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Top 3 THC P Wax Products

Concentrates are already more potent than regular hemp and cannabis-based products. Given that THC-P generates psychoactive effects 30 times more intense than THC, you can imagine how high THC-P wax will make you!

THC-P products have recently emerged as the most hardcore recreational hemp-based drug on the market. However, THC-P isn’t for everyone, with its intoxicating effects far too much for the average user. But what is THC-P, and where has it come from?

In this article, I’ll discuss everything you need to know about THC-P, specifically on wax dabs. I will start with my three favorite THC-P waxes.  

1. Binoid – Premium THC-P Wax Dabs

THC-P Wax Dabs

Binoid is the number one manufacturer of THC-P products right now, and they’ve got an exciting collection of THC-P waxes. Each 1g concentrate consists of purified CBD wax mixed with hyper-potent THC-P distillate, making for memorable psychoactive effects.

The mind-altering THC-P blends well with the CBD, which brings soothing sensations to your high. With Binoid’s THC-P wax, you can expect a heavy mental and physical buzz, complemented by plenty of euphoria and relaxation.

Binoid currently produces three unique THC-P wax dabs, with energizing sativas, sedating indicas, and hybrids all available. Third-party tested with less than 0.3% THC.

Flavors: Cherry Bomb (Hybrid – Day Break), Blackberry Kush (Indica – Slumber), Orange Crush (Sativa – Burst)

2. CannaClear – THC-P / CBC / Delta-8 Wax

THC-P wax

Don’t miss out on CannaClear’s unforgettable THC-P wax, which combines the mega-potent cannabinoid with stimulating delta-8 and therapeutic cannabichromene (CBC). It’s suitable for dabbing, vaping, and eating; CannaClear’s wax contains tasty botanical terpenes, too.

The delta-8 comprises 70% of this concentrate, with the 20% CBC and 5% THC-P playing secondary roles. But even 5% THC-P is more than enough in a 5-gram product – that works out to 250mg THC-P, or the equivalent of almost 8000mg THC!

Sadly, it appears this CannaClear wax is on a limited run, but maybe they’ll be encouraged to create more. It is a stellar, Farm Bill-compliant THC-P concentrate with less than 0.3% THC. Get it while it lasts!

Strains: Orange Sherbert (BDT Blend), Gas-N-Fruit (CDT / BDT Blend)

3. Delta Farms – THC-P Live Resin Sauce (Hawaiian Haze)

THC-P Live Resin Sauce

Delta Farms has an eye for lesser-known cannabinoids and already has a range of THC-P products. There’s much to like about this Hawaiian Haze Live Resin Sauce, which consists of multiple cannabinoids, CO2-extracted live resin, and vacuum-extracted terpenes.

Calming CBD accounts for over 50% of Delta Farms’ live resin. The nigh-on 25% of delta-8 infuses the concentrate with an energizing kick, while dashes of cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabinol (CBN) give the wax a full-spectrum feel.

Delta Farms had an issue with the third-party analysis from Encore Labs – but don’t worry! The Live Resin is totally legal, but the report understates the amount of THC-P. Delta Farms confirms there’s 26mg THC-P in this product, a decent quantity for a 1-gram concentrate.

What is THC P Wax?

THC-P wax is a hemp-based concentrate product, typically made with large quantities of CBD and a small helping of THC-P – with delta-8 sometimes thrown in as well. Because THC-P is such a psychoactive powerhouse, you only need a little for intense mind-bending effects.

Waxes – sometimes referred to as dabs – are for cannabis consumers who no longer find vape cartridges, tinctures, edibles, and other standard products enough. Concentrates promise overwhelming highs, and the presence of THC-P takes things to another level.

Wax products generally have an amber-orange coloring and a sticky texture. Easily manipulable, wax is ideal for dabbing, offering a fuss-free experience that’s less hassle than shatter and crystal products.

What is THC P?

What is THC P

THC-P, or (-)-Trans-Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabiphorol, to use its full scientific name, is a naturally occurring cannabinoid and THC analog. Yet while THC-P bears a close chemical resemblance to THC, it is incredibly 30 times more intense.

THC-P first came to the cannabis industry’s attention in 2019, courtesy of a paper published in the Scientific Reports journal. Researchers described a new, natural cannabinoid with “cannabimimetic properties far higher than THC itself.”

THC-P was found to induce analgesia, hypomotility, and catalepsy by binding with the endocannabinoid system’s CB1 receptor. However, THC-P displayed an unprecedented binding affinity at the receptor for a natural cannabinoid, hence its outrageous potency.

In discovering THC-P, scientists now have fresh leads into why some marijuana strains have properties that existing cannabinoids cannot explain. Some suspect that plants may have other cannabinoids like THC-P, which have substantial effects, even at low levels.

But why does THC-P get you so much higher than THC? It comes down to the cannabinoid’s alkyl side chain and the number of carbon atoms. Cannabinoids require three carbon atoms on the alkyl side chain to bind with CB1 receptors, which unlock the cannabis high. 

THC has five carbon atoms, but THC-P has a remarkable seven. The 2019 study identified a natural cannabinoid with seven carbon atoms on its alkyl side chain.

All this talk about THC-P’s insane potency has gotten cannabis lovers excited. Even better, the likes of THC-P wax are technically legal hemp products since they have less than 0.3% THC. It’s a bizarre reality where a compound like THC-P is legal, but THC isn’t!

Before we get too hyped over THC-P’s recreational potential, let’s not forget the side effects. While we know little about THC-P itself, its likeness to THC means we can confidently predict a similar set of side effects.

THC-P may cause anxiety, paranoia, temporary memory loss, reduced coordination, fatigue, dry mouth, and red eyes. Don’t take THC-P wax if you have a mental illness or if severe conditions like psychosis and schizophrenia run in your family.

How to Use THC P Wax

How to use THC P wax

We usually think of wax concentrates as products for dabbing. While that is their primary purpose, you can also vape them traditionally or take them like edibles. Here are some pros and cons of dabbing, vaping, and eating THC-P wax.

Dab it: Dabbing generates more potent effects than classic vaping, as well as a cleaner high. A dab rig has three crucial components: the nail, the mouthpiece, and the chamber. You’ll need all these to get started – there’s no way around that initial investment.

Domeless nails dominate the industry nowadays. I like them because you can easily dab large doses, and the wax heats up quickly. If you have a quartz, ceramic, or titanium nail, you’ll need a blowtorch to heat them. E-nails, or electronic nails, have a built-in heater.

Heat the nail, let it cool for a few seconds, press your THC-P wax up against it using a dab tool, and then inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece!

Vape it: If dabbing sounds too complex, or you want a device suited to on-the-go use, you can also take THC-P wax in a concentrate-compatible vaporizer. Some devices only work with concentrates; others work with dry herbs or e-liquids, too.

As with dabbing, THC-P’s effects kick in within minutes when vaping. Theoretically, you could add THC-P wax into a joint or smear it onto the rolling paper and smoke it. But I find this an inefficient and expensive way of consuming concentrates.

Eat it: Make THC-P last much longer by eating your wax. Inhaling THC-P vapor delivers a fast-acting high, whereas oral ingestion produces steadier and extended effects.

And with THC-P already having more enduring effects than other cannabinoids, edibles can make you stoned all day! For ultimate discretion, break off a little wax and eat it. But if you don’t like hemp’s earthy flavor, melt your wax into a hot drink instead.

THC P vs. Other Cannabinoids

Thanks to hemp legalization, we’re starting to see the true possibilities of the Cannabis Sativa L. plant and the emergence of several unique cannabinoids. THC-P is the latest to spark our curiosity, but delta-8, HHC, and THC-O also have passionate fanbases.

Which cannabinoid is right for you? Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference, but let’s discuss the vital differences between THC-P and other hemp-based substances.

THC-P vs. delta-8: Experienced cannabis users seeking heavy highs will prefer THC-P to mild delta-8, which is significantly weaker than THC. However, delta-8’s mellow and energizing effects work well during the day if you want to get high but still be functional.

THC-P vs. HHC: Anecdotes suggest HHC is more psychoactive than delta-8, yet it pales in comparison to THC-P. Once again, if you’re chasing hard-hitting highs, THC-P is the cannabinoid for you. But for a relaxing trip with a couchlock effect, HHC could be better.

THC-P vs. THC-O: These are the two hemp powerhouses right now, with effects 30 times and three times greater than THC. 

THC-O gets labeled as a psychedelic-like substance; THC-P is similar but with even more intensity. Thrill-seekers could try THC-O products first before moving up to THC-P. 

Drug Tests and THC P Wax

Drug Tests

It’s disappointing news, I’m afraid. THC-P’s legality and slight structural difference to THC won’t save you in a drug test. While it’s not official that THC-P triggers a positive test, our current knowledge of THC analogs and homologs suggests it most likely will.

Moreover, many THC-P wax products have rich quantities of delta-8 – a THC analog that we understand somewhat better. Delta-8 shows up on 5 and 9-panel urine tests, which have a strip that checks for cannabis use.

What to Look for When Buying THC P Wax

As of March 2022, there aren’t many brands making THC-P wax. But as the cannabinoid garners more attention, I anticipate that more companies will try their luck with THC-P concentrates.

Whenever you’re reading this, these tips and considerations will help you find the best THC-P waxes on the market.

Independent Lab Reports

THC-P wax products are only credible if accompanied by a third-party certificate of analysis (COA). Lab testing serves a vital purpose in the unregulated, Wild West hemp scene.

Credible THC-P manufacturers provide recent COAs for their products, with clear and concise data on cannabinoid levels. Third-party reports confirm how much THC-P is in a wax product and if the concentrate is Farm Bill compliant with less than 0.3% THC.

Cannabinoid Concentrations

THC-P waxes rarely have more than 2-3% THC-P – but don’t let that put you off! Given its potency, a 3% THC-P wax is comparable to a 90% THC wax. So far, CannaClear’s dab is the most powerful I’ve seen, with 5% THC-P. 

The inclusion of other cannabinoids will also impact your height. For instance, adding delta-8 isolate makes the wax more stimulating and psychoactive. Meanwhile, CBD extract reduces intoxication and the chances of side effects.


Cannabis-derived terpenes (CDTs) determine if you’ll experience an energizing high or be glued to your sofa. Ensure you know whether you’re purchasing a stimulating sativa or a sedating indica wax.

How to Store Your THC P Wax

Store Your THC P Wax

Store THC-P wax in an airtight container and in a dry, cool, dark place away from direct sunlight. Keep highly potent THC-P wax out of the reach and sight of kids.

How Long Does THC P Wax Last?

THC-P wax can stay fresh for 12 months if protected from oxidation and ultraviolet (UV) ray degradation. That’s why it’s crucial to concentrate in an airtight container and a dark place.

Purchasing THC P Wax Online vs. Shops Near Me

Purchasing Online

THC-P wax isn’t very well-known yet, and I doubt you’ll even find it in specialist brick-and-mortar stores. But you can buy THC-P dabs online, which is always the best place to purchase hemp-based products.

Stick with online vendors that have third-party testing credibility and make lab reports available or show them when asked. I like to shop with web-based stores that have been around for a few years, as they know which brands to stock and what makes a first-class product.

Ralph Gary
Ralph Gary
Ralph is a passionate author at tooslick.com, a leading drug education website. With a background in public health, he combines research and empathy to create informative content that empowers readers with knowledge on substance abuse. Ralph's mission is to foster a safer and healthier community through education.

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