Purity Labs USB products are detox pills packaged in 10 capsules and contain a unique formulation that can get rid of toxins one hour after consumption. The nature and specificity of its use to reduce toxins and its long-lasting effect is a great advantage.

Purity Labs USB activates the body’s inherent ability to flush out toxins and harmful materials from the system. It is a full-body cleansing agent that cleanses and purges the urine, saliva, and blood. The acronym USB is derived from the three areas it works actively as a cleansing agent i.e. urine, saliva, and blood.

Continue reading to find out how Purity Labs USB work and can be used to achieve effective results for passing a drug test.

Purity Labs USB

Purity Labs USB

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Does Purity Labs USB Work?

Yes. Purity Labs USB works for passing urine, saliva, and blood tests. It works by supporting the body’s natural ability to eliminate toxins and boosting the enzymatic pathways.

Purity Labs USB saliva test results show that it is effective to rid of toxins from the mouth after its use.

Users can expect to find Purity Lab USB detox reviews online. A couple of Amazon reviews and other online sources attest to the efficacy of the detox pills in cleansing the body.

The reviews are balanced because they also include critiques of the product.

Pros and Cons 

Purity Labs USB products are proven to work and have numerous advantages. It has been proven by users to pass multiple drug tests with little or no side effects.

It is expected that the use of the product will come with results. This product is also not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Here are the advantages of using Purity Labs USB: 

  • Branded prescription only distinct with Purity Labs USB
  • Lasts longer than most detox pills in the market
  • Its enzymatic and metabolic formulation is not available in other products
  • Its potency is 8 times that of most detoxifying products
  • Removes contaminants without hiding them
  • Effective on all toxins 
  • Works on its own with no required additives
  • Overall body cleansing and detoxification
  • Very powerful and safe to use 
  • The system will be cleansed 1-hour after use of Purity Labs USB and may remain so up to 12-hours
  • 10 easy to swallow pills
  • It is alcohol and allergen-free

Some of the disadvantages that may come with the use of Purity Labs USB may include:

  • It may not work when taken together with other medication
  • May cause mineral imbalances to some people depending on their metabolism
  • Frequent urination may be a discomfort to some
  • Increased bowel movement as a result of toxin release from the system
  • They only reduce the appearance of toxins in your system and do not eliminate them completely
  • It only works up to 12-hours and not longer than that
  • Some users may experience hunger pangs and headaches when they take Purity Labs on an empty stomach

How to Take Purity Labs USB For A Drug Test

When the directions of use are followed correctly, it is expected that users will get the desired results. The bottle comes with pills that should be used in one helping. The instructions are simple to follow and are pretty straightforward.


1. Take all 10 capsules at once on an empty stomach. This should be taken together with 4 – 8oz glasses of water. Eating may slow down the cleansing process.

2. Use the restroom frequently to pass out urine and eliminate toxins. This is going to be the norm at least when you take in a lot of water in the interim.

3. Continue to drink water frequently at least 8oz of water or one glass every hour.  This ensures frequent urination and flushing of toxins from your body. After one hour the body is expected to be free of toxins.

4. Avoid toxins at least 3 days before the day of cleansing. Your daily water intake should be high.

Tips to Help You Pass

When used correctly, individuals may expect to pass drug tests. There are a few tips that may help users to ace these tests comfortably. They are not hard to follow but are very crucial and not following them may actually be the reason why other people do not pass the tests.

Below are some useful tips to help you get through a drug test:

  • When answering the question about how long to quit smoking before taking Purity Labs USB detox pills, the reasonable amount of time is 3 days.
  • Avoid fatty foods and dairy products as they affect your body’s metabolism and toxins like THC may be harbored in body fat.
  • All the 10 capsules should be taken together or in one sitting.
  • Take the product on an empty stomach.
  • Do not take Purity Labs together with medication.
  • It is advisable to also avoid meals that are highly processed.
  • Exercise frequently as this will help flush toxins from your system.
  • A diet rich in organic foods, whole grains, and vegetables is highly recommended.
  • Where possible, go for several weeks without the consumption of drugs. 
  • Stay hydrated. Water can help flush your system when consumed frequently.

Commonly Asked Questions 

Many users are keen to understand how Purity Labs USB pills work and whether they can be relied on to solve a host of issues. They have a unique formulation and have a reputation for quality and effectiveness.

Some of the most commonly asked questions about Purity Labs USB detox pills are as follows:

1. Can I Smoke Cigarettes While I’m Flushing Out Toxins Like THC?

No. You should avoid the use of cigarettes when flushing out THC and other toxins from your system. Smokers require that they stop smoking at least 3 days before taking the test. When one is detoxing it is advisable to avoid smoking. 

2. How Many Pills Come in the Bottle?

The bottle comes with 10 capsules, equivalent to one serving. These should be taken at once according to the directions indicated.

3. Do Detox Pills Work?

Yes. Detox pills work when directions are followed correctly. They work when used together with a lot of water because it works to flush the system and rid the body of toxins. Detox pills consumed with small amounts of water will not work.

4. Does it Expire?

Yes, it expires. The expiration date is indicated on the product label. It is important to take note of the sell-by-date. Any product that has expired has little or no potency and may be harmful to the body.

5. Is it Illegal to Travel by Airplane With Purity Labs USB pills?

Different airlines have their own rules governing the carrying of medication and pills. The TSA requires for example that people carry reasonable quantities of medication and pills. It is not illegal to carry Purity Labs USB pills but they may be subject to screening.

Where to Buy Purity Labs USB? 

Purity Labs USB can be purchased in many stores and is also available online (Click Here). Ensure to check shipping information when adding goods to the cart before you make a purchase. The product comes with instructions of use and a description of its contents.


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