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Don’t Monkey Around: How to Use Monkey Whizz Correctly

In life, opportunities come slowly and go away first. We do not have the luxury of throwing away lucrative opportunities due to drug test failure. Therefore, it’s the reason why the Monkey Whizz synthetic urine has become a popular option for those undergoing drug tests, and every review of the product tells the story. 

The Monkey Whizz is a no-monkey business belt that has helped many people salvage their jobs and other opportunities. The synthetic urine belt is a kit that comes with the urine, its dilution guidelines, and all the accessories needed to prove that the urine is real. The kit is designed specifically for those who wish to beat the drug test system. 

For those facing a drug test and who do not have the time to flush the drug out naturally, read on. We can help you understand what the Monkey Whizz is and how you may be able to use it to salvage your situation. 

Using it for a Drug Test

Just like most products, the Monkey Whizz test kit comes with an expiration date. Given that most people order directly from the manufacturer, the kit may come with a shelf life of about 1-year. However, if you happen to purchase from third-party vendors such as Amazon sellers, the kit may have a lifespan of several months.

Buyers don’t have to worry so much about the expiration dates with this kit since it is often purchased when needed. If there is a need to have the kit at home, kit’s you could buy yours a few weeks to avoid the last-minute rush. 

With that in mind, you do not have to worry since most vendors understand the product’s urgency. If you order from reputable vendors, you will receive your kit in less than 48 hours. Most vendors won’t even indicate that you purchased the Monkey Whizz on your credit card transactions. 

What it Comes With 

Monkey Whizz

The Monkey Whizz product comes in two types: the liquid urine, which is usually in a flask, and the powdered option. The powdered option is usually dilute at the time of use. While they are different in form, they are the same in content and work just the same way. Although they come in various forms, they are packaged in the same way.

Here are some other key features included with the Monkey Whizz:

  • The Monkey Whizz comes with three main components. Each comes with a belt, a heating pad, the Whizz temp strip, and the Monkey Whizz flask. The Monkey Whizz heating pad helps ensure that the urine is at the same temperature as the body. 
  • In most cases, the urine temperature should be between 96 and 100 degrees F. With the pads touching your skin, the urine warms up and stays in the temperature range of your body. The pads should be placed as close to your body as possible. 
  • The Monkey Whizz temperature strip is vital for checking to see that the required temperature has been attained. The Whiz belt should be worn at least 1-hour before the test. This way, the body starts to warm up the urine to the required temperature. While it warms, the temperature strip will give the reading of the urine. The temperature strip lets you know when it is the right time to go for the test.
  • The Monkey Whizz flask is a small heat-retaining container used to hold the urine. It is way shorter than the Whizz kit flask, which might sell off your secret to the observer. The slam flask maintains the urine temperature at the required levels and lets out the urine with appropriate pressure. 
  • Different kits may come with other accessories. For instance, the Monkey Dong option comes with the Ding Dong. If you are looking for an opportunity with the ding dong, be specific when you make your order. Likewise, remember that it is slightly more expensive than the option without the Ding Dong. 

Customers can also purchase some of the accessories separately. For instance, if you have a refillable belt, you may only buy the powder, which will prepare the synthetic urine to refill the flask. This way, you cut on cost.

How to Use the Monkey Whizz

Monkey Whizz

The beauty of Monkey Whizz is that it is straightforward to use. You don’t need a tutorial to use it since it is effortless to use. After you have ordered the kit from your supplier, it will be delivered to you unanimously. 

Open the kit and wear your belt around the waist before wearing your regular clothes. The pads should stay in contact with your skin to keep the urine temperature close to your body. With the pad in place and the flash facing downward, users are ready to go. 

Once the temperature is ready, you should unfasten the white clips and drain the content. The flask will allow you to empty the contents as if you were urinating. This helps drain away all suspicions, even while being monitored. 

What Are They Saying on Reddit? 

Most people on Reddit say that they have never experienced a Monkey Whizz fail in urinalysis tests. Surprisingly, most users have undergone some of the advanced urine drug test procedures. One user asked, “does Monkey Whizz work at LabCorp.” 

To the surprise of many, several people say they have had the results turn out well at LabCorp and other high tech labs. Besides LabCorp, you may also be wondering does Monkey Whizz work at Quest Diagnostics. From the discussions online, it seems that many people have successfully escaped the drug test at Quest Diagnostics. 

Interestingly, most people use the Whizz Monkey synthetic urine product and not the Whizz kit. It is good to shop from the official website since the manufactures will supply the original product to avoid failing the test. They will not even have the transactions on your credit card reflect the purchase of the product.

Other Uses for Monkey Whizz 

If you are not interested in the kit for a drug test, you may also want to purchase one for other uses. Many people buy the kit just for fun. There are many fun games where people use the content of the Whizz Monkey flask to have fun. 

Here are some other uses for the Monkey Whizz:

  • Besides just playing fun games, the urine may also be used to pull pranks on friends and roommates. Some people only transfer the urine into a regular bottle and use it to play tricks. Those interested in having a fun relationship with their partners can use the belt to play some bedroom games. 
  • The kit also contains components found in urine like uric acid. This means that the kit can be used for educational purposes. Science teachers can use the synthetic option in lab analysis to help students understand urine composition and structure. 
  • Generally, the kit offers plenty of benefits to those who may not be interested in taking a drug test. It can be used to play games, pranking and having fun with friends. The kit can also be used in classes, making the product all round and diverse. 

Even if the user does not have an immediate use for the product, it may stay in the house for as long as a year or even longer. This means that the kit can be used even after several months from purchase time.

Is it Better Than the Whizz Kit?

Monkey Whizz

The biggest concern that most people have is the performance of the Monkey Whizz compared to the Whizz kit. Most people assume that the Monkey Whizz and Whizz Kit are the same, just because they share the name Whizz. 

Additionally, these two kits are very different in both design look and functionality.

  • Pricing: The first difference between the Monkey Whizz and Whizz Kit is the pricing. Monkey Whizz is way cheaper as compared to the Whizz Kit. However, this should not be the reason why you purchase this product. It is vital to look at the product and what it offers besides pricing.
  • Website: The official website prices the Monkey Whizz without the dong at $45.95, while the Monkey Whizz with dong is priced at $99.95. On the other hand, the Whizz Kit versions sold on various websites are usually more expensive. This is because they mainly produce the kit with pong. 
  • Small Flask Size: One thing that stands out is its flask size. The Monkey Whizz has a tiny flask as compared to the Whizz Kit. This makes it portable and easy to conceal as compared to the Whizz Kit. On the other hand, the Whizz Kit flask is too big and maybe visible if not well hidden. 

Besides, it does not come well stationed in the belt and may present some problems in letting out the liquid.

Doesn’t Need a Synthetic Ding Dong

Further, the Monkey Whizz does not require a synthetic Ding Dong, like is the case with other types of synthetic urine. Moreover, they do have the Donkey Dong option. People can use it to have fun with their lady friend if they feel like it. The Donkey Dong is large and ships to your location discreetly. 

Looks and Smells Like Real Urine

The Monkey Whizz version has uric acid and smells just like organic urine. This makes it more trustworthy when presented for tests. Most organic urines do not have uric acid, which is a significant disadvantage, especially when tested by professional labs. The primary purpose of synthetic urines is to show that it is real urine. 

This means that the Monkey Whizz option is the best for those who have to prove their case. On the downside, the Monkey Whizz has become very popular, and as a result, plenty of fake versions have surfaced. 

Once one product gets popular, people take advantage of the situation to sell counterfeit products. This makes it hard for most people to purchase the right Monkey Whizz. 

Where to Buy the Monkey Whizz?

While buying the Monkey Whizz might be very easy for online shoppers, many factors should be considered. Most online sellers may not sell genuine products. When shopping for a product online, it is recommended to shop from trusted sources. Several vendors can be trusted to produce the most valuable products.

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