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Top 5 THC-O Products

THC-O is an intriguing cannabinoid that has recently emerged in the hemp market. More potent than delta-8, delta-10, and even THC itself, THC-O goes beyond mild psychoactive effects into something more intense and psychedelic.

Considering the strength of THC-O, products containing this substance are for experienced recreational users only. But if other cannabinoids aren’t giving you the desired kick anymore, it’s time to try THC-O. 

In this post, I’ll expand on all the crucial details about THC-O. But first, here are my five favorite THC-O products.

1. ELYXR LA – THC-O Cartridges (1000mg)

Elyxr LA

When any cannabinoid emerges, you can bet that ELYXR LA will be onto it. These premium THC-O Vape Cartridges certainly impress, with a hefty 1000mg of extract comprised of hemp-based THC-O oil and natural terpenes.

Settle in for a flavorful high with a relaxing indica twist, with more intense and longer-lasting psychoactive effects than you can expect from delta-8 and delta-10. ELYXR LA doesn’t add cutting agents to its cartridges, which have 510-threaded connections for universal battery compatibility.

Choose from an ever-growing collection of sativa, indica, and hybrid THC-O carts. All THC-O products from ELYXR LA have passed third-party tests by Marin Analytics for Farm Bill compliance and potency.

2. Delta 8 Factory – Infinite X THC-O Cartridges

Infinite X THC-O

These stunning Infinite X Cartridges from Delta 8 Factory combine THC-O, delta-8, and a series of secondary cannabinoids as part of an all-encompassing, full-spectrum vape juice. The Infinite X carts go further than a classic delta-8 and delta-10 mixture.

The high-potency THC-O matches well with CBD, CBC, CBG, and other relaxing cannabinoids, while the terpenes offer natural flavoring. Delta 8 Factory vape carts have 510-threaded connections and work with all vape batteries.

These 1g THC-O carts currently come in three delicious flavors. Enjoy the fast-acting, long-lasting effects of THC-O today with one of Delta 8 Factory’s third-party tested Infinite X Vape Cartridges.

3. Smilyn – Hybrid Live Resin THC-O Disposable Pen


Smilyn is the first hemp company I’ve seen incorporate live resin into a THC-O vaping product. This stunning hybrid disposable blends intense THC-O with energizing delta-8 before topping things off with frozen hydro-carbon extracted live resin.

The 2-gram Bacio Hybrid Disposable has a 280mAh rechargeable battery and three voltage settings, so you can adjust it to your preference. The pen contains 900mg of THC-O extract and delivers varying amounts of THC-O per puff, depending on how much you inhale.

If you enjoy cannabis-like highs that provide pleasant mind and body effects, don’t miss the Bacio Hybrid Disposable from Smilyn Wellness. All THC-O products from this American-based brand undergo third-party testing by Marin Analytics.

4. ELYXR LA – THC-O Disposables (1000mg)


ELYXR LA’s THC-O Cartridges topped my list, and their hard-hitting disposables merit a mention, too. Keep vaping simple with a one-piece device that can administer bursts of seriously intense THC-O at a moment’s notice.

THC-O Disposables cost more than cartridges, but the built-in, fully-charged battery makes vaping much easier. The pens have a classy, cylindrical design and a rounded mouthpiece, ensuring style and practicality.

ELYXR LA uses the same e-liquid that you’ll find in their cartridges – a mixture of THC-O distillate and terpenes. Choose from six gorgeous flavors and a sativa, indica, or hybrid THC-O experience. Independently tested by Marin Analytics with no detectable THC.

Strains: Blueberry Muffin (Indica), Sensei Star (Indica), Forbidden Fruit (Hybrid), Wedding Cake (Hybrid), Maui Wowie (Sativa), Super Sour Lemon (Sativa)

5. Happy D8zed – THC-O Syrup

Happy D8zed THC-O Syrup

If vaping isn’t your thing, you can sample THC-O without putting your lungs at risk with Happy D8zed Syrup. Loaded with 250mg THC-O, you can use this grape-flavored syrup as a tincture oil or stir it into water, a hot beverage, or a fizzy drink.

The 2oz bottle contains roughly 4.5mg THC-O per ml – and Happy D8zed provides a 1ml syringe for accurate dosing. Taking this THC-O syrup sublingually produces rapid effects, while adding it to a drink results in an extended high.

Don’t underestimate the potency of the Happy D8zed THC-O Syrup – a little goes a long way! Start cautiously and build up your dosage as required. Farm Bill compliant and third-party tested.

What is THC-O?

THC-O (aka THC-O-acetate and THC acetate aster) is a super-potent cannabinoid and the acetate ester of THC. THC-O is not found in the natural world and must be synthesized from delta-9-THC (THC), delta-8, or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA).

THC-O is not the only THC ester. Other obscure cannabinoids have been described in scientific literature, including THC-O-phosphate and THC hemisuccinate. But none have the commercial profile of THC-O.

From what we know, THC-O was first created between the late 1940s and the mid-1970s during the Edgewood Arsenal experiments conducted by the U.S. Army Chemical Corps. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) first became aware of THC-O in 1978.

But after a mysterious and conspiratorial early history, THC-O has now gone mainstream as a legal, hemp-based recreational drug. THC-O offers a cannabis alternative to those living in states that maintain marijuana prohibition – and a more intense one at that!

While psychoactive, cannabinoids aren’t typically described as psychedelic in the way that LSD, DMT, and magic mushrooms are. But THC-O bucks the trend. Three times as potent as THC, this cannabinoid can take you on a trip comparable to classic psychedelics.

THC-O functions in the endocannabinoid system (ECS), initiating mind-altering effects via the CB1 receptor. The cannabinoid presumably has a higher binding affinity at the receptor, hence why it generates more potent and longer-lasting effects.

Types of THC-O products

THC-O is not as common as CBD or delta-8 yet, so product choice remains somewhat limited. However, as more people become aware of THC-O, expect the industry to expand. Here are four types of THC-O products already on the market.

Vaping productsCartridges and disposables are the most well-known THC-O products. I’ve not yet seen THC-O e-liquid sold in bottles, but these could emerge soon.

THC-O cartridges usually contain hemp-based THC-O extract and terpenes and attach to 510-threaded vape batteries. Single-piece disposables come installed with a fully-charged battery to maximize convenience.

Syrup: Sugary, flavored syrup is ideal if you want to orally ingest THC-O for an extended, edible-style high. You could add tincture oils to beverages instead, but tasty syrup makes for a more enjoyable experience.

Tinctures: For an efficient and powerful THC-O high without the harmful effects of vaping, tincture oils have you covered. Apply THC-O oil under the tongue and your trip will start gathering steam within 15 to 20 minutes. Aroma-free tinctures are discreet, too.

Edibles: THC-O delivers the most sustained and long-lasting high when consumed in an edible. Infused gummies and other mouth-watering treats contain a set dosage, ensuring you never go overboard – which is vital with an intense substance such as THC-O.

The legal status of THC-O

The legal status of THC-O

You may be confused about how THC-O and delta-8 products have become widespread since marijuana remains illegal at the federal level. While cannabis is still banned, the federal government legalized hemp – and, therefore, hundreds of cannabinoids – in 2018.

Hemp-derived THC-O is legal, but marijuana-derived THC-O isn’t. What’s the difference? In chemistry terms, nothing. But legally speaking, THC-O products must have less than 0.3% THC to meet the federal definition of hemp, as laid out in the 2018 Farm Bill.

Lawmakers thought that limiting THC levels would stop the emergence of hemp-derived highs using the Farm Bill as legal protection. But they didn’t think about the other psychoactive cannabinoids that the Farm Bill, like THC-O, didn’t restrict.

Some have unsuccessfully argued that THC-O, HHC, and similar cannabinoids should be illegal since they are not naturally extracted. However, the DEA has confirmed that only cannabinoids made from non-cannabis materials meet the agency’s definition of synthetic.

THC-O may not be 100% natural, but chemists can make it from delta-8 extract from natural CBD extract. Hence, THC-O does have cannabis-based roots, as opposed to Spice and other synthetic cannabinoids, which have no natural origin.

Will I fail a drug test with THC-O products?

Yes, THC-O products can make you test positive on a drug test for multiple reasons. Firstly, we must note that some THC-O products do not contain pure THC-O – they often have delta-8, too, or traces of THC.

However, drug tests cannot distinguish between THC and its offshoots. The analogs, homologs, and esters of THC all have similar chemical structures and produce near-identical metabolites. A drug test that checks for tetrahydrocannabinol will pop for any of these.

Whether you will fail a drug test depends on how frequently you consume THC-O and how much you take. Occasional users may not have enough THC-O in their system for a positive test, especially if it’s set to a high THC threshold.

And even if you use THC-O products daily, you aren’t necessarily out of luck. Detox pills and drinks can help quickly reduce or eliminate THC-O from your body. Synthetic urine products are also in high demand nowadays for those who want to game the system.

What to Look for When Buying THC-O Products

I’ve searched the internet for the best THC-O products so that you don’t need to. But in this section, I’ll show you how to differentiate between high-quality and fake THC-O, and touch upon the characteristics you should look for in products when shopping.

Third-party certificates of analysis (COA)

Third-party certificates of analysis

All hemp-based products should come with a third-party lab report, particularly those containing THC-O, given the lab processing during manufacturing. Lab tests ensure that products meet Farm Bill requirements and have the claimed amount of THC-O.

The best lab reports also examine purity. You don’t want any residual solvents or heavy metals in your THC-O vape cart or tincture. Purity tests also flag up any lingering bacteria and mycotoxins.

Lab tests should be on the vendor’s website, alongside the relevant product or on a separate page. Some companies print QR codes on the packaging, which you can scan to access the reports. I’m not a fan of this – you should be able to see the COA before you buy.

THC-O concentration and additional cannabinoids

THC-O is three times more potent than THC and roughly six times more intense than delta-8. Therefore, a minor change in the concentration of a product can have a massive impact on how high it will make you. Bear this in mind when shopping for THC-O.

Furthermore, some products have a blend of THC-O and delta-8. The greater the THC-O to delta-8 ratio, the more intoxicating a product is, and vice versa. THC-O products consisting of CBD extract will make you slightly less stoned.

How to Store Your THC-O Products

How to Store Your THC-O Products

Keep THC-O products away from direct sunlight and store them in a cool, dark, dry place (i.e., a cupboard or drawer). If you live in a hot climate, you must keep THC-O gummies in the refrigerator, or they will melt.

Reseal any product packaging or bottle caps after taking your dose. THC-O, left exposed to the open air, will gradually degrade and lose potency.

How Long do THC-O Products Last?

Reports on how long THC-O products last vary. Some suggest that effects wear off at the same rate as other cannabinoids – in which case, vape carts last for three hours and edibles up to eight. Others claim their THC-O highs last for much longer relative to other products.

Purchasing THC-O Products Online vs. Shops Near Me

Purchasing THC-O Products Online vs. Shops Near Me

Not many physical stores stock THC-O products, although you may find them at headshops and gas stations. But I never buy THC-O at brick-and-mortar stores – it’s cheaper and safer to purchase THC-O online.

Physical shops often fail to recognize the need for third-party reports, a mistake that reputable online vendors do not make. In addition, the latter can sell cheaper THC-O products, as their businesses don’t have as many running costs.

Ralph Gary
Ralph Gary
Ralph is a passionate author at tooslick.com, a leading drug education website. With a background in public health, he combines research and empathy to create informative content that empowers readers with knowledge on substance abuse. Ralph's mission is to foster a safer and healthier community through education.

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