Reviewing Ultimate Gold Synthetic Urine

Gold Synthetic Urine

A pre-employment drug screening or a random drug test as an employee can be an absolute nightmare if you like drinking and smoking with your buddies on a regular basis. But a synthetic urine product like Ultimate Gold can help make your life much easier.

Ultimate Gold is a 3oz premixed synthetic urine product. This lifelike product has all the ingredients and aspects of a human urine sample and has a genuine smell and appearance. Each Ultimate Gold kit comes with a premixed bottle, a temperature strip, a heating pad, and a rubber band.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Quick Fix is THE MOST popular and top-rated synthetic urine on the market.

It contains the same constituents as real urine, such as:



-Balanced pH

The package contains:

-3 oz synthetic urine

-1 Heat Pad

-Temperature Strip

Its effectiveness, convenience, and affordable price make it the perfect choice for drug tests.

Wondering if Ultimate Gold Synthetic Urine could be your ticket to a clean test? We’ve got the lowdown on this popular brand and several tips and tricks to keep you in the clear. And we’ve also got some other interesting uses for Ultimate Gold you’ve probably not even considered!

What is it?

Ultimate Gold has been manufacturing synthetic urine since 1999 – a lifetime in this industry! The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. However, as they technically don’t market synthetic urine for passing drug tests, it’s far from certain you’d get your money back in the event of a failed test.

Ultimate Gold is free from nasty toxins and bacteria but contains all the ingredients you’d expect to find in real pee, which is crucial for passing a test. These include:

  • Creatinine
  • Urea
  • Uric acid
  • Vitamins

We excrete all of these waste byproducts in our urine, hence why it’s so important and welcome that they appear in Ultimate Gold’s Synthetic Urine. The inclusion of uric acid and urea highlights how Ultimate Gold has advanced with the times to avoid detection in more modern and sophisticated drug tests.

Furthermore, the uric acid is key to the lifelike aroma and yellowy appearance of Ultimate Gold’s fake urine. This helps reduce suspicions about the sample when it’s tested, although it is not enough to secure a pass.

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How to use Ultimate Gold Synthetic Urine

Conveniently, Ultimate Gold is premixed, so it requires minimum effort on your part. And fewer steps mean fewer chances to make a mistake! Here’s how it works:

  1. Warm the premixed bottle in the microwave for 10 seconds
  2. Read the temperature strip (must be between 90 and 100°F) – heat for longer if required or allow it to cool
  3. When in the sweet spot temperature, attach a heating pad to the bottle using a rubber band
  4. For full discretion, secure the bottle and pad to the urine belt or leg strap
  5. Take the test!

And that’s all there is to it. Some of you may be lucky enough to provide a remote sample and not have to worry about weeing realistically on demand. But if you have to take a test at a lab or clinic, and perhaps with someone else close by, you’ll need to be extra discreet. Getting the temperature right is also essential for on-site tests, as a sample that’s too hot or cold will immediately be flagged up as illegitimate.

Making sure you pass

While Ultimate Gold claims its urine can last up to two years, it’s best not to test that claim too hard when your job is on the line. However, to maximize the lifespan of this synthetic urine, don’t unbox it until you’re ready to use it, and store it in a dark, cool cupboard, away from sunlight. This will help preserve the chemical profile of the urine.

Taking your test with confidence is also important. Confidence alone won’t make you pass, but if you’re acting nervous and fidgety, it gives the monitor more reason to be suspicious and pay extra attention to your sample. Of course, it’s easier to behave naturally if you have taken precautions and haven’t just walked into the room with a bottle of fake pee in your pocket!

Yes, we’re talking leg straps and urine belts, and even fake dicks and vaginas (or prosthetic devices, to use a more technical term!). Using such equipment means you can provide your sample in a much more authentic manner. Just ensure you’re wearing loose clothing if you fit a strap or belt to your body – you’ll give the game up immediately if it shows through your clothes.

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Additional Uses for Ultimate Gold Synthetic Urine

Uses for Ultimate Gold Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine companies are not allowed to market their products for passing drug tests. Even though it’s the most common reason for buying synthetic urine, these products have a handful of other interesting uses.

Fetish: Ultimate Gold sells its product as a “completely sterile fetish urine”. Playing with urine is a fairly regular activity in the fetish scene, and synthetic urine allows consenting adults to take part more safely. With no toxins or bacteria, Ultimate Gold cancels out any risk of spreading sexually transmitted diseases. But it’s lifelike enough to make playing just as fun.

Pranks: Synthetic urine is a great option for winding up your mates. Not only does it look and smell real, but the fact that you can literally piss on demand also makes it perfect for pranks in any situation. And with 3oz to play with, you’ll be able to get several laughs out of this product.

Final thoughts: Will you pass with Ultimate Gold?

Ultimate Gold is a unisex product, so it is designed to work for both men and women. But does it?

The ingredients list is encouraging, and despite being a long-standing name in the industry, Ultimate Gold has continued to update its formula, making it viable in 2020. However, there is a lack of online reviews about Ultimate Gold, creating some uncertainty. But providing you follow instructions and get the urine to the right temperature, there’s no obvious reason why you shouldn’t get a clean test with this synthetic urine product.

Maybe you’ve already tried Ultimate Gold. If so, how did it work out for you? We’d love to hear your opinions on this fake urine, so leave a comment below!   

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  1. I used ultimate gold synthetic urine on a test 1 week ago today & I’m still employed so I think it’s safe to say it works. My drug test was a dot test done by quest labs who claims to be able to detect synthetic urine. So it gets my vote of confidence


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