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Is Delta 8 THC Safe For You? Research Says This

I have recently discovered that Delta 8 THC is a variant of Delta 9, which forms a primary component of marijuana. Its use has been on the rise because of the health and psychoactive benefits it offers to users.

Delta 8 THC also has a good reputation of safety. However, the product may not be taken with other prescription medicines such as those used for the management of diabetes and cholesterol levels. Users may require a doctor’s advice to prevent adverse effects of drug interaction between Delta 8 and other drugs.

Read on to learn more about the safety of Delta 8, how to use the product and minimize the negative side effects, and its legality across different states. 

What Is Delta 8 and is It Safe?

Delta 8 is a cannabinoid derived from marijuana and the hemp plant. It exists in very small amounts in nature, and it is extracted through a chemical synthesis process to obtain the final product.

According to a study conducted in 1995, eight children were sampled to determine the adverse effects of the compound. Only two children experienced side effects involving irritability and ecstasy. The study concluded that the compound was tolerable and may be safe for different uses.

Delta 8 THC products exist in many different forms. These include vape cartridges, oral tinctures, topical gels, Delta 8 flowers, and edibles. Therefore, finding the most convenient way to take Delta 8 products may be challenging for a first-time user. The best choice depends on how fast you expect the outcome and your preferences.

Here are the popular ways of consuming Delta 8 THC:


Smoking is one of the common and traditional ways of taking the compound. The method delivers the product into the body through the lungs. It is then absorbed into the bloodstream and to other parts of the body.

Smoking also enables a faster absorption rate, thus producing the required effect in a short time. However, the method is not ideal for users with respiratory problems as the smoke can inhibit air flow into the lungs and cause further health complications.


Vape cartridges are prefilled with a small quantity of Delta 8 oil and fitted with a rechargeable battery. When the cartridge is powered, the Delta 8 vape oil forms vapor that you can inhale into the lungs.

Vaping is a popular way of taking Delta 8 because vape cartridges are portable and discreet for users. I prefer vaping Delta 8 because it gives a rapid effect on the body.

Vape oils made from natural hemp extracts are generally safe. Quality vape cartridges are made of heat-resistant materials such as ceramic, stainless steel, and glass. 


Edibles such as gummies and soft gel capsules offer a convenient way of taking Delta 8 THC. They are small food pieces infused with Delta 8 compounds and made tastier by adding different fruit flavors and sweeteners.

Edibles may take longer to be absorbed into the body. Furthermore, their effect on the body lasts longer than other means of consumption. Edibles may also be broken into smaller pieces for easier consumption

Is Delta 8 THC Safe For Dogs?

Delta 8 THC has therapeutic benefits, which may offer a safe way of treating some pet ailments, especially in dogs. Delta 8 THC has anti-inflammatory properties and is less potent than other compounds such as Delta 9. It is also an effective remedy against chronic pain, anxiety, and arthritis for your pet dog.   

How to Administer Delta THC to Pets

Delta 8 may be administered to pets through the use of tinctures and distillates. When the right dosage is used, these liquid Delta 8 products can yield positive results to the pet. 

Here is how I effectively use the two approaches:


Tinctures are easy to administer using a dropper. Simply take a few drops of the tincture and place it inside on the pet’s mouth for ingestion into the body.


Distillates also offer a convenient delivery method for dogs. They are free from terpenes and other cannabinoids, hence easy to hide the taste and smell from dogs. They come in liquid form that can be easily added to your pet’s food. 

Common food items for adding distillates include squeeze cheese, peanut butter, and wet foods. The right dosage will depend on the weight of the dog and each pet will respond differently to the compound. 

You may therefore begin with small doses before increasing the quantity. It is also advisable to consult a professional veterinarian for the best advice on dosage, and to learn more about the side effects on pets.

Does it Get You High?

Yes. Delta 8 THC has mild psychoactive effects that can make someone high. The potency level of the high feeling may vary from one user to another. It also depends on the user’s level of tolerance to the substance. Delta 8 is less potent compared to Delta 9 and has a mild high with fewer side effects than the same amount of Delta 9

According to American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Delta 8’s potency level is half that of Delta 9. Users require twice the dose of Delta 8 to have the same effect of Delta 9.

Delta 8 Side Effects

Delta 8 has many effects that may vary among different users. The effects also depend on the level of your body’s tolerance to the substance. If you notice an undesired, life-threatening effect, it is important to seek immediate medical help to avoid complications.

Here are 7 potential side effects that you may experience after taking Delta 8 THC compounds:

1. Dry Eyes

Delta 8 THC reduces the level of moisture in the eyes, leading to dryness. The effect is a temporary feeling that only lasts when the compound is active in the body. Depending on the variant one uses, the eyes may turn red and be accompanied by discomfort. Users may use moisturizing drops to counter the effect of red eyes.

2. Dry Mouth

Delta 8 may inhibit the effectiveness of salivary glands to produce saliva. This causes extreme drying of the mouth. The effect mostly occurs when the substance is still active in the body. Increasing the amount of water intake may help relieve the effect of dry mouth.

3. Fatigue

Taking higher doses of Delta 8 may lead to a temporary feeling of fatigue. This may trigger a strong urge to sleep. Fatigue may also be accompanied by a cloudy mind and feeling lightheaded. This mostly happens if you are a first-time user. However, fatigue clears up as soon as the product clears out of your body.

4. Impaired Concentration

Delta 8 THC may cause extreme psychoactive effects that can hinder one’s ability to concentrate and coordinate body movements. This hinders performance of normal activities such as driving. It is advisable to avoid driving or operating machines when under the influence of the compound.

5. Anxiety

Despite being used as an anti-anxiety reliever, the compound may lead to extreme anxiety if a high dose is taken. Anxiety effects are also common among first-time users. It is advisable to start with small doses then increase the amount as you monitor the body’s response.

6. Extreme Body High

Delta 8 THC may cause extreme psychoactive feelings. This is characterized by altered consciousness, and numbness. Extreme psychoactive effects usually result from taking a high dose.

7. Low Heart Rate

Delta 8 THC may reduce one’s heart rate, leading to decreased blood pressure. A case published by The Wayne State University School of Medicine shows that the compound can lead to hazardous health effects such as difficulty breathing, low heart rate, and low blood pressure.

Delta 8 Legality

Delta 8 is considered federally legal and designated as a non-narcotic substance. It’s use is accepted in 39 states in The US. According to the 2018 Farm Bill, all cannabinoids and derivatives extracted from the hemp plant are considered legal if they contain less than 0.3% of Delta 9.

However, Delta 8 is still considered illegal in some 11 states. They include Alaska, Delaware, Idaho, Rhode Island, Utah, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Montana, Missouri, and Iowa.

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