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UPass Synthetic Urine: Does it Really Work?




Imagine the situation: you have a drug test at work you can’t avoid, but you were smoking joints with your friends just a couple of nights ago. With all that THC in your system, it is highly likely that you’ll fail. But don’t worry, that’s where UPass Synthetic Urine comes in to get you out of a jam!

The UPass Synthetic Urine is a basic kit, designed to make passing a drug test simple. Getting the best results with UPass requires following these three steps:

  1. Establish where and how the test will be conducted (e.g. at home, at a clinic, under supervision)
  2. Heat the UPass Synthetic Urine to body temperature, and maintain the temperature with the air-activated heat pad
  3. Take the test

Still think that fake urine sounds too good – and too easy – to be true? We’ve got lots of facts and top tips packed into this article, so you’ll be able to enjoy that joint or beer without having to worry. Keep reading to find out more.

Should you buy UPass Synthetic Urine?

Now you know why you need synthetic urine, let’s explore why UPass is the brand you should choose. First off, they’ve been in the market for a while, so are up to speed on what makes a good synthetic urine product. The ingredients list and features of any fake urine product always tell their own story. Here’s what’s in UPass.

  • Creatinine
  • Urea
  • Accurate specific gravity levels
  • Accurate pH levels
  • Realistic color and odor

Creatinine and urea are both waste products excreted in urine, and therefore vital to any synthetic product. Genuine specific gravity and pH levels are also necessary for a reliable product, and the realistic smell and appearance helps to reduce any suspicions.

upass synthetic urine

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Using UPass Synthetic Urine

UPass offers a user-friendly experience, arriving premixed and pretty much ready to go. In fact, there are just three steps to follow:

  1. Heat the plastic container in a microwave for around 10 seconds
  2. Check the temperature using the temperature strip provided, and strap the air-activated heat pad if the urine is between 90 to 100ºF (body temperature)
  3. Take the sample to your test. If monitored, seriously consider using a belt or leg strap, or even a prosthetic device for maximum discretion

And that’s all there is to it! UPass is a basic synthetic urine product, and if you don’t get the opportunity to take the test alone, you’ll probably need one of the accessories mentioned above. Otherwise, your tester may get suspicious!

Addressing UPass Concerns

We’ve noticed that a few internet users have been raising concerns about the effectiveness of UPass Synthetic Urine in recent times. They are popular because of their longevity, but given tests have advanced over the years, it’s essential the UPass formula is also updated.

Some have pointed out the possible lack of uric acid in UPass, another key waste product in urine. It appears that some tests search for uric acid and others don’t, but that’s not much help to you since you won’t know the specifics of your test beforehand! In a nutshell, if UPass doesn’t contain uric acid and your screening looks for it, there’s a chance you will fail.

3 ways to avoid failure with UPass

If you do decide to go with UPass, there are plenty of factors within your control that are crucial if you want a successful test.

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Follow the instructions!

It sounds simple, but following the instructions to the letter is critical if you want to pass a drug test with synthetic urine. For instance, the test will easily pick up if your urine sample isn’t at the right temperature, raising big suspicions with the tester, likely leading to a fail. The instructions are there for a reason, and will guide you to success!

Store in a dark, cool place

Keeping your UPass product in a cool place, away from direct sunlight will protect the chemical composition of your synthetic urine. This is essential, as any compound irregularities will be dead giveaway that you’re using a fake. You should also avoid reheating your overheating your fake urine, as this could also alter the chemical makeup.

Use a fresh, genuine product

Most synthetic urine products, including UPass, have a lifespan of around two years. But it’s better to be safe than sorry, so if your product has been hanging around and you’re worried about its freshness, it’s always best to buy new. Furthermore, make sure you’re purchasing UPass from a reputable seller – you probably won’t get a second chance if you fail.

Final thoughts

UPass is an interesting synthetic urine brand which we have mixed opinions on. In its favor, it’s an old-timer in the industry, and since they have lasted for years, they must be doing something right! Although it’s worth noting synthetic urine has a few other uses (e.g. fetish play, urine therapy, pranks and scientific research).

On the downside, there are arguments that UPass hasn’t kept up with the times and revised its formula accordingly (but it’s hard to know for sure). In addition, with UPass, you’re simply getting the bottle and a heat pad, so may need some additional equipment depending on the logistics of your test.

Have you had any experience with UPass? Has it helped you pass a drug screening, or has it given you problems? We’d love to get some up-to-date opinions on what’s happening with this brand, so join the conversation by leaving a comment!

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