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The Whizz Kit

The Whizz Kit

The Whizz Kit is a device that uses synthetic urine containing many of the same constituents as real urine, such as uric acid and creatinine to pass a drug test.

The synthetic urine smells, contains the proper pH balance, and temperature as real urine.

The kit comes with:

  • Two heating pads
  • 60ml Syringe for refills
  • Premixed synthetic urine pouch – usually Golden Shower ALSA
  • Temperature strip built into pouch
  • Portable elastic belt
  • Instructions for use
  • You can also use this amazing unisex kit for hygienic in-the-bedroom experiences.

    This product is REUSABLE. If you’re looking for a one time use synthetic urine, you’re better off with the Lil Whizz Kit (it’s cheaper because it’s disposable).

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    The Whizz Kit is a product that presents individuals with certain solutions, notably passing drug tests and achieving certain sexual ends. Many employers incorporate pre-employment drug tests to screen prospective employees before they are hired, presenting a real challenge to many individuals.

    To know more about the Whizz Kit and how it works for scheduled drug tests, continue reading to see what all the hype is about.

    Does the Whizz Kit Work?

    Yes. The Whizz Kit works when its instructions of use are properly followed. It should be noted that several products in the synthetic urine market may be used for drug tests. Some may work and others may fail. A synthetic urine Whizz Kit has been found to function well for drug tests.

    On the other hand, some users have found that the kit did not work as several factors lead to this. One of the factors is where the use of fake urine that did not meet laboratory standards was administered through the kit.  

    What is a Whizz Kit?

    The Whizz Kit is a reusable strap used to carry and discharge synthetic urine through a tube, more often than not, a prosthetic penis. Its primary use by many individuals is to pass drug tests: however, some utilize it for fetish purposes and pulling pranks on individuals. It is a unisex kit and a female version is available.

    One of the major questions that users often ask is how long does it last? The Whizz kit generally can be used one year from when it is purchased. The device may take up to one hour to heat up and reach a reasonable temperature for proper results to be realized. This means that it must be worn at least one hour before use.

    The Whizz Kit is not a singular device. It has other parts and components that need to be properly assembled for it to function as a whole. The proper arrangement of these parts is what makes the device so effective.

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    What’s In the Box

    • Two heating pads
    • A golden flask 
    • Syringe
    • Premixed synthetic urine – usually Golden Shower ALS
    • A temperature strip
    • Portable elastic belt
    • Instructions of use

    How Do I Use the Whizz Kit? 

    It is very easy to use the Whizz Kit to dispense fake pee. It comes in a pre-packaged kit with parts for assembly. The following instructions are simple to follow and can be used to put together the kit for use.


    1. The Temperature Pad 

    The temperature pad enables the urine to achieve a realistic body temperature. It has a sticky side that is supposed to be placed directly in contact with the bag of synthetic pee.

    2. Plastic Valve

    The valve must remain closed until it is ready for use. A very important thing to note is that leaving the valve open invites bacteria which may potentially contaminate urine. Only place urine in the valve on the day you are scheduled to use it.

    3. Putting the Synthetic Belt On

    Once the urine has been administered in the plastic valve and the temperature pad placed against it, the belt may be worn around the waist. It should be placed close to the skin and concealed well within clothing. Place it preferably on your inner thigh or below the diaphragm.

    4. Releasing Urine 

    A prosthetic penis realistically discharges urine. The flow is downwards and the release is meant to mimic this motion. This should not be done under one hour since the urine might not have achieved a realistic temperature of 96-100 degrees.

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    Using the Whizz Kit for a Drug Test

    Since the use of synthetic urine is contentious and may bring with it some legal implications, it is important to properly use the Whizz Kit. There are a few tips on how to use it for a drug test.

    How to Use the Whizz Kit for a Drug Test

    For its successful use, the following tips are useful:

    • The synthetic urine must be used within a day. If it is used above 24 hours, it stands contaminated.
    • Use a pre-mixed urine formula that resembles human pee. While this may be difficult to determine the best brand, there are available labels that can be trusted.
    • The valve must remain closed to avoid any contaminants resting on the urine. Oxygen and direct sunlight adversely affect the pH of fake pee.
    • The Whizz Kit must be washed thoroughly and rinsed before its use a second time.

    How to Clean the Whizz Kit

    Because the Whizz Kit can be used multiple times from when it is purchased up to one year, it should be cleaned immediately after its use. When it is not cleaned, it may attract harmful bacteria and may affect the results of a drug test when used again.

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    Cleaning the Whizz Kit 

    Cleaning the Whizz Kit is essential to preserve the integrity of the kit for continued use. Like any other product that requires cleaning, what to use to clean the Whizz Kit bag is very important. The right cleansing agents must be used immediately to clean the device after it is used. 

    The Whizz Kit should be cleaned with a solution that will get rid of the synthetic pee that has once gone through the valve. The use of soap and detergents is not recommended for the cleaning of the Whizz Kit.

    The following steps should be taken when cleaning the Whizz Kit:

    1. Empty synthetic urine from the refillable belt when done with the Whizz Kit.
    2. Detach the parts from each other i.e plastic valve, flask, temperature pad, and synthetic belt for cleaning.
    3. In the absence of a cleaning agent, water alone can be thoroughly used to clean the kit.
    4. Rinse the urine bladder bag and valve with a rigorous wash immediately after use

    What to Use to Clean the Whizz Kit Bag

    Cleaning the Whizz Kit bag enables the user to use it again when the need arises. The device may come with a Whizzinator cleaner which can be purchased separately from the kit. Cleaning the Whizz Kit requires the right solvents.

    The solvents to use for cleaning the Whizz Kit bag are:

    • Warm water – water, being a universal solvent can clean the kit effectively. Water molecules can adhere to other types of molecules hence a productive cleansing agent.
    • Hydrogen Peroxide – it is effective for disinfecting and killing germs. 
    • Whizzinator cleaner – already packaged and available for sale. This prevents bacteria growth on the kit.

    When used together, water and hydrogen peroxide should be mixed in parts. Five parts of hydrogen peroxide can be mixed with 95 parts of water (a ratio of 5% to 95%). 

    Where to Buy the Whizz Kit

    Some small online businesses offer discount codes for the Whizz Kit. These promo codes come with attractive discounts and savings incentives on the purchase of the Whizz Kit. The codes can be used to activate irresistible deals and special offers. 

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