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5 Best Delta 8 Blunts

Take the stress out of smoking delta-8 with a pre-rolled blunt! These fat smokes contain much more delta-8 than regular joints and are ideal for enjoying with friends. Although, no doubt, the psychonauts among us will want to keep one all to themselves! In this review, I’ll cover why delta-8 blunts are the perfect way to smoke delta-8 and how to have the best high possible. I’ll also explore the differences between the various blunts on the market. But first, here are my top five delta-8 blunts:

1. ELYXR – 2 Gram Delta 8 THC Caviar Blunts (400mg)

Delta 8 THC Caviar Blunts

These super-strength delta-8 blunts from ELYXR will take you to new highs. Each 2-gram smoke comes with a mighty 400mg delta-8 and a delightful array of natural terpenes.

ELYXR ramps up the effects by coating its high-strength delta-8 flower with potent kief, hence why it registers at a stunning 400mg. These expertly-rolled blunts smoke smoothly and evenly, ensuring you get the most out of the hemp flower.

Choose between 12 different third-party tested ELYXR Caviar Blunts – indicas have relaxing properties, while sativas are more energizing.

Hybrids: Grape Kush, LA Confidential, Peach, Slurricane

Sativas: Strawberry Cough, Tangie, Pineapple, Super Lemon Haze

Indicas: Mango Kush, Bubba Kush, Berry White, Blackberry Kush

2. No Cap Hemp Co – Delta 8 THC Blunt Tin 5 Pack

Delta 8 THC Blunt

Spark up and get stoned with a handcrafted delta-8 blunt from No Cap Hemp Co. At approximately 1 gram of flower per blunt, these aren’t massive smokes, but five per tin gives you an impressive 4 grams of flower.

This brand uses top-shelf, organic, and indoor-grown hemp flowers infused with super-strong delta-8 distillate. No Cap cleverly coats its hemp cone papers with high-end kief for enhanced effects. These blunts come in a Boveda tin to preserve freshness and potency.

Both the finished product and the delta-8 distillate are third-party tested by ACS Laboratory for purity, potency, and legality.

3. Secret Nature CBD – Delta 8 Blunt

Delta 8 Blunt

Secret Nature combines mildly psychoactive delta-8 with soothing cannabigerol (CBG) in these unique hemp blunts. Packed with 1.5 grams of Indica-dominant hybrid flower, expect a sedating experience that’s ideal for unwinding during the evenings.

Each blunt contains 180mg delta-8 and 125mg CBG, in addition to impressive levels of CBD and minor cannabinoids. Secret Nature doesn’t use any trim or shake, just a potent flower rich in cannabinoids and terpenes that are rolled in organic tea leaf wrap.

Delivered in a glass tube with a food-grade seal to maintain freshness. Secret Nature delta-8 blunts are third-party tested by Green Leaf Lab and have less than 0.3% THC.

4. Hometown Hero – Delta 8 Blunt (Raygun)

Delta 8 Blunt

Why spend time trying to roll your own when you can pick up one of these enormous Raygun delta-8 blunts from Hometown Hero? Perfectly rolled and infused with 500mg delta-8, this blunt is great for sharing with friends or enjoying over multiple sessions.

Wrapped in organic palm leaf, these hemp flower blunts are tobacco-free and not addictive like cigarettes or cigars. Each blunt contains 2 grams of hemp flower high in CBD, which jives beautifully with the psychoactive effects of delta-8.

Third-party tested by Altitude Consulting, Hometown Hero’s Raygun Delta-8 Blunts comply with all federal regulations.

5. CBD Genesis – Delta 8 THC Blunts

Delta 8 THC Blunts

I’ll be blunt! These are the best delta-8 blunts that money can buy right now. This is one of the industry’s top manufacturers of delta-8 products, and their blunts are smooth, potent, and delicious. Not to mention huge, with a whopping 3 grams of hemp flower!

They use hemp buds soaked in highly potent delta-8 distillate for maximum effects. A complementing 0.2 grams of CBD wax makes for a relaxing and mellow high, while the glass tip allows you to take big, cool hits. These blunts are rolled with hemp paper for authenticity.

Delta-8 Blunts are third-party tested by Marin Analytics and federally compliant, containing no more than 0.3% THC.

What is Delta-8?

Delta-8 is a psychoactive substance taken for both recreational and therapeutic purposes. A cannabinoid and tetrahydrocannabinol, delta-8 is similar to – and an isomer of – THC, the most prominent mind-altering molecule in marijuana.

Delta-8 is also found in hemp and marijuana, although not nearly in the quantities of THC. Instead, most delta-8 products contain distillate or isolate, which is made in a laboratory using CBD-isolate, solvents, and hydrochloric acid.

Delta-8 products, such as blunts, first appeared in the United States after the federal government legalized hemp in 2018. Blunts can have unlimited levels of delta-8 but must have less than 0.3% THC. Any product exceeding this threshold is classed as marijuana and a Schedule 1 drug.

What are Delta-8 Blunts?

What are delta-8 blunts

These are like regular blunts, except with high concentrations of delta-8 rather than THC. Delta-8 blunts typically consist of CBD-rich hemp flower soaked in or sprayed with delta-8 distillate. Smoking delta-8 blunts generally produces uplifting and motivating effects.

Some blunts may also have additional hemp-based ingredients, such as high-strength kief or CBD wax. The best delta-8 blunt manufacturers roll the herb in organic hemp paper or palm leaf. I’ve seen blunts with as little as 1 gram of flower and others with as much as 3 grams.

Most delta-8 blunts are very potent and not suitable for solo smoking – unless you’re a hardcore recreational user! I recommend sharing with friends or smoking over several sessions.

If you’re not an expert roller, it’s worth spending extra for a professionally-rolled blunt. A poorly-rolled blunt will burn rapidly and unevenly, wasting a lot of flowers. Since blunts have more herb than joints, bad rolling can quickly become expensive!

Why You Should Smoke Delta-8 Blunts

Blunts are the most enjoyable way to enjoy the euphoric and energizing effects of delta-8. Every puff thrills your taste buds as the aromatic terpenes hit you with intense natural flavor.

Smoking is the fastest way of getting stoned with delta-8. When you inhale cannabinoids, they travel directly to the brain via the lungs, inducing psychoactive effects within minutes. This starkly contrasts delta-8 edibles, which only start hitting after an hour or so.

Research indicates delta-8 may be safer than THC – some studies suggest delta-8 is only half as strong. While that leads to a less powerful high, it also lowers the risk of side effects. If normal weed makes you anxious, delta-8 blunts may be better.

Sure, we all know that smoking is unhealthy and can cause serious long-term health effects. But there’s arguably no safer substance to smoke than hemp.

Unlike tobacco, there’s no nicotine in hemp flower, and delta-8 has a low likelihood of causing addiction. Furthermore, delta-8 blunts typically have plenty of CBD, which is under research as a treatment for addictive disorders.

Will the Government Ban Delta-8 Blunts?

Will the Government Ban Delta-8 Blunts

The delta-8 industry has taken even the cannabis world by surprise. Nobody could have imagined delta-8 products would be all the rage before the 2018 Farm Bill created a legal loophole. Unfortunately, some lawmakers are dead-set on closing it.

Currently, the Farm Bill permits naturally occurring cannabinoids derived from hemp. Delta-8 meets that description when taken from the plant, but it may not do when produced in a laboratory from CBD. Some people have described delta-8 as synthetic or semi-synthetic.

Thankfully, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) appears to disagree. The agency has clarified otherwise despite suggestions that a 2020 Interim Final Rule (IFR) was meant to ban delta-8 products.

The DEA is clear: THC is the only controlled substance in hemp. But just because the feds are happy to let delta-8 blunts survive doesn’t mean state governments share the same view. In fact, as of December 2022, 18 states have banned or restricted delta-8 sales.

These states are as follows: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Kentucky, Idaho, Iowa, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, and Washington.

Other states may take the same approach soon, but hope remains. Texas lawmakers recently failed in a bid to make delta-8 illegal, with an appeals court overturning the ban. 

What to Look For When Buying Delta-8 Blunts

Are you interested in smoking delta-8 blunts but unsure what to buy? Hopefully, my top five list is a good starting point! But I’m a firm advocate of delta-8 users understanding their products rather than going in blind.

Knowing what to look for when purchasing delta-8 blunts helps you stay safe while ensuring you have the best smoke possible. Here are three areas you must pay close attention to.

Third-Party Certificates of Analysis

Lab test

A brand might claim to be selling amazing delta-8 blunts with all-natural ingredients, but it’s all words unless they have an independent certificate of analysis to back it up.

I’m not prepared to risk my health, so I only ever buy delta-8 blunts from third-party tested companies. Until the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) starts regulating delta-8, there will always be sketchy businesses and scammers selling dodgy blunts.

Third-party tests analyze product purity, potency, and whether a blunt is legal. Independent lab reports confirm the amount of delta-8 and THC in a blunt. The most reputable testing companies also check for solvents, heavy metals, and other impurities.

Cannabinoid Profile

Determine how much delta-8 you want to smoke and buy an appropriate product. If you haven’t smoked delta-8 before, don’t go for a 3-gram blunt with 500mg delta-8. A smaller, less potent product will suit you fine!

Also, find out how much CBD and other minor cannabinoids are in a delta-8 blunt. If you want to get stoned, you’ll prefer products rolled with average hemp flower and super-strong delta-8 distillate. The third-party reports are also your friend in this respect.

Terpene Profile

All delta-8 blunts consist of hemp flowers and, therefore, terpenes! While not exclusive to cannabis strains, these aromatic molecules heavily influence the plant’s effects.

Some brands stock a single type of delta-8 blunt, while others (such as ELYXR) manufacture a selection of strains. Blunts rolled with sativa flower enhance delta-8’s energizing effects while indica flower amps up the relaxation.

How to Store Your Delta-8 Blunts

Store Your product

Most companies selling delta-8 blunts ship them in glass tubes with a tamper-proof seal. That’s where they should stay until you’re ready to light them up!

Keeping delta-8 blunts in airtight containers preserves freshness and the potency of your smoke by protecting it from oxidation. I also recommend storing delta-8 blunts in dark conditions to stop ultraviolet degradation from the sun.

Hemp flower has a pungent aroma – and yes, just like marijuana! That’s another reason why you need an airtight storage container. Delta-8 blunts may be legal, but you might struggle to convince others it’s not Mary Jane!

How Long do Delta-8 Blunts Last?

Effects from inhaled delta-8 usually last for around three hours. Smoking is a fast-acting experience, but one that peaks after around an hour before steadily wearing off. Your high may last a bit longer if you smoke an entire blunt in one sitting.

Since the psychoactive effects kick in almost instantaneously, it makes sense to go easy at first. Take a few hits, see how you feel after 20 minutes, and only then decide whether to smoke more or not.

Purchasing Delta-8 Blunts Online vs. Shops Near Me

Purchasing online

Shopping with a respectable online delta-8 company saves a lot of hassle and should save you money! It’s safer to shop with vendors who know their stuff than with non-specialist brick-and-mortar stores like gas stations and headshops.

Ralph Gary
Ralph Gary
Ralph is a passionate author at tooslick.com, a leading drug education website. With a background in public health, he combines research and empathy to create informative content that empowers readers with knowledge on substance abuse. Ralph's mission is to foster a safer and healthier community through education.

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