Monkey Flask Synthetic Urine Review: Is It Worth Trying?

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The use of synthetic urine has gained momentum in recent years as innovative products have been developed to meet this ever-increasing demand. Monkey Flask Synthetic Urine review explores its potential use to help users pass drug tests and its close semblance to real human urine.

Continue reading to find out more about this novelty product and why it is popularly used for drug tests.

Reviews on Monkey Flask Synthetic Urine

The usefulness of Monkey Flask comes with its fair share of advantages.

Monkey Flask is very effective because it replaces real urine and unlike other detox products, does not contain any footprints or traces of drugs in it.  

Because Monkey Flask contains the same properties as real urine, such as temperature and smell, you can expect to pass your drug test. Don’t worry if you dont know how to use the monkey flask, we’ll show you exactly what you need to do in a bit.

What is Monkey Flask Synthetic Urine

Monkey Flask is usually used to pass a drug urinalysis and is the bane of drug enforcement agencies because its use is legally questionable and is in very high demand by applicants of fake pee products.

Many artificial urine samples do not grow bacteria when exposed to natural elements like air.

Monkey Flask Synthetic-Urine on the other hand is unique because it grows bacteria; moreover, mimicking real urine.

It comes with a formulation that resembles realistic pee. Because different laboratories have various ranges for normal urine pH, it may be expected that the pH of real urine may range from 4.5 to 8.0. Monkey Flask can achieve these ranges when subjected to a lab test.

The following components of real urine may be found in Monkey Flask Synthetic Urine:

  • Right tinge and smell of urine
  • Frothiness like real pee
  • Balanced pH
  • Presence of urea and creatinine
  • Urine specific gravity of normal range

Other synthetic urine products have fallen short of achieving a similar likeness to real urine.

The good thing is that Monkey Flask components are properly labeled and can be lab tested for the ingredients mentioned above.

What’s in the Box?

  1. 3.5 oz Flask with Synthetic Urine
  2. Instructions and Helpful Tips
  3. Disposable Heat Pad

Instructions for Monkey Flask 

Instructions for the use of monkey flask must be followed carefully to achieve optimal results. This is what separates those who pass drug tests from those who do not.

Any variation in the proper application of the product before its use might bring negative results.

Here are seven simple Monkey Flask instructions:

  1. Ensure that the safety cap is completely sealed and not removed until the day of the urine test. This will preserve the integrity of the urine sample and avoid contamination.
  1. The heat pads must be applied directly to the flask adjacent to the temperature strip. Heat pads maintain the temperature of urine in the flask, and the temperature strip indicates the ideal temperature.
  1. The flask must adhere to your body and can be placed on the side of your thighs or tied to your waist. Your body temperature helps the flask maintain the urine at the required temperature.
  1. The sample must be given time to attain an optimal temperature of between 98 degrees to 100 degrees Celsius. This should be done at least one hour before a scheduled urine screening test.
  1. The Monkey Flask can maintain the temperature above for a period of up to 8 hours. After this period, it must be discarded and the kit cleansed properly.
  1. The product can be preheated in a microwave and usually takes a very short time to reach 100 degrees Celsius. 
  1. The sample can be delivered safely through the nozzle, and it will pour according to its specific gravity.

When properly used, the sample may be expected to last for more than one year. The Monkey Flask must be properly cleaned with water or a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide after it has been used for a test.

This ensures the flask’s continued use, the elimination of bacteria, and contaminants without jeopardizing future test results.

Tips Before Having Monkey Flask Sent To Lab

Urine drug screening is the most common method of detecting drugs. There is no foolproof guarantee that the Monkey Flask will always work for a drug test.

However, when instructions are followed correctly, users could pass a drug test

Tips are meant to help you nail the test with ease. They are pointers that can make the difference even when instructions have been followed to the letter.

The reason why some people do not pass tests is since they missed out on some little tidbits of information.

The five tips below may help you pass a scheduled drug test:

1. Ensure that the temperature is according to the instructions on the kit. If the temperature is below what is indicated in the kit, your urine may not pass a drug test. 

2. Find out your workplace policy concerning drug testing and how test results are done and delivered. 

3. Monkey Flask must be discharged quickly from the nozzle because the sample loses temperature fast and a drop in temperature may produce invalid results. 

4. The use of a prosthetic device like a prosthetic penis may conceal the sample and appear convincing especially where physical evidence of urine discharge is required. 

5. Be updated with the latest formulations of synthetic urine products that may pass as real urine.

Only ensure that you purchase products from credible manufacturers and study reviews to find out the latest trends in the drug testing and synthetic urine business.

Federal drug tests are keen to use hair and saliva samples as alternatives to urine testing. When these are required, detox products may be used to replace synthetic urine.

What Reddit Users Say

Monkey Flask Synthetic Urine Reddit reviews are a good source to read testimonials from those who have used Monkey Flask Synthetic Urine products before and whose results have either turned positive, negative or turned invalid after being subjected to urine drug tests.

Some have attested to the fact that lab tests detected synthetic urine. 

This shows that synthetic urine is not always foolproof and its use in drug tests may not be as effective as it has always been thought to be. Such reviews contain unbiased reports from honest users of Monkey Flask Synthetic Urine products.

You may expand your search to include other reviews from credible online sources.

Gaining a wider understanding of the use of synthetic urine products from multiple sources is advantageous as some reviews are not completely genuine and may present biased views about particular subjects. 

Where Can I Buy Monkey Flask Synthetic-Urine? 

There are many fake pee products available online and caution must be taken before purchasing these products. A very good place to purchase genuine products is specialist drug test product websites.

Convenience stores and local gas stations also market these products in their specialty and beauty sections. Monkey Flask Synthetic Urine can be shipped all over the world and its use is not limited to drug testing alone.

People are known to use it for fetish purposes. Purchase can be done discreetly for those who are concerned about their privacy. 

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