Top 5 Delta-8 Crumble Products


If regular strength delta-8 products don’t quite cut it for you, then maybe it’s time to consider concentrates like crumble. With much greater amounts of psychoactive delta-8 than edibles, tinctures, and vape carts, delta-8 crumbles can deliver the intense highs you’ve been craving.

I want to cover all the vital information about delta-8 crumble in this post – from what it is, to how it works, and how it differs from typical marijuana. But let’s kick things off with a look at the five best legal, hemp-based delta-8 crumble products that money can buy right now.

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1. Best Selling Delta 8 Crumble

Exhale Wellness – Delta-8 Crumble

Enjoy a powerful, relaxing, and euphoric high with Delta-8 Crumble from Exhale Wellness. Potent, pure, and free from nasty additives and preservatives, this must be the highest quality delta-8 crumble on the market.

Exhale Wellness uses CO2 extraction to pull out the phytocannabinoids while leaving all the impurities behind. The organic, food-grade terpenes provide soothing effects as well as a burst of natural flavor.

Exhale Wellness does not add any VG, PG, or MCT oil to its 1000mg all-natural crumble. This product is federally compliant and third-party tested.

Strains: OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, Sour Lifter, Dosi Mango

2. Most Popular

Canvast Supply Co – Shifters Delta-8 THC Crumble Wax Dabs

These Shifters delta-8 crumble wax dabs from Canvast Supply Co will get you sky-high and make your taste buds tingle. Loaded with more than 200mg hemp-derived delta-8 and nearly 700mg CBD, this concentrate combines pleasant psychoactive effects with physical relaxation.

Great for dabbing, vaping, or sprinkling into a joint or bowl, Shifters Delta-8 Crumble offers impressive versatility. And with the high terpene count, you’re guaranteed a delicious experience.

Canvast’s crumble is third-party tested with less than 0.3% THC. Choose between a selection of crumbles for energizing, calming, or balanced effects.

Strains: Pineapple Express, Gelato, Lemon Haze, Skittles, King Louis, Blackberry Gelato, Sunset Sherbet, Sour Grapes

3. Runner Up

Diesel Hemp – Lemon Abacus Full-Spectrum + Delta-8 Crumble

Let the entourage effect work its magic with Diesel Hemp’s full-spectrum delta-8 crumble. A unique cross between Lemon Haze and Abacus, this supreme concentrate has a divine lemony flavor and produces delightful hybrid effects.

Diesel Hemp uses organically-grown flower rich in CBD, CBG, and natural terpenes – including limonene, beta-myrcene, gamma-terpineol, and terpinolene. After adding in pure delta-8 distillate, the result is a stunningly potent concentrate with unmatched flavor.

Diesel Hemp leaves no stone unturned in making this world-class delta-8 crumble, which arrives in an airtight glass jar with a tamper-proof seal. Third-party tested by Altitude Consulting.

4. Runner Up

Bloomble – Delta-8 THC/CBD Crumble

Hardcore delta-8 users should look no further than this well-balanced crumble from Bloomble. With a roughly even mix of delta-8 to CBD (around 40% each), expect mild mind-altering effects complemented by mental and physical calm.

Bloomble makes big claims about its crumble, suggesting it will change what you view as a “premium smoking experience”. I can forgive the slight exaggeration – this concentrate makes for a smooth and tasty smoke, although there are better options at this price range.

Regardless, it’s still a fantastic crumble, and Bloomble has a reputation for producing solid delta-8 products. They don’t use any bleaching agents, and the third-party report from Altitude Consulting confirms that it’s up to scratch.

5. Runner Up

Delta 8 Pro – Delta-8 Crumble

Last but not least, we have Delta 8 Pro’s collection of crumbles. Made with 300mg delta-8 and 700mg CBD, it’s not the most potent concentrate out there, but the relaxing euphoria will leave most users more than satisfied. 

Unlike some concentrates, there’s no harsh throat hit when vaping or smoking Delta 8 Pro’s crumble – but the flavorful natural terpenes will live long in the memory. A dash of cannabinol (CBN) enhances the soothing effects.

Sold in 1-gram glass containers, this product is suitable for dabbing, vaping, or smoking in joints and blunts. Third-party tested for potency by Marin Analytics.

Strains: Grape Stomper, King Louis, Blackberry Gelato, Lemon Haze

What is Delta-8 Crumble?

Delta-8 crumble is a concentrate product, typically made with large quantities of delta-8 and terpenes. Some delta-8 crumble products also contain hefty amounts of non-intoxicating cannabidiol (CBD).

If you don’t find the effects of delta-8 carts or flower intense enough, super-strength crumble may offer a more satisfactory experience. With much higher percentages of delta-8, crumble gets you a lot higher, and many users suggest the effects last longer.

Crumbles – and other delta-8 concentrate products – are aimed at experienced recreational users who are familiar with the powerful psychoactive effects of delta-8 or THC. 

These products may have some therapeutic potential, although delta-8 is not approved for any medical conditions. However, even if delta-8 does have medicinal value, crumble will probably be far too strong for the average user.

An introduction to delta-8

Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-8) is a cannabinoid and THC isomer. Naturally occurring in cannabis, albeit only in tiny concentrations, delta-8 is a psychoactive substance, but federally legal when derived from hemp plants with less than 0.3% THC.

Indeed, delta-8 products only exist thanks to the legalization of hemp as part of the 2018 Agriculture Improvement Act (Farm Bill). The legislation permits all cannabinoids from hemp, without any consideration as to whether they are psychoactive or not.

Delta-8 has likely always existed in cannabis and was first partially synthesized in the early 1940s. But given it has nearly always been obscure and irrelevant, scientists have spent little time researching the compound and its effects.

From what we know, delta-8 is very similar to THC. Both cannabinoids produce mind-altering effects via the same mechanism – by binding with CB1 receptors in the endocannabinoid system (ECS). But it appears delta-8 is less potent than THC.

While delta-8 may not get you as high, it is theoretically safer than THC. Marijuana is notorious for causing anxiety – anecdotal reports indicate this may happen less often with delta-8 products.

That said, concentrates such as delta-8 crumble are likely more potent than regular THC products. The comments about fewer side effects from delta-8 products may be less relevant in the context of concentrates.

How to use delta-8 crumble

You can consume delta-8 crumble by smoking, vaping, dabbing, or by melting it into a hot beverage. There’s no right or wrong way to use crumble – each consumption method has its pros and cons.

Smoking: You can use crumble to increase the potency of a joint or bong rip. Just break a little concentrate off, mix it with the flower, and enjoy! Smoking delta-8 gets you high very quickly, but it is the most dangerous way of taking delta-8.

Vaping: Concentrate-compatible vaporizers can deliver the same fast-acting crumble experience while minimizing the risks to your health. 

Vaping doesn’t burn the crumble, so you won’t have to inhale cancer-causing carcinogens. Just load up your device with crumble, and vape away! 

Dabbing: This method is more expensive and technical than others, but many concentrate lovers swear by it! You’ll need dab rig equipment (a rig, a nail, a dabber, and a torch to heat the nail). 

Heat the nail, place the crumble on the dabber, heat it against the rig, and inhale the vapor! For many delta-8 connoisseurs, dabbing is not so much a luxury, but an essential!

Eating: You can also eat delta-8 crumble or stir some into a hot beverage. It’s discreet, convenient, and taking crumble as an edible also makes the effects last longer. If you want an intense, but steady all-day high, eating crumble is the way to go!

Will delta-8 be banned?

Some see a bright future for delta-8; others believe the industry is on borrowed time. Thankfully, fears that the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) was eyeing up a delta-8 crackdown have died down for now.

Concerns swirled in 2020 after the DEA published an Interim Final Rule (IFR), which clarified confusing aspects of the Farm Bill. But in November 2022, a comment from a DEA spokesman appeared to indicate that delta-8 products are not on the federal agency’s radar.

However, it’s not only about federal law. Several states disapprove of delta-8 and other hemp-based psychoactive products. Delta-8 is now illegal in more than a dozen states, including Arizona, New York, and Washington.

Prohibition has not been successful everywhere. Texas lawmakers banned delta-8 products in late 2022, only for the decision to be reversed by an appeals court. The Texas situation is an encouraging sign of the delta-8 industry’s growing influence. 

What to Look For When Buying Delta-8 Crumble

Ready to buy delta-8 crumble for the first time? Let’s make sure you find a safe, high-quality, and good value product! With more delta-8 brands and products to choose from than ever before, you can be forgiven for being a little overwhelmed!

Of course, I’ve already picked out my five favorite delta-8 crumble products. Any of those would be ideal for a first-time user. But here’s a general overview of what you need to look for when buying delta-8 crumble.

Third-party lab tests

You should only purchase delta-8 crumble from third-party tested brands. The unregulated hemp market is plagued with fraudsters and companies with unacceptably low manufacturing standards. It’s crucial that you avoid them!

Third-party testing puts the genuine crumble makers on a pedestal, while indirectly exposing the companies you can’t trust. Some brands may state they are third-party tested, but always verify this by checking for a certificate of analysis.

Third-party tests also vary in quality. Ideally, a report should cover the amount of delta-8 in a crumble product, the concentration of THC in the crumble, and whether the product is free from impurities (i.e., residual solvents, heavy metals).

Cannabinoid potency

Some crumble products consist of pure delta-8, whereas others have a mixture of delta-8, CBD, and potentially minor cannabinoids, too. The delta-8 potency and cannabinoid makeup of your crumble determines what kind of experience you have.

For new concentrate users, I recommend crumbles with at least some CBD – this gives you a feel of the extra intensity while providing a safety net. But if you have prior experience with THC or delta-8 concentrates, crumbles with delta-8 isolate extract will suit you best.


Don’t forget the terpenes! As well as giving your crumble a gorgeous natural flavor, these compounds also influence your high. For relaxing effects with your delta-8 euphoria, try a crumble with indica terpenes. 

For increased energy, go for crumble with sativa terpenes. And if you want a delta-8 crumble for all situations, opt for a balanced hybrid – hybrid terpene profiles produce a combination of sedating and stimulating effects.

How to Store Your Delta-8 Crumble

Store delta-8 crumble in cool, dark, and dry conditions. Keep your product in an airtight container to stop oxidation and potency loss. 

Don’t leave your crumble lying around in the sun, as UV rays can also degrade your product. If stored correctly, delta-8 crumble should last for at least six months.

Delta-8 crumble is extremely psychoactive and should be kept out of reach of children.

How Long does Delta-8 Crumble Last?

Hard-hitting delta-8 crumble can last for several hours. Vaping, dabbing, or smoking crumble results in a relatively short experience compared to consuming it as an edible.

If you find the effects of delta-8 crumble too intense, supplement your dose with CBD. The anti-psychoactive properties of CBD will help gradually reduce your high.

Purchasing Delta-8 Crumble Online vs. Shops Near Me

Delta-8 crumble is not as widespread as edibles, e-liquids, or flower, so it’s easier to purchase products online. But beyond convenience, purchasing delta-8 products from the web is usually safer than taking your chances on a brick-and-mortar store.

Gas stations and headshops have emerged as popular delta-8 vendors. But these shops rarely check the quality of what they are selling. You could get ripped off with a fake product, or worse, end up purchasing something dangerous.

Online hemp vendors take safety more seriously than most physical stores. Top web-based stores like CBD Genesis always have third-party certificates of analysis available, for your convenience and peace of mind.Buy delta-8 crumble and other legal concentrates today at CBD Genesis! You’ll get free shipping for any order over $50!

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