5 Best Delta-8 Gummies (1000mg)

Delta-8 Gummies

Gummies are a fantastic way of getting an intense and long-lasting high from delta-8. The legal marijuana alternative has been going from strength to strength, with multiple brands now producing potent, premium gummies. 

In this guide, I want to focus on the best delta-8 gummies that are 1000mg or stronger. These edibles are great for experienced delta-8 users looking to reach new highs. 

Koi Delta THC 8 Gummies

Koi Delta THC 8 Gummies

Koi is one of the biggest players in the industry for a reason.

Each Koi gummy contains 25mg of delta-8, with 20 gummies per jar or 6 gummies per bag – working out to 500mg of total delta-8 for the jar and 150mg for the bag.

Koi Delta-8 Gummies are third-party approved and free from heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins, and bacteria.

Choose from 5 delicious flavors; you won’t regret it!

Chill Plus – Delta-8 THC Gummies

Delta-8 Gummies 1000mg

With an equal ratio of delta-8 to CBD, these high-strength delta-8 gummies from Chill Plus promote relaxation and euphoria. Each square gummy contains 10mg of CBD-isolate and delta-8, with 50 gummies in a pack. That works out to 1000mg of hemp extract in total.

Chill Plus also makes Tropical Mix gummies, which are even more robust, with a 4:1 delta-8 to CBD ratio and a mighty 1000mg of delta-8! Chill Plus delta-8 gummies are third-party approved and have less than 0.3% THC.

Wild Orchard Delta-8 Gummies

Delta-8 Gummies 1000mg

Candy fans can rejoice with these tasty and organic Delta 8 gummies. Each bag contains 10 delicious gummies and 250mg of delta-8 (25mg per gummy).

Wild Orchard Delta 8 gummies are offered in 3 classic flavors: watermelon, mango, and blue raspberry. You can choose between one flavor per bag or a mix of all three.

If you like to save, Wild Orchard offers lower prices for bulk orders. This product is third-party tested and is made with tree nuts, wheat, and traces of milk. 

Treetop Hemp Co Delta-8 Gummies

Delta-8 Gummies 1000mg

These potent gummies from Treetop Hemp Co are ideal when you want a long-lasting and discreet high. Unlike most gummies, which contain 25mg of Delta 8, Treetop’s gummies boast 30mg.

They’re popular for anxiety relief, enhancing focus, and physical relaxation. With 300mg of delta-8 extract and 30 servings per bag, these lab-tested edibles are better suited for experienced users.

CBD Genesis – Delta-8 THC Gummies

Delta-8 Gummies 1000mg

Introducing high-strength delta-8 gummies from CBD Genesis. These tasty treats contain delta-8 and CBD extract and are perfect if you want a powerful but anxiety-free high.

With 25mg of delta-8 infused into each sugary gummy, CBD Genesis makes it easy to advance to higher dosages. These lab-tested gummies come in a resealable bag and are available in packs of 50 (1250mg) and 100 (2500mg).

What are Delta-8 Gummies?

Delta-8 gummies are legal, psychoactive, cannabis-based edibles. Derived from hemp, delta-8-THC (delta-8) is very similar to delta-9-THC (THC) in terms of its chemical makeup and effects. But unlike THC, the federal government does not currently restrict delta-8.

Therefore, you can legally get high with delta-8 gummies, which are pretty much the same as THC gummies! Delta-8 appears to be slightly less potent than THC, but this isn’t an issue, as you can take a higher dose and still enjoy the same marijuana effects.

Gummies work like any other edible, providing a high that lasts much longer than smoked, vaporized, or sublingually absorbed delta-8. Gummies are also super convenient. You can take a dose anywhere you like without having to prepare or worry about creating a smell.

The discreet, aroma-free nature of gummies is especially beneficial with delta-8. While legal in most states, many delta-8 products have an all-too-familiar weed-like scent that risks attracting unwelcome attention. Gummies allow you to keep your delta-8 consumption lowkey and avoid awkward conversations.  

Why are delta-8 products legal?


Good question and one that a lot of people are asking. First off, it wasn’t deliberate! Lawmakers didn’t think that legalizing hemp in 2018 (with the Farm Bill) would lead to the emergence of legal psychoactive products. Indeed, capping THC at 0.3% was supposed to prevent that.

But “hemp” – which legally is just cannabis with less than 0.3% – also generates other intoxicating tetrahydrocannabinols, such as delta-8 and delta-10. But unlike delta-9-THC, these compounds typically appear in tiny concentrations – hence, nobody gave them much thought.

That non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD) transforms into psychoactive delta-8 through a natural process called isomerization was overlooked. Hemp chemists learned that by creating the optimum conditions in a laboratory, they could use isomerization to produce large quantities of delta-8.

Since nothing in the Farm Bill prevents this, gummies and other delta-8 products are legal – for now! Several states have closed the legal loophole, passing legislation to ban delta-8. But at the federal level, hemp-derived delta-8 remains legal!

What to Look For When Buying Delta-8 Gummies

Decided that delta-8 gummies are right for you? Brilliant! Now, let’s find you an excellent product. I’m confident that my top five list represents the best that the market has to offer, but there are always new products coming online.

When trawling for high-quality delta-8 gummies, there are a few things to check for – notably third-party testing, cannabinoid concentrations, and ingredients. Let’s explore these more deeply and discuss how you can find the diamonds in the rough.

Third-party approval

Third-party approval

Have you noticed the third-party approval badges on many delta-8 gummies? This signifies that the product has passed independent laboratory testing and that it is legal, genuine, and safe to consume. I strongly recommend only purchasing third-party approved delta-8.

Unfortunately, the quality of delta-8 gummies varies significantly because the hemp industry is unregulated and has no official standards. But the third-party testing system makes up for the lack of oversight from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Brands making genuine delta-8 gummies send products off to independent laboratories for testing. Providing all is good, the lab will send back a comprehensive report for the company to showcase on its website.

Third-party testing works well as it highlights which brands are transparent and which ones have something to hide. Companies that refuse to commit to independent testing may be infusing less delta-8 than claimed or using inferior manufacturing processes.

At best, poor-quality delta-8 will have weak effects. But at worst, unapproved delta-8 might contain harmful ingredients and make you very ill. Always buy third-party approved delta-8, and don’t chance your luck on sketchy brands, however much of a bargain they may be offering.

Cannabinoid levels

We’re dealing with high-strength delta-8 gummies in this post, but there’s still a difference between potent and very potent!

Pay close attention to the serving size – just because two products have 1000mg of delta-8 doesn’t mean they will have the same amount per dose. For example, one product may contain twenty 50mg gummies, while another might have forty 25mg gummies.

Also, check whether your delta-8 gummies are infused with any CBD. Non-intoxicating CBD neutralizes marijuana’ psychoactive effects and somewhat suppresses your high.

If you want to get really stoned, buy delta-8 gummies without CBD extract. If you’re concerned about suffering from anxiety and paranoia with really high delta-8 doses, a little CBD will help take the edge off.


The hemp extract can also differ between gummies. Some brands mix CBD-isolate extract with delta-8, whereas others infuse a broad or full-spectrum hemp extract into the gummies.

Broad and full-spectrum extracts contain other cannabinoids and terpenes, promoting the heralded entourage effect. Research suggests that cannabinoids are more effective when taken together than in isolation. Hence, full-spectrum products might make you higher.

Not all gummies contain natural terpene profiles, but those that do will have nuanced effects. Some terpenes will give you a more energizing, cerebral high, while others are more relaxing and produce that famous body lock effect.

How to Store Your Delta-8 Gummies


Keep your delta-8 gummies in the container or resealable bag they were sold to you in. Limiting exposure to oxygen will reduce the risk of oxidation, a process that degrades cannabinoids and makes delta-8 products less effective.

Also, store away from direct sunlight, ideally in a dark, cool place. Gummies left in the sun could degrade due to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Vendors often state delta-8 gummies may melt if exposed to high heat during transit. This wouldn’t affect the overall potency of the product, but it would make it more challenging to dose consistently if the gummies all merged into one.

There’s not much you can do if it happens during shipping, but you can prevent this at home by storing your delta-8 gummies in a cool place.

Since delta-8 gummies look just like regular gummy bears, store your edibles out of reach of children. Any intake of delta-8 could be very harmful to minors.

How Long do Delta-8 Gummies Last?

Generally, delta-8 gummies last for around eight to 10 hours. However, given we have been discussing high-strength edibles, you could experience delta-8’s effects for up to 12 hours. Much depends on exactly how much you take and your tolerance to delta-8 and THC.

While edible effects last longer than other delta-8 products, they also take longer to kick in. New users often find dosing with edibles difficult for that reason – it’s easy to become impatient.

Delta-8 gummies should start having an effect after around 45 minutes to an hour. The effects may be faster if taken on an empty stomach, and vice versa. Edible highs generally peak after around two to three hours.

With very potent gummies, I strongly advise adopting a cautious approach. Wait at least three hours before increasing your dose, or you could get much higher than planned. If you struggle to ride out an overly intense experience, a dose of CBD should help calm you down.  

Purchasing Delta-8 Online vs. Shops Near Me

Online vs. Shops

I always buy delta-8 products online. While purchasing from a local shop may seem convenient, it’s often anything but. Online vendors have several advantages over brick-and-mortar stores.

On convenience, while you may find delta-8 at your local headshop or convenience store, they most likely won’t have the variety of a specialist online hemp store.

Furthermore, products sold online are, on average, much cheaper than products available at physical stores. Online vendors can sell delta-8 for less, as their businesses have lower running costs than brick-and-mortar stores.

If you do see very cheap delta-8 products at your local store, you have to question the quality. Unfortunately, many stores don’t carry out strict checks and end up stocking weak or fake products. Scammers try to capitalize on these low-information vendors.

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