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Synthetic Urine Ultimate Guide: Pass Your Drug Tests

For those with inquiring minds who are actively seeking answers to real questions about today’s drug testing protocols, this synthetic urine ultimate guide will help you understand what you need to know about the validity of these testing procedures. Synthetic urine is being used by many to alter drug tests so that they can pass without any issues, but it’s also used for many other reasons. 

Synthetic urine mimics the chemical and visual properties of human urine and its thermal compounds. Most synthetic urine contains the presence of a scent, specific gravity, and the presence of creatinine. Creatinine is made by the kidneys and will show up in urine as a result, meaning if it doesn’t contain creatinine, the test will not be accurate.

It is not surprising, with the booming legalization of cannabis, that many companies are conducting more random drug testing in the workplace. So, what do you do when your name is called, and your urine is hot? Do you use products such as synthetic urine or something else?

What is Synthetic Urine?

What is Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine has become a handy tool for emergency type of situations involving random drug testing, especially in the workplace. Broadly speaking, even if you get a few hour’s notice before your random drug test, drinking water non-stop does clear your urine, but it’s also a red flag to testing administrators.

Synthetic urine is an indispensable and concealable product for weed smokers who need to pass a drug test. Once you buy some, all you need to do is keep it at a reasonable temperature before turning it over.


There are several ingredients that manufacturers use to make synthetic urine, and many of these can be used to make “fake pee” at home. When it comes to fake pee, it is paramount to maintain its color, substances, and temperature before drug testing submission; therefore, many opt for online products because they are designed for when you need them.

Here are the most commonly found ingredients contained in synthetic urine:

  • Creatine
  • Urea
  • Sodium phosphate
  • Potassium chloride
  • Album powder
  • Sodium chloride
  • Distilled water

Does Synthetic Urine Really Work?

Synthetic urine is designed to look like the real deal, but there are certain things you need to know. To begin, you’ll notice a specific pH level and a lack of bubbles when you shake the specimen that contains synthetic urine. 

When you shake regular urine, you will see right away that bubbles form around the top. Synthetic urine does not, and it is one of the top indicators that you are using fake urine. This is because synthetic urine lacks the protein that is always present in regular urine.

The ingredients to make synthetic urine are relatively easy to make for most manufacturers and those who want to make fake pee at home. It is nothing more than a water mixture with potassium chloride and creatinine, and a handful of other ingredients that give it the look, feel, and smell of real urine. 

Here are the pros and cons of using synthetic urine:


  • Easy to handle 
  • Easy to transport 
  • Powdered synthetic is cheaper
  • The synthetic liquid is easier to deal with and understand


  • Powdered urine has artificial compounds
  • It can be ineffective 
  • It takes a long time to mix and can be complicated 
  • All forms of synthetic urine have a short shelf life

How To Use Synthetic Urine…The Right Way

The laws surrounding fake urine vary from state to state, and many have come forth and said that it is unethical and morally reprehensible. As such, all the states have made it clear where they stand and feel when you cross the line.

Many countries have also made it a felony to buy or use synthetic urine, and the punishments range from a felony to a sentence in prison. It is also illegal to cheat a drug test in any form, and the consequences here are just as serious. In some cases, the person using synthetic urine suffered twice: once for using it and once for cheating the drug test.

States are cracking down on synthetic urine, sending a clear message: don’t use it or face punishment. Many wonder about its legality, but often, a drug detox kit is the best option to pass a test.

These companies exploit loopholes to sell urine and drug paraphernalia legally. They claim they’re not breaking laws by selling urine for test falsification or drug use. Similar tactics are used by pipe companies, marketing products for tobacco but often used for drugs.

Inhalants are marketed as air fresheners, with some mimicking them to skirt legal consequences. Synthetic urine firms claim to target medical research but often don’t. Laws are being revised to address these loopholes and provide stronger safeguards.

Another tactic they’re exploiting is the disclaimer. It’s ubiquitous in business, retail, and online. Almost every website has one to avoid legal issues, even when they know they’re in the wrong. In this situation, it’s helped some avoid legal trouble, at least temporarily.

Can Labs Tell The Difference Between Real Urine And Synthetic Urine?

Labs Test

As stated above, the laboratories can tell if the urine is fake. However, people are curious about this because they want to avoid trouble. Medicine and technology have advanced to such a great extent that they have been able to place more research into discovering the differences between them. There are differences between both, and labs are now equipped to tell employers that information as well.

If the lab is not thorough, you may be able to catch a break. It’s worth mentioning that this is a rare occurrence. Labs are not trained to be inaccurate and make mistakes of that nature.

Labs are trained to be as thorough as possible, and it’s not a brilliant idea to try and deceive them as a result. Another disadvantage, if you mix the compound incorrectly, they can tell it’s a deception, and if you are allergic to the ingredients? It can end up causing a reaction. 

The number one reason that people get caught cheating on a drug test is that they didn’t mix the compounds correctly. As a result, it can waste both your time and money and cause a positive drug test. The labs can also tell that the samples are fake because of their uric acid content. Synthetic urine also has an expiration date, which is easily detectable as well.

Some other ways to prove that your urine is fake are the froth, the urea, and gravity. All of these issues have specific points and levels. If they are not at the proper levels, they will know that your urine has been compromised or a synthetic version has been used. Froth, in particular, shows up quickly in real urine, but it’s harder to replicate with artificial options, especially in powdered urine.

How to Properly Store and Heat Synthetic Urine

When the time arrives to take your drug test you will need to get ready. The good thing about synthetic urine is you can keep it on your desk or on your person until you need it. One of the first things you have to do is turn the heating pad on and place it between the adjustable belt and pee pouch.

Most instructions say to keep it pressed against your body for at least an hour before the exam. However, according to online testimonies of those who have used this product, they skip the heating pad and place it where the sun doesn’t shine for two hours. This guarantees that the fake urine will be at the perfect temperature when it matters the most.

Synthetic Urine Versus Powdered Urine

Powdered urine can get you caught just as quickly as mixture urine. It’s usually easier to detect because it mimics severe dehydration, among other issues. The kits will tell consumers that mimicking dehydration is the best way to get a negative result. Professional research has shown that not only is that not accurate, but it’s also the complete opposite that is true. 

Powdered urine has artificial compounds that are not found in natural urine, and as such, it is easily detectable. Natural urine has no synthetic compounds whatsoever. Another reason that powdered is not preferable is that there is a much higher chance of it being ineffective. That means you have wasted your money on a product that will not work and acts like a dud.

Powdered urine also takes longer to prepare as it doesn’t come mixed. When you buy synthetic urine, it’s already mixed and has easy-to-follow instructions, but you have to mix the compounds yourself, and it can be a complicated process to be accurate to the degree you need. All of the studies that have been conclusively performed on the powdered and liquid forms have shown that the liquid form is superior.

It also has many different options for being more complex and has the chance of many other formulas. However, the negatives of liquid synthetic urine are that it has a much shorter shelf life, and it can be hard to keep it at the proper temperature.

Where Can You Buy Synthetic Urine?

Where Can You Buy Synthetic Urine

The internet can help you find synthetic urine, and each company boasts they are the best. Costs vary from fifty dollars to upwards of one hundred or more. You can find it as an “adult” item, which makes it easier to find, but know that it will cost you a hundred dollars or more because they sell them as specialty items. 

Specialty items are always at a higher cost on the internet because people will pay higher prices. The companies know this, which is why some kits are online for more than two hundred dollars.

Most companies also want to trick customers into buying them, so they have fake products placed inside them. Activist groups have also started doing this to discourage people from using them. You will find everything from deodorant to body spray inside these cases.

Some have even found notes instead of instructions and food coloring to make the liquid look like urine. Moreover, in some cases, the fake items that they put in the kit cannot be detected as fakes.

Companies are getting smarter about how to package the products to look as real as the others, which confuses those looking for a genuine kit. The top three retailers for the kits are as follows:

  • Amazon: There are hundreds of retailers selling here. 
  • eBay: eBay is one of the most accessible places to find a kit.
  • Specialty vendors: Specialty vendors are another comfortable place to find these kits. 


How old do you have to be to purchase it?

Like with anything else, you need to be eighteen or older to purchase fake urine in any form (even if it’s a gag). 

Is synthetic urine suitable for only men?

Not at all. Men and women can use it as they have correctly adhered to the pH levels for both genders. 

Is there a guarantee that I will pass any drug test with synthetic urine?

The site you buy it from will indeed have a guarantee as they want you to buy from them. Most, however, have a disclaimer that they will refund your money if you fail.
That lets you know that failure has indeed happened for their companies before. To avoid such things, always buy your cleansing products from reputable vendors.

Can I leave it in the sun?

No. Leaving it in the heat will break down the compounds in the sample, and it will be ruined.

Should I add my urine?

No, you are buying the kit because you need clear and clean urine. Adding your own will ruin the sample. 

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Ralph Gary
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