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What is Powdered Urine & Does it Work?

If you have been assigned a standard urinalysis as part of your job interview and you’ve been smoking pot recently, you could be in hot water. With the vast variety of detox drinks and resources on the internet making a number of bold claims, it can be difficult to know which companies are legitimate and which ones are not.

Fortunately, a device called powdered urine is known to be trustworthy and can help you pass your urine drug test every time. This article can tell you more about what is powdered urine and if it works.

Powdered urine is normal urine in its dehydrated form. It contains all the biological components of normal urine and can be re-hydrated to form normal urine again. It can last indefinitely if not re-hydrated and is most commonly used to achieve a negative test result for drug tests.

Despite the fact that 52% of Americans have tried marijuana at some point in their lives, companies still insist on using drug testing to screen their employees. If you don’t want to be the unlucky person who gets caught and loses their job, you should consider using powdered urine.

What is Powdered Urine?

Urine is a way to remove excess water and water-soluble waste from the body. When you consume drugs, they are broken down into water-soluble drug metabolites treated as waste by your body to be excreted through the urine and feces.

However, it is very difficult to completely remove all traces of metabolites from your urine because they linger in your body for weeks, being slowly removed each time you urinate.

This time frame is further exacerbated by a multitude of factors like gender and age that keep metabolites in your system for longer. Hence, it becomes necessary to use devices like powdered urine to pass a urinalysis.

Powdered urine is actually real drug-free urine that has been severely dehydrated and reduced to its powdered form via evaporation and dehydrating agents. It contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals that normal urine contains and retains the smell and froth.

When mixed with water at body temperature, it can perfectly mimic actual urine and let you pass your drug test with no problems.

Powdered urine is usually sold as one component of a kit that contains other materials such as a vial, a heater, and a small thermometer.

Powdered Urine Ingredients

Powdered Urine

It contains the ingredients that actual urine does because it is actual urine, just a more concentrated form.

These ingredients include:

  • Urea
  • Uric Acid
  • Creatinine
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Bicarbonate ions
  • Potassium ions

Even if the composition of every individual’s urine is different depending on their food consumption habits and the health conditions they possess, the base compounds listed above can be found in everybody’s urine.

Does Powdered Urine Work?

Powdered urine is the most effective way to pass a urinalysis if not caught. The only reason for somebody not to be passing their urinalysis with powdered urine is if they do not follow the instructions properly.

Human urine needs to be at a temperature between 90℉ to 99℉. If you do not use the heating strip provided properly and heat your vial to a temperature that is too hot or too low, you can not pass your test.

You also need to add an appropriate volume of water to the powdered urine because an over-diluted sample is a dead giveaway of attempts to cheat the drug test.


  • 100% drug-free
  • Guaranteed to work
  • Cheap
  • Readily available online


  • Not an option for a supervised urinalysis
  • Can get caught with it on your person even if you have an unsupervised test
  • Need to follow instructions very specifically
  • Expires in 48 hours or less once mixed in solution

How to Use Powdered Urine Step by Step

If you think you can be in a semi-supervised environment with the facilitator waiting for you in the toilet, it could be better just to mix the powdered urine up at home and carry it to the toilet in a vial that is cleverly hidden on your body. Otherwise, you can do it in the company toilet itself.

Either way, here are the 10 steps that you need to take to use powdered urine properly:

1. Empty the sachet of powdered urine in a tube or vial provided by the company.
2. Fill the container up to the mark of water. Exceeding or putting less water means over or under dilution of the urine.
3. Put the lid on.
4. Shake it violently until all the powder has dissolved.
5. Stick the air-activated heaters onto the container.
6. Wait for a few minutes and check the temperature using a thermometer.
7. Repeat step 6 until you get the ideal temperature.
8. Transfer your urine sample to the container provided by the company.
9. Before submitting your sample, check the temperature to ensure it falls into the range of 90℉ to 99℉. Make sure it is not too hot or too cold.
10. After following all of these steps, you can be sure to pass your urine test with flying colors.

Powdered Urine vs Synthetic Urine

Some drug test goers may not feel completely comfortable handling powdered urine. As such, they may pick synthetic urine or urine that has been artificially created.

However, labs are looking out for chemicals that make up synthetic urine such as biocide and you can get flagged for cheating. Some synthetic urine test kits are also just low-quality and can not help you pass a test.

In terms of composition, synthetic urine contains ingredients like urea, creatinine, and uric acid, along with approximately 15 more components. On the other hand, powdered urine can contain up to 2000 components.

With up to 28 states banning the use of synthetic urine due to fear of these kinds of kits being used in drug tests, not only can you be guilty of cheating on a drug test but you can also be committing an additional crime if you are caught using a synthetic urine test kit in a state that has banned it. That is why more and more people are looking to powdered urine for their urine drug test needs.

Powdered urine is all-natural and is just urine that has just been greatly dehydrated. It can get you through your upcoming urinalysis with ease.

Where Can I Buy Powdered Urine?

You can buy powdered urine from online vendors like Test Clear. Test Clear is one of the most reputable companies to buy powdered urine from. Otherwise, a number of other online sites sell it, but you need to do your research to make sure that you are not buying powdered urine from untrustworthy brands holding negative reviews.

How to Make Powdered Urine

Making powdered urine at home requires specific resources and steps. Simply evaporating urine will only result in a liquid concentrate, and complete water removal without altering the properties is challenging and may lead to burning. To achieve complete dehydration, a dehydrating machine is necessary, although it doesn’t have to be a scientific-grade lab dehydrator. Without this machine, you’ll be left with a concentrate rather than a powder.

Certain companies selling powdered urine may utilize undetectable dehydrating agents, but their formulas are not publicly available. Adding random agents like sulfuric acid without knowing the specific formula can raise suspicions in labs and potentially yield a positive test result.

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Powdered Urine

1. Is Powdered Urine Legal?

Powdered urine is perfectly legal, unlike synthetic urine. However, attempting to throw a drug test is illegal in many states so if you’re planning to use powdered urine in your endeavors to pass that drug test, make sure you don’t get caught.

2. How Long Can it Be Stored For?

Powdered urine can be stored indefinitely but once you rehydrate it and turn it into a solution by adding water, you need to use it within 8 hours. It could last for slightly less than 24 hours if you only add water but don’t apply heat from the heaters provided.

3. Why Use Powdered Urine Instead of Getting Urine From Someone?

Using urine given to you by your friend or family is a bad idea because they could also be using drugs, either illicitly or in the form of prescription medication. In addition, they may have a health condition that can show up on your report that you can not have to go the first literature about and it can look suspect.

4. Can Powdered Urine Be Used For Both Sexes?

Your gender or race does not factor into eligibility to use powdered urine. Anybody can use powdered urine because everybody has the same basic components in their urine.

5.  Is Powdered Urine Sanitary?

Powdered urine is sanitary and can not grow any bacteria or mold on it because special agents have been added to keep it that way. You can not need to fear having a moldy disgusting bag of urine.

Why Use Powdered Urine?

Powdered urine is a better alternative to synthetic urine and is guaranteed to help you pass your urine drug test, unlike detox drinks or pills that promise results. Use powdered urine today to enjoy a stress-free test.

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