5 Best Delta-8 Disposable Wholesale Carts

Tim Rosenberger Tim Rosenberger

March 5, 2022

Disposable vape cartridges are the easiest and most efficient way of getting high with delta-8. Any company selling delta-8 products should seriously consider offering customers a selection of disposable carts! Vaping products are always popular and particularly profitable.

In this review, I’ll go over the basics of delta-8 disposable wholesale carts, before outlining what you should be looking for when buying. But let’s start by showcasing the five best disposable delta-8 carts in 2022 – any of these would make a brilliant wholesale purchase.

Top 5 Begin Here

1. Best Selling Delta 8 Disposables


CBD Genesis – Delta-8 Disposables

Topping my list is this stunning collection of delta-8 disposable vape pens from CBD Genesis. With more than 900mg of delta-8 and natural terpenes infused into each 1ml cartridge, vapers can expect a potent high accompanied by thick, flavorful vapor.

These ergonomic disposables look similar to the JUUL and offer lots of discretion. Choose between an ever-expanding selection of sativas, indicas, and hybrids. The third-party report from Marin Analytics confirms the authenticity of these carts.

Strains available: Strawnana (Hybrid), Wedding Cake (Hybrid), Skywalker (Indica), OG Kush (Hybrid), GG#4 (Hybrid), Frooty Pebbles (Indica), Candyland (Sativa), Blueberry Lemon Haze (Hybrid), Granddaddy Purp (Indica), Strawberry Cough (Sativa), Girl Scout Cookies (Hybrid)

2. Most Popular


Treetop Hemp Co – Delta-8 Disposable Vape Pen

One of the best-known brands in the delta-8 market, Treetop Hemp Co is the proud manufacturer of these delightful disposables. Loaded with 800mg delta-8 and a therapeutic blend of tasty terpenes, Treetop’s vape pens deliver intense highs with maximum flavor.

True to the effects of delta-8, these disposables are noted for their uplifting and energizing effects. All strains have passed third-party tests from ACS Laboratory and contain less than 0.3% THC.

Strains available: Watermelon Zkittles, Banana Runtz, Cherry Pie, Orange Cookies, Gelato, Blue Dream, Purple Punch

3. Runner Up


ELYXR – Delta-8 Disposable Vape (1000mg)

Puff and go with ELYXR LA’s premium delta-8 disposables. Checking in at 94% delta-8 and loaded with high-quality terpene profiles, these vape pens will get you seriously stoned in the most delicious way possible!

Each 1ml cart comes with a fully-charged 280mAh battery ready to provide strong blasts of vapor, sure to leave users relaxed in balance. If you want to stock high-end delta-8 disposables, don’t miss these third-party approved beauties from ELYXR LA.

Indicas: Blackberry Chill, Skywalker OG, ELYXR OG, Mochi, Tigers Blood, Tahoe, ZKITTLEZ

Sativas: Green Crack, Straw Jack, Pineapple Express, Blue Dream, Train Wreck, AK-47, Star Fruit

Hybrids: Key Lime Pie, Raspberry Lemonade, Cookies, Purple Dream, Sour Apple, Sunset Sorbet, Zookies

4. Runner Up


HoneyRoot Wellness – Delta-8 THC Disposable Pen

Looking for a good value and dependable delta-8 disposable to stock in your store? These vape pens from HoneyRoot Wellness have you covered. Each 1ml cart packs in a whopping 90% (900mg) delta-8 extract, ensuring powerful psychoactive effects.

HoneyRoot Wellness is a popular legal hemp brand based in California with a solid reputation. The impressive third-party reports from SD PharmLabs show they are a brand that can be trusted.

Strains available: Forbidden Fruit, Honey Kush, Zkittles, Pineapple Kush, Wedding Cake, Gelato

5. Runner Up


Delta 8 Factory – Delta-8 THC Disposable Vape Pen

Efficient, convenient, and discreet in equal measures, Delta 8 Factory’s disposable vape pens tick all the right boxes. Impressively potent and made without any cutting agents, these pens deliver thick, clean vapor time after time.

All carts arrived pre-filled and with a fully-charged battery, so vapers can get started immediately without any preparation! Each cart can administer up to 1000 puffs, working out to just under 1mg of delta-8 per draw. Third-party approved with less than 0.3% THC.

Strains available: Bubble Gum OG (Indica), Blue Dream (Sativa), Grape Ape (Indica), Apple Jacks (Sativa), Jet Fuel (Sativa), Mimosa (Indica)

What are Delta-8 Disposable Wholesale Carts?

Delta-8 disposables are one-piece vape pens rich in psychoactive, hemp-derived delta-8 extract. In contrast to classic vape cartridges, disposables come with a built-in, single-use battery. As the name suggests, once you’re done with a disposable vape pen, just throw it away!

Delta-8 disposable wholesale carts are all about giving the vaper maximum convenience and the most hassle-free experience possible. The pre-filled and sealed nature of the carts means vapers don’t have to waste time refilling or worrying about leaks.

Of course, this convenience comes at a cost, with disposable vape pens among the most expensive delta-8 products on the market today. But don’t let that put you off. Disposable pens are wildly popular with vapers who want to keep things simple and their delta-8 usage lowkey.

What is delta-8?


But what is delta-8, anyway? It’s the hottest new cannabinoid after CBD, giving all Americans a chance to enjoy the psychoactive effects of cannabis. Officially known as delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, delta-8 is closely related to the renowned but notorious delta-9-THC (THC).

From a chemistry perspective, delta-8 and THC have plenty in common. Both substances act as partial agonists of the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The interaction at the CB1 receptor is responsible for these psychoactive effects.

These tetrahydrocannabinols produce similar highs, although anecdotes indicate delta-8 is more energizing and uplifting. Delta-8 is not quite as strong as THC, but users report less anxiety and paranoia with the former.

Are delta-8 disposables legal?


Despite the psychoactive nature of delta-8 and its likeness to delta-8, it really is legal in the United States! The only caveat is that delta-8 products must contain hemp-derived extract rather than marijuana-derived extract, and have less than 0.3% THC.

The federal government’s 2018 Farm Bill legalized delta-8 as part of wider legislation on hemp. Clearly, the intoxicating traits of delta-8 went unnoticed to lawmakers – who didn’t feel the need to restrict it like THC – but I’m not complaining!

Even so, delta-8 remains a controversial hot topic. Detractors claim that delta-8 should be banned as most products are made from lab-produced delta-8 – it’s possible to turn CBD into delta-8 via a natural process known as isomerization.

In November 2022, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) sought to allay fears and confusion about delta-8. At a town hall event, a DEA spokesman clarified that, per the Farm Bill, THC is the only controlled substance in hemp.

Not all states are enthralled by the delta-8 boom or the relaxed wording of the Farm Bill. Several states have made delta-8 illegal, including Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, and Washington. But crucially, delta-8 disposables enjoy legal protection at the federal level.

How to use delta-8 disposables

Delta-8 disposables couldn’t be easier to use! Take the pen out of its packaging and start vaping! Some devices use a button-operated system, while others work by draw-activated firing.

A few vape pens will deliver a specified amount of delta-8 with each hit, but most allow for freestyle vaping. You cannot reuse or recharge delta-8 disposables.

What to Look For When Buying Delta-8 Disposables

You’re ready to start picking up some bargain wholesale delta-8 disposable deals but haven’t got a clue where to start. Don’t panic, this is a common situation! All the hemp and vaping jargon can get overwhelming and the wide range of products quite confusing.

Before spending big on a bulk delta-8 disposable purchase, allow me to give you some pointers. I’ve already recommended delta-8 vape pens from the industry’s best five brands, but here’s an in-depth look at how I picked them.

Third-party certificates of analysis


You should check for third-party lab reports with all the hemp products you buy, but it’s even more critical to do so with delta-8 vaping products. Independent lab testing verifies that delta-8 disposables are legal, effective, and above all, safe.

The hemp industry needs this system due to the absence of regulation from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The willing transparency of genuine delta-8 companies helps expose the dirty tricks of fraudsters and cowboy companies.

Sadly, we have already seen the deadly consequences of illegitimate vaping products. In late 2019, more than 60 Americans died after consuming black market e-liquids cut with vitamin E acetate. The lung illness outbreak reaffirmed the importance of sticking solely with tested and approved delta-8.

Cannabinoid concentrations

The cannabinoid makeup determines the strength and effects of delta-8 disposables. Typically, brands try making cartridges as potent as possible, loading up cartridges with 90% or more delta-8. You should always verify claims on the product packaging by checking the relevant third-party certificate.

However, some delta-8 disposables contain CBD extract, promoting relaxation and a mellow high. Most delta-8 pens consist of isolated delta-8, but you could easily see products infused with full-spectrum hemp extract and an array of minor cannabinoids for the entourage effect.


Terpenes make the world go around when it comes to getting stoned with delta-8. While the cannabinoid has a reputation for being energizing, it’s the terpenes that influence the effects of a disposable cart the most.

Terpenes are not psychoactive, but these compounds produce a variety of effects, from relaxation to stimulation. Terpenes make delta-8 strains unique, and all connoisseurs have their personal favorites.

Delta-8 disposables are separated into sativas, indicas, and hybrids. When making your wholesale purchase, I suggest picking a couple of pens from each category. You will sell many more disposables if you have a range of strains, as opposed to going all-in on one type of pen.

How to Store Your Delta-8 Disposables


Store delta-8 disposable vape pens away from direct sunlight, and in a cool, dark, dry location. Since disposables are pre-filled and sealed, storage is easy enough, as there’s no risk of oxidation. However, exposure to light and UV (ultraviolet) rays does risk a loss of potency.

Delta-8 users will be quick to spot if products are not as strong as they should be. With this in mind, it’s worth paying extra attention to storage and ensuring that your stock is kept in the right conditions.

How Long do Delta-8 Disposables Last?

As a vaping product, delta-8 disposables deliver a high that lasts for three hours or so. There’s no hard and fast rule on the duration of effects, although the tolerance build-up from regular use does tend to lead to shorter highs. Equally, occasional users may feel high for longer because their bodies are more sensitive to delta-8.

Intense, hard-hitting highs are the order of the day with delta-8 disposables. The speedy absorption of delta-8 molecules means users start feeling stoned within minutes. Novices should take a couple of hits and see how they feel after half an hour before deciding to take more.

Purchasing Wholesale Delta-8 Online vs. Shops Near Me


Thanks to the growth of the industry, there are more places than ever to buy delta-8 disposables. But despite the increased choice, the tried-and-tested vendors remain the best. Here’s why you should always buy wholesale delta-8 disposables online, and preferably from a reliable and specialist vendor.

Shopping for delta-8 pens at CBD Genesis is more likely to yield success than trying your luck at a brick-and-mortar wholesaler. Firstly, CBD Genesis prides itself on having the highest quality delta-8 collection on the market – only the best vape pens get featured on their store.

Secondly, physical vendors can rarely compete with online wholesalers on choice and price. Web-based retailers typically have many more products available, increasing your chances of finding something perfect, and they have the financial ability to sell vape pens at a lower cost.

Last but not least, the stiff competition online means vendors are hotter on third-party lab reports than their brick-and-mortar counterparts. Shopping online gives you more peace of mind that what you’re buying is legit, and all the necessary third-party certificates of analysis are at your fingertips.Make your first delta-8 wholesale disposable purchase today at CBD Genesis! Set up a wholesale account and take your pick from CBD Genesis’ own range, or premium disposables from the likes of ELYXR LA and Treetop Hemp Co!

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