Why You Need Clear Choice Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine

Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine

There’s simply nothing worse than a surprise drug test at work, especially if you’ve been drinking the night before or smoking with your mates. Clear Choice Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine is there to help you get a clean test when there’s no chance of getting that alcohol or weed out of your system in time.

How does it work? By recreating human urine with maximum attention to detail. It looks and smells like real urine and has the compounds and features expected of it. With the Clear Choice Practice Kit, users – whether male or female – can learn how to use the product before taking a test to increase their chances of success.

Like what you’ve heard? We’ve got much, much more to share with you on what makes Clear Choice a cutting-edge brand. We’ve also got some useful tricks to enhance your chances of a clean test, all in this jam-packed guide!

What is Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine?

This premium synthetic urine from Clear Choice is toxin-free, biocide-free, and made with 100% effectiveness in mind. First launched in 2003, this product has stood the test of time, which can’t be said of all synthetic urine brands.

Ingredients and features

  • Uric acid
  • Urea
  • Creatinine
  • 8 more essential urine compounds
  • Balanced pH levels
  • Realistic, specific gravity levels

Uric acid, urea, and creatinine are three waste products present in everybody’s urine and are, therefore, staple ingredients in this Clear Choice product. A mixture of other crucial urine compounds helps make this synthetic urine as genuine as possible. And not forgetting the pH and specific gravity levels, which fall well within the natural boundaries.

Each Clear Choice Synthetic Urine Kit comes with a 3oz mixing container, powdered synthetic urine vial, readable temperature strip, heat activator powder, realistic spout cap, and instruction manual. The Practice Kit also includes a heating pad.

This is an extensive kit designed to improve your results. But how exactly do you use it?

Getting Results with Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine

There are a couple of ways to use this Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine. As a powdered product, there’s a little bit more to do than with a premixed solution, but it’s still pretty simple!

Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine
  1. Fill the mixing container with powder and temperature water up until the fill line
  2. Check the temperature using the strip, and decide if you need the heat pad or heat activator to get the synthetic urine within the desirable 90 to 100ºF range
  3. Heat Pad: Peel the paper backing off the sticky side of the pad and attach it to the bottle for up to an hour, regularly monitoring the temperature strip OR
  4. Heat Activator: Mix around ¼ of the powder into the container, screw on the cap and shake vigorously. Wait for 20 seconds and check the temperature strip. Repeat the process if necessary

Top Tips

Read the instructions: It sounds simple, but fully understanding the instructions can be the difference between a pass and a fail! Make sure you know exactly what you’re doing before you start mixing the powder with water.

Invest in a belt or strap: If you’re just carrying a bottle of synthetic urine around in your pocket, you’re probably going to arouse suspicion! Concealing the urine during screening is pivotal, and you can do this with the help of an elastic band belt or leg strap.

Check the date: Most synthetic urine products last for around two years. Ensure that your product hasn’t reached its ‘use by’ date. If it has, the chemical composition of the powder may have deteriorated, and you should consider purchasing a fresh product. Storing in a dark, cool cupboard away from direct sunlight will help preserve your synthetic urine powder.

Introducing the Sub-Solution Practice Kit

The Practice Kit is a fantastic add-on to the Clear Choice Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine and something you won’t find anywhere else. With the Practice Kit, you can learn how to mix the urine, take the temperature, and pour it, all before entering a real-life situation.

When it’s time to take the test there’s no room for failure. By having the ability to experiment with the Practice Kit, you can work out whether you prefer using the heat activator or heat pad.

Other Uses for the Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine

Drug screening sure is a popular reason for using synthetic urine products, but it’s not the only one. Have you ever considered any of these?

Pranks: This urine is so realistic you’ll easily be able to prank your friends with it. The authentic aroma and appearance will be enough to drive anyone mad and give you plenty of giggles.

Fetish play: For those who like to get naughty behind closed doors, the Clear Choice Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine allows you to do so safely. This toxin-free product allows for urine play without any risk of infections. If you’re experimenting in the bedroom, this is the perfect way to keep in a good headspace throughout.

Urine therapy: While less common in Western society, parts of the world have used urine for thousands of years, claiming it has powerful curative benefits. We certainly aren’t making any claims about the validity of these and aren’t recommending this product for any therapeutic use.

Research: Some researchers carry out studies involving urine, and the toxin-free nature of synthetic urine makes it an ideal substitute for the real thing.

Final Thoughts

Clear Choice is a well-established name in the synthetic urine market, and the Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine fits into the top tier. Infused with all the ingredients found in urine, this product works just like the real thing. And as covered, there are multiple ways to get results with it! However, you may want to get a strap or belt to maximize discretion during use.

Have you tried the Clear Choice Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine? We’d love to hear all about your experiences. Please leave a comment and share any tips and tricks you’ve picked up!

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