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Lil Whizz Kit Review: On a Budget? Try This One Instead

With an increasing demand for employees, students, and athletes to undergo drug tests across the world, the use of synthetic urine kits is on the rise. While the option of synthetic urine is viable, its success rate depends on the accuracy of the kit. The Lil Whizz Kit has come out as one of the best and most commonly used in the world. 

To learn more about this product, keep on reading as we go deeper to unveil the truth, the reviews, the instructions, and more about the Lil Whizz Kit. 

What is Lil Whizz Kit?

The Lil Whiz Kit is a non-refillable single-use synthetic urine kit that can be used by both men and women. The kit comes equipped with approximately 3-ounces of synthetic urine, which is premixed. 

The Lil Whizz has become famous across the world for the following key reasons: 

  • It is developed by the developers of the original Whizzinator and Whizzinator touch. This makes the product inspire confidence among those who have used the original Whizzinator. 
  • The composition of the product is such that it looks, smells, and feels just like real urine. If the product is used according to directions, it is said to help users escape the trap during drug tests. 
  • The kit has diverse uses including bedroom games, drug tests, and laboratory experiments among others.
  • The Whizz Kit for females is not any different from the Lil Whizz Kit for males. Both females and males can use the kit since it is a unisex design.

Of more importance is the fact that the kit guarantees users’ safety. There is no risk of contracting disease since the urine in the pack is only synthetic and does not contain any harmful substances. 

What it Comes With

This product is designed to offer a believable disguise for real urine. As a result, the manufacturer packages the kit with other accessories to help make the urine believable. 

The kit comes with four key items as listed below:

  • Approximately 4-ounces of toxic free synthetic urine
  • Heat pad 
  • A cotton elastic belt that holds the prefilled urine bag
  • User manual for easy use.

The heating pad and the belt are the most important accessories for those using the kit. 

Here is why:

  1. To make the urine believable, the manufacturers of the kit designed the heating pad. The pad stays in contact with the body, allowing the urine in the bag to adopt the human body temperature. 
  2. The belt is used to strap the urine on the body. This helps reduce suspicion during drug tests. The user can easily release the urine to the test tube without raising an alarm. The urine bag holds the synthetic urine. 
  3. With the help of the heating pad, the urine can maintain the required temperature for up to 8 hours. This makes the kit reliable even if there are delays in the expected test time. 

Reviews for Lil Whizz Kit

The Lil Whizz Kit has received plenty of positive reviews from the manufacturer’s site and third-party vendors’ sites.

Those who have purchased from third party sites such as Amazon have heaped praises on the kit, saying that it works efficiently and within time if instructions are kept. 

Pros of the Lil Whizz Kit

  • The kit is easy to wear around the waist and is also light and portable. 
  • The heating pads ensure that the required urine temperatures are attained.
  • The product looks and smells just like the real urine, helping dismiss any suspicions. 

Cons of the Lil Whizz Kit 

As a product that is widely used across the world, this kit has few disadvantages. Some of the complaints pointed out by users include:

  • Does not have a temperature meter as is the case with similar products.
  • The urine, the pads, and the urine bag cannot be reused once opened.
  • The user must wear the kit for at least one hour to time making it unrealistic in serious emergencies. 

What People on Reddit Are Saying 

Many people are already talking about the product online. On Reddit, users have mixed feelings about the product. Many of those who have used the product heap praise on it but, those who are yet to use seem doubtful.

When reading some of the Lil Whizz Kit Reddit comments one fact stands out; many people are grateful to have a last-minute remedy when it comes to drug tests.  

How to Use 

The manufacturer of the product says users must follow the Lil Whizz Kit instructions to the letter for effective results. The instructions are pretty easy to follow since the kit comes with all the accessories needed.

Below is the step by step instructions:

  1. The first step involves unwrapping one heating pad from its plastic wrapper
  2. Once unwrapped, the heating pad should be applied with its sticky side directly on the bladder. 
  3. The user then decides the part of the body to wear the belt. 
  4. If it is worn in the right manner, the temperature label should be in contact with the skin. The tube hanging should not be in contact with the skin. 
  5. The user should let the product stay on the body at least 1-hour before the time for use. This makes the urine adopt the human body temperature- which should be between 95 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  6. The heating pad will get activated automatically once exposed to air. It’s heat combined with the body temperature should maintain the urine at the required temperature for up to 8 hours. 
  7. Once used, the bag should not be refilled or reused. 

Using it for a Drug Test 

The Lil Whizz Kit can be used for plenty of purposes including bedroom romances, pranks, and games. However, the primary use of the kit is for passing a drug test. Those using the kit for a drug test must follow certain steps to ensure that they get the best results. 

To get the most out of the kit, here are some tips for the drug test option:

  1. Never open the kit, or use it before the time for the test. Once the kit has been purchased, it should be kept until time for wearing on the body. 
  2. Wear the item on the body in the right places one hour before the time for the test.
  3. Never dilute the product with the intention of increasing its quantity.
  4. Never use the product after 1-year since it will have expired. 

Practically, the product should be used as a test according to the directions provided by the manufacturer. If it is used in any other means, it may not be very helpful. The product should never be used once expired. 

Alternative Urine Kits

There are many alternatives to the Lil Whizz kit in the market. Some of the alternatives have advanced features, including the ability to be refilled and re-used.

The following links will redirect you to synthetic urine belt posts describing in further detail how they function or to their respective shop pages:

Even though there is such a large number of kits, the Lil Whizz Kit is one of the most convenient options. It is way affordable than the Whizz Kit and easier to use than the Clean Kit. It’s one of the affordable options on the market and among the convenient choices.

Where to Buy Lil Whizz Kit Near Me?

There are many online vendors of the Lil Whizz Kit. The kits can either be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website or could be purchased from vendors.

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