Where to Buy Synthetic Urine Near Me

Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine, also known as imitation urine, can be rather difficult to find. Most general stores definitely, don’t carry it.

If you’ve been hanging out with Johnny Blaze whilst smoking mad weed, I’ll be happy to let you know there are a few locations that increase the odds of finding yourself a high-quality synthetic urine.

Where Can I Buy Synthetic Urine?

1. Online Shops:

You can buy it online and have it delivered in a discreet package.

This option provides a wide variety of stores to choose from and separates the good companies from the subpar ones.

Additionally, the prices online are more likely to be cheaper than brick-and-mortar stores because online shops have fewer overhead costs.

But a major perk you receive when ordering synthetic urine online is 100% anonymity.

2. Dispensaries

Dispensaries are quite aware of their customers getting drug tested. It may be worth a try to call your local dispensary to see if they also sell synthetic urine. If they do, then you’ll at least know their products will pass a drug test.

3. Goth Shops

Goth shops also tend to sell various sex products. You can find online or in-person goth shops. The purpose of their fake piss is usually intended for the bedroom, so make sure it will pass a drug test before you buy it.

Does Amazon Sell Synthetic Urine?

amazon synthetic urine

Amazon no longer sells synthetic urine.

Due to individual states banning products, Amazon has pulled most of its products from the online shelves to maintain a sanitized reputation and image for the rest of its buyers.

Nevertheless, you can still find third-party companies on Amazon selling synthetic urine. They are a hoax.

These sellers sell cheap, fraudulent urine that uses pictures of the most high-quality brands in the market, such as Quick Fix. Such sellers can dupe unsuspecting buyers.

Even in cases where the sellers advertise bottles are actual products, most of them are past the expiration date and are worthless for passing a urinalysis. 

These brands, such as those sold in Walmart, will not be able to withstand the scrutiny of a lab test because the cheap piss is meant to serve the purpose of joke urine.   

Do Major Stores Like WalMart or Target Sell Synthetic Urine?

Walmart sell synthetic urine

Major stores such as Walmart sell synthetic urine. However, don’t be fooled for an instant into thinking that these stores sell lab-grade that can con labs into thinking it’s the real deal. 

Stores like Walmart sell synthetic urine that is meant to attract deer and other wild animals for hunting purposes.

Although the urine formulas sold in Walmart may fool an animal, they will certainly not fool the labs. 

The urine bought in these stores is not the precise formula that is bioidentical to real urine but rather a crude simulation. 

It should also be noted that other major stores, such as Target and Walgreens, do not sell synthetic urine. 

What to Look for When Buying Synthetic Urine

lab test

With labs applying more advanced testing methods for a urinalysis, ordinary synthetic piss solution won’t cut it. 

Not all of the brands have decided to update their synthetic urine formulas, and if you buy the wrong one, you’ll just be wasting your time and money and possibly get fired.

Here are a few factors you need to take into account when buying:



Labs have recently begun to test for biocide as an indicator of synthetic urine. Unfortunately, many synthetic piss companies, such as Magnum and U Pass, use it.

If you purchase synthetic urine,  always look at the ingredients list because companies that use this chemical will not be upfront about it and may even try to conceal it. 



An effective brand will undoubtedly produce many great reviews. These reviews should be a healthy mix of mostly positive along with a few sparingly negative reviews.

If a website has only positive reviews, it means it’s buying the reviews and is not a trustworthy brand. You should also note when these reviews were written. 

If it’s been a while, the company may not have updated its formula to the new lab testing procedures, and you should avoid buying from them.



Synthetic urine kits should contain a heating pad or strip to warm the urine to body temperature in order to pass a lab test.

The kit should also include a thermometer to ensure the synthetic urine falls within the body temperature range and has not been overheated by the heating strip. 


synthetic urine pH scale

Normal urine has a pH between 4 and 8. If it’s any lower than that, it’s too acidic. If it’s any higher, it’s too alkaline.

pH imbalance indicates an improper ratio and mixing of chemicals, indicating other problems with the formula that are not limited to pH. As a result, you should avoid buying that formula. Every sample on the market has markers for the appropriate creatinine, urea, gravity, and uric acid levels.

Buying synthetic urine is an easy process if done right and if done in advance. The best options for buying will always be via online vendors with good customer ratings. 

Keeping a few spares might be a good idea if you find yourself in an environment where random drug testing frequently occurs.

In my experienced conclusion and final advice, although lab-tested synthetic urine can get you out of a pinch for emergency drug tests, you are better off using a high-quality cleansing solution or detox kit while refraining from drug use until you get through this ordeal.

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