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Synthetix5 Urine: Does It Live Up to the Hype?

Synthetic urine is designed to make passing a drug test that much easier. And it’s an option worth looking at when you know – bar an absolute miracle – that you’re going to test positive. But whether you’ve been drinking, smoking, or doing anything else, a fake urine product like Synthetix5 can help to put you in the clear.

Synthetix5 is a unisex, lab-manufactured synthetic urine product that mimics real urine. It contains ingredients found in real urine, such as uric acid and urea, and has lifelike pH and specific gravity levels. Synthetix5 is sold premixed and comes with a self-adhesive heating element to get the urine to body temperature.

Curious to know more about Synthetix5 and how it stacks up against the other synthetic urine brands on the market? You’ve come to the right place – here’s all you need to know about Synthetix5!

What’s in Synthetix5?


Before we get stuck, it’s worth noting that Synthetix5 styles itself as a world-leading synthetic urine and claims to do things differently than the other big names in the market. These are big statements, so we’ll be analyzing this aspect in addition to the product’s general qualities.

As a 3oz premixed, unisex solution, Synthetix5 is made for everybody. There’s nothing to dilute or mix into the urine – all that you need is right in the bottle!

Uric acid, urea, and creatinine are the key trios in any synthetic urine, and Synthetix5 has all of them! These waste byproducts are always excreted in human urine and must be present in fake urine if there’s any hope of it passing as real. Uric acid and urea are particularly important nowadays, as drug tests have become more sophisticated to catch out synthetic urine products.

The balanced pH and specific gravity levels are also super important. Take pH, for instance: human urine pH is typically between 4.5 and 8, so if a sample doesn’t meet this grade, it’s a serious red flag.

There are lots to like about Synthetix5. It’s got all the ingredients and features you would expect of a high-quality synthetic urine brand. But it’s not that much different from the other premium products available. So, while this product – and all the online reviews – indicate that you’ll get good results with Synthetix5, it’s probably not in a league of its own.

How to use Synthetix5

Synthetix5 Urine

The best way to use Synthetix5 depends on the type of drug test you’re taking. If you get the chance to provide a sample from home, heating it in the microwave, popping it in the vial, and sending it off is the way to go. But if you expect to be under more scrutiny, follow these steps:

  1. Secure the synthetic urine bottle to the self-adhesive heating element
  2. Wait until the urine reaches body temperature (90 to 100°F)
  3. If necessary, attach the bottle to a synthetic urine belt or leg strap

It’s as simple as that! We advise against reheating the fake urine in the microwave, as this could affect its chemical profile, leading to failure.

Guaranteeing success with synthetic urine

lab test

With drug tests, there are no second chances. That’s why you need to have all bases covered and carry out a thorough process, eliminating as many risks as possible.

Synthetix5 can last for around two years. But you’ll need to keep your urine out of direct sunlight and in cool conditions (e.g., your cupboard) for maximum preservation.

If your employer makes you take a test at a clinic, and potentially even with someone else in the room, you can’t just waltz in with a bottle of fake urine! You’ll need to conceal it and make sure nothing looks out of the ordinary when giving the sample.

This is where leg straps and synthetic urine belts come in. These are made to fit tightly yet comfortably around the body, offering discretion in the process. Wearing a loose shirt and/or baggy trousers will also help keep things covered – don’t make it too obvious!

You could go even further with a prosthetic device. Having a fake penis or vagina down your pants and linked up to the urine bottle is a recipe for success, allowing you to urinate without fear!

Synthetic urine is a multipurpose product!

That’s correct – people aren’t just buying Synthetix5 for clean drug tests, although we don’t doubt that’s the main reason. There are plenty more reasons why synthetic urine is becoming more popular.

Practical jokes: With the urea and uric acid giving Synthetix5 a genuine piss-like appearance and odor, it’s perfect for pranking your mates with. Perhaps they’ve just laid some carpet or got a brand-new sofa, and you want to douse it with urine. Try Synthetix5!

Fetish play: Urine play, or “watersports”, is a popular activity within the fetish community. But if you’re playing with new friends, the thought of exchanging real urine, which may be full of toxins, is rather off-putting. With Synthetix5, you have a safe, toxin-free product to play with that works just as well as the real thing!

Alternative remedies/urine therapy: Now, we know this won’t be for everybody, but in some parts of the world, urine is considered to have therapeutic effects! The research is inconsistent, and we aren’t going to make any bold claims here, but we will say this. Synthetix5 has all the contents of real urine but none of the bad bits. So, if this alternative remedy is your thing, a synthetic product is ideal!

Final thoughts

Synthetix5 is definitely one of the better fake urines we have reviewed. It does a good job of replicating real urine, and online, it seems users have more good things to say about it than bad. And even better, it’s a unisex product and couldn’t be easier to use.

The big claims that Synthetix5 is better than its rivals are just that. It’s a great product, but we can’t find anything to distinguish it from the other big-name brands out there.

Have you used Synthetix5? We would love to hear from you. Did it live up to your expectations? And, most importantly, did you get the result you needed from it?

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