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A Guide to Top 5 Synthetic Urine Brands for Passing Drug Tests

Choosing the right synthetic urine brand can be difficult. With so many brands out there, it’s easy to get overloaded by all the information. And that’s not good when you’re simply looking for a reliable synthetic urine product to bail you out of a drug test jam.

But don’t worry, we’ve done the research, so you don’t have to! We’ve put together the five best products that money can buy, with a focus on high-quality products that deliver consistent results. Let’s get stuck in.  

What Is Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic Urines

Have you ever thought about applying for a job but then suddenly remembered that time you had a smoke sesh with your buddies? Most people would give up then and there, but luckily, you have synthetic urine to help you pass that drug test.

It is fake urine made to smell, feel, and look like the real deal. It’s so realistic, and you can use it to pass a drug test. However, it’s known for other very fetish-like activities.

If you’re a freak in the bedroom, synthetic urine can provide the satisfaction you’re looking for while maintaining personal hygiene at the forefront of your fetishes. Make it as dirty as you want without having to worry about bacteria and infections.

Is synthetic urine legal?

synthetic urine legal

Yes, synthetic urine products are legal in the United States, although they are technically not marketed for the purpose of passing a drug test. More commonly, brands will sell products for fetish or pranking purposes. Some states are introducing legislation prohibiting synthetic urine use in drug tests.

Can labs tell the difference between real and synthetic urine?

 synthetic urine sample

In an ideal world, no! A high-quality synthetic urine sample will have all the ingredients found in real human urine. This includes creatinine, uric acid, and urea – these are the product’s three most important ingredients.

However, some brands will also add in others to create an even more realistic sample. Synthetic urine must also have balanced specific gravity and pH levels. An authentic odor and color are not strictly necessary, although they are a nice bonus.

How long does synthetic urine last?

synthetic urine

Most dehydrated and premixed synthetic urine products last for around two years, provided they are stored properly. This means keeping the urine in the packaging until you’re ready to use it and also keeping it out of direct sunlight so the chemicals in the mixture don’t change. Just keep it in a cool, dark cupboard, and you will be fine. And if you are worried about whether it will still work, get a fresh product for maximum peace of mind.

Does synthetic urine need to be at body temperature?

Yes, most of the time. If you are being tested in a lab or clinic, your sample will be analyzed almost straight away. A urine sample that isn’t at body temperature is an instant sign that you are using a fake. The only time temperature doesn’t matter is if you get to send in your sample from home.

How can I heat synthetic urine without a microwave?

synthetic urine pads

Heating pads or hand warmers are the way to go if you don’t have access to a microwave. These are provided with any reputable synthetic urine kit and will help to keep your urine at body temperature for several hours. However, with hand warmers and heating pads. It will take longer to get up to the temperature, so make sure you prepare in advance!

Does synthetic urine smell like real pee?

synthetic urine smell

Yes, a high-quality product will smell like real pee, thanks to one essential ingredient: uric acid! Uric acid is the waste product in urine responsible for its distinct aroma. So it makes perfect sense that synthetic urine infused with uric acid will smell like real urine. A genuine smell isn’t enough for a pass in itself, but it may make the tester less suspicious about your sample – which is always a good thing!

Will synthetic urine work for all substances?

Yes, synthetic urine will work for any drugs. Tests look for certain metabolites in a urine sample, confirming whether the provider has been smoking cannabis, drinking alcohol, or taking anything else. Since a sample doesn’t have any of these, it can be used to help avoid the detection of any substances.

Will I definitely pass a drug test with synthetic urine?

synthetic urine drug test

There are no guarantees in life; the same applies to synthetic urine. Some products are better than others, and you still need to use them correctly to get a successful result. That’s why we have gone through all the brands out there and separated the best from the worst, so you don’t have to. But as long as you have a highly-rated product and follow all the instructions, you can be very confident of passing a test with synthetic urine.

1. Clear Choice’s Sub-Solution

The Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine from Clear Choice is quite simply in a class of its own. It’s not the cheapest fake urine on the market, but no price is too high when your job is on the line.

The creators of Sub-Solution have gone the extra mile to develop lifelike synthetic urine, complete with all the ingredients you would find in real pee (creatinine, uric acid, urea, and eight over essential urine compounds). This urine looks and smells legit and has realistic pH and specific gravity levels to trick even the most sophisticated drug test kits.

But that’s not all. The Sub-Solution kit comes with a Practice Kit so that you can hone your technique before the big day. With Clear Choice’s premium formula, you’ll be on your way to test success with the Sub-Solution product.

2. Quick Fix

Quick Fix is an excellent product worthy of our runner-up prize. This brand has been in the fake urine business for a long time, and while that doesn’t always guarantee the quality, Quick Fix is certainly a brand you can trust.

Importantly, Quick Fix has all the key ingredients found in real urine. You won’t pass nowadays without these, but it’s amazing how many brands don’t meet the grade. The sticky hand warmers provided with each Quick Fix kit are easy to secure to the bottle and can keep the urine at the sweet spot temperature for many hours.

In a nutshell, Quick Fix is easy to use and has the premium urine formula you would expect of a high-end synthetic urine product. If you want a dependable option without breaking the bank, this is the fake pee for you.

3. Dr Greens Agent X

Dr Greens claims to use an advanced synthetic urine formula. That’s probably over-the-top chat, something we’ve come to expect from brands, but there’s no doubt that the Dr Greens Agent X is a good product. This is one of the best-priced synthetic urines on sale, costing around $30 a kit.

For such a great value product, we were delighted to find that Agent X has uric acid, urea, and creatinine – those vital ingredients for passing. The temperature strip is easy to read, and the heating element provided does its job well.

4. Ultra Pure by Ultra Klean

This list wouldn’t be complete without Ultra Pure. This Ultra Klean product is another middle-of-the-road synthetic urine. But crucially, it will get you good results. Why? Because of the compounds, of course! Ultra Pure has all you would expect to find, and the company is so confident you’ll love it that they offer a 500% money-back guarantee!

While synthetic urine has all the characteristics of real urine, Ultra Pure perhaps wouldn’t feature here if it wasn’t for the ease of use, too. Each kit contains a temperature strip, heating pad, and rubber band so that you can monitor and sustain the urine at body temperature for long periods.

5. Synthetix5

Synthetix5 is another impressive synthetic urine product worthy of mention on our list. Like all the top brands, Synthetix5 has the necessary combination of creatinine, uric acid, and urea. This alone puts it above and beyond some of the shadier fake urines in the industry.

We like Synthetix5 for its simplicity, and the kit includes self-adhesive heating pads to bring the urine mixture up to body temperature. This is an affordable kit with numerous positive anecdotes about Synthetix5. The company claims this urine is better than the rest are exaggerated, but it’s still a dependable product.

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