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How to Get Drug Test Success with Dr Greens Agent X

Fake urine has been bailing people out of trouble for years when the random drug test at work keep calling, and Dr Greens Agent X promises great results.

Dr Greens Agent X is a synthetic urine product, containing real urine byproducts, including uric acid and urea, giving it a lifelike smell and appearance. There are three broad steps to using Dr Greens Agent X:

  1. Heating the liquid (via microwave or heating element) to body temperature
  2. Hiding it discreetly under clothing
  3. Taking the test without arousing suspicion

Want to know more about Dr Greens Agent X, and how it compares to other synthetic urine products? In this guide, we take a deep dive into its properties, and how to boost your likelihood of a clean test!


What’s in it?

Dr Greens claims to use “the most advanced formulation available.” While that’s probably a little overboard, there’s certainly much to be impressed by with this low-cost fake urine. The kit comes with a 3oz premixed bottled solution, suitable for both males and females.

Vitally, Dr Greens contains uric acid and urea. In recent times, drug tests have cottoned onto synthetic urine, meaning manufacturers have had to up their game. Nowadays, passing a test without these two ingredients is pretty much impossible. By including them, Dr Greens’ stock goes up a lot – and it will smell and look like real urine to the tester, too. This product also has a realistic and balanced pH level, helping it pass as a genuine urine sample.

Dr Greens Agent X is sold with a heating element, and has a temperature strip on the bottle. This all helps makes the product as easy to use as possible.

So, how does it work?

It’s as simple as putting the Dr Greens Agent X bottle in the microwave for about 10 seconds, and getting it up to temperature – anywhere between 90 and 100°F is just fine.

Then attach the heating element. This is essential for keeping the urine at the desired temperature for several hours. If you face an on-site test, the sample will be checked for a legitimate temperature reading. A cold urine sample would immediately indicate a fake.  

Once the mixture is heated, you may want to strap it to a leg strap or special synthetic urine belt. This is important if you must provide an in-person test, and even more so if you’re getting monitored. If you’re fortunate enough to be able to submit a remote sample, then just get it up to temperature and decant the right amount into the testing vial.

Being discreet

Walking into a testing room with your bottle of fake urine isn’t going to down well, hence the need for straps and belts. If you do opt to wear one of these, wear either a loose shirt or jeans so it’s not pressing through your clothing. You want a discreet fit so it doesn’t make you look suspicious, but also a comfortable fit so you can behave completely naturally. Fitting the bottle between your thighs will help maintain the temperature for longer.

Hooking up the urine bottle to a prosthetic device is another clever trick. With an artificial penis or vagina down your trousers, nothing will look out of the ordinary when giving your sample!

Product freshness

Like most synthetic urines, Dr Greens Agent X has a shelf-life of about two years. Although to get that full two years, you’ll need to keep it unboxed, and in a cold, dark space away from direct sunlight.

After opening the bottle, it should last for around a fortnight, but it can last for up to a month if kept in the fridge. But, of course, it’s never worth taking a risk with a dodgy fake urine if your job is on the line. If you have any doubt on whether it’s still active, just pick up a fresh product.

Other benefits of Dr Greens Agent X

We should mention that synthetic urine isn’t just used for drug tests – indeed, Dr Greens Agent X dare not even suggest it. But why else are people buying synthetic urine?

Fetish: Playing with urine is a surprisingly common activity among kinky people and fetishists. And Dr Greens states that its product is “100% fetish approved”. Urine play, or watersports, is riskier when it’s real, especially when you don’t know the other person that well. But with Dr Greens’ sterile and toxin-free synthetic urine, you can play with total peace of mind.

Research: That’s right – sometimes, scientific researchers like to experiment with urine. And once again, a sterile, toxin-free products like Dr Greens can be better than a real human sample. A top-quality synthetic urine has all the things you’d expect to find in genuine piss, and is a useful substitute.

Pranking: If you want to prank your friends with urine, a synthetic urine sample is a good alternative to the real thing. You can urinate on demand, and with the realistic scent and appearance of Dr Greens Agent X, your mates will be none the wiser!

Final thoughts

Dr Greens Agent X is one of the cheaper synthetic urines available, but it seems they haven’t compromised on quality! The ingredients list is what you’d expect of a premium brand, and the kit comes with all the essentials for passing a test (although you’ll need to purchase a strap or belt separately).

We’re big fans of Dr Greens Agent X, but what about you? Has this synthetic urine bailed you out of a sticky situation? Do you have any tips to share on getting a clean test? We want to hear from you, so please leave a comment below!

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