaps none more unusual than urine therapy. This practice made its name in India thousands of years ago, as part of Ayurvedic medicine. And synthetic urine is definitely safer than the real thing. It’s not our place to say if it works or not, but why not do some research, and see if it’s worth trying?

Final thoughts

But back to Jet Clean Synthetic Urine and drug tests and our verdict. Does it work? The jury is out on this one. While some report getting great results with Jet Clean, the lack of a clear ingredients list does set the alarm bells ringing. Furthermore, no money-back guarantee doesn’t instill confidence – and with drug tests, there are no second chances.

But what about you? If you’ve tried Jet Clean Synthetic Urine recently, we’d love to hear your thoughts about this product. Did you find it easy to work, and more importantly, did you get the result you need? Let us know in the comments section – don’t be shy!

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