Unleashing the Power of THC-P: Reviewing Top 5 Products

THC-P Product

Can you believe there is a cannabinoid 30 times stronger than THC? It’s true! THC-P is that potent, and what’s more, it’s legal. Several hemp-based cannabinoids have made their mark in recent times, but none match the promise of THC-P.

The cannabinoid is still relatively new to us, with products only coming to market over the past few months. However, the intensity of THC-P means it’s already an attractive alternative to cannabis concentrates.

Before I get into the details of all things THC-P, let’s start with the top five THC-P products on sale in 2023.

Binoid CBD – THC-P Vape Cartridges

THC-P Product

Binoid was one of the first hemp companies to begin selling THC-P products, and these vape cartridges provide an unforgettable experience. A combination of THC-P and delta-8 distillate delivers punchy highs packed with euphoric sensations.

Given the extraordinary potency of THC-P, Binoid doesn’t go overboard, adding a small amount to complement the delta-8. But that’s more than enough to ensure intense psychoactive effects that go beyond what you can expect from delta-8 and delta-10.

Binoid adds terpenes to its THC-P carts, with these compounds providing delicious and authentic flavors. All carts have 510-threaded connections and come from the United States. Third-party lab-tested with less than 0.3% THC.

Strains: Aurora (Indica – Ascend), Fruit Loops (Hybrid – Social), God’s Gift (Indica – Peaceful), Trainwreck (Sativa – Recharge), Thai Chi (Hybrid – Meditation), Amnesia Haze (Sativa – Connected)

Utoya – Entourage Reserve THC-P Vapes

THC-P Product

Utoya has established itself as a high-end brand in the hemp industry, and these Entourage Reserve THC-P Vapes meet the company’s lofty standards. Each 1g cart contains 150mg THC-P extract – far more than you will find in most THC-P products.

Depending on the blend you choose, you’ll also get 750mg of THC-O or HHC extract and a dash of live resin terpenes. Utoya has a keen eye on purity and safety and does not use cutting agents in its THC-P cartridges.

The premium ceramic coil cartridge design makes for clean and consistent vaping. Utoya’s Entourage Reserve THC-P Vapes administer 3mg of hemp extract per draw, with roughly 300 servings in a cartridge. Third-party tested with zero detectable THC.

Blends: Lemon Jack (THC-O + THC-P), Blueberry OG (HHC + THC-P)

Bay Smokes – THC-P + Delta-8 Cartridges

THC-P Product

Indulge in the intoxicating effects of THC-P and delta-8 with these super-strength vape carts from Bay Smokes. Like most brands producing THC-P carts, Bay Smokes uses a low quantity of THC-P distillate, plenty of delta-8, and a sprinkling of tasty terpenes.

These Farm Bill-compliant carts come with a quality guarantee and do not contain any heavy metals, pesticides, or potentially harmful thinning agents, such as vitamin E acetate. All carts have 510-threaded connections and hold 1g of vape juice.

Bay Smokes’ THC-P + Delta-8 Cartridges are available in five flavors. Choose from sativas, indicas, and hybrids. KCA Labs and Altitude Consulting provide third-party lab reports.

Strains: Blueberry OG, Gorilla Glue, Green Crack, Pineapple Express, Trainwreck

Binoid CBD – THC-P Tincture

THC-P Product

Binoid makes my THC-P list for a second time with its high-strength, naturally-flavored tincture. Once again, we see a combination of delta-8 and THC-P at play here. The 1000mg hemp distillate has an impressive 92% purity, equating to 920mg of cannabinoids.

Like many hemp-based tincture manufacturers, Binoid opts for an MCT-based carrier oil for maximum bioavailability. With more than 30mg MCT-boosted hemp extract per serving, these THC-P Tinctures will get even seasoned cannabis users sky high!

This product is 100% natural and hemp-derived and has less than 0.3% THC. Binoid warns that you could still fail a drug test with its THC-P Tincture. Third-party tested by Altitude Consulting.

Alpine Dispensary – THC-P Vape Cartridges

THC-P Product

Open your mind to new psychoactive possibilities with a THC-P Vape Cartridge from Alpine Dispensary. These guys make the potency of THC-P crystal clear, waxing lyrical about the psychedelic-like effects of this astonishing cannabinoid.

Even so, Alpine Dispensary adds a mere 24mg THC-P extract into its 1000mg carts, with the rest comprising organic terpenes and natural bio-propanediol. They recommend operating these 510-threaded cartridges between 2.5 to 3.8 volts.

Unlike many THC-P carts, these do not contain any delta-8. Alpine Dispensary’s THC-P products have no detectable THC, as confirmed by the third-party analysis from KCA Labs. Available in three strains.

Strains: Jack Herer (Sativa), Lemon Diesel (Hybrid), Skywalker OG (Indica)

What is THC P?

Tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THC-P) is a potent cannabinoid with similar effects to THC. Researchers described THC-P as a synthetic homolog of THC for many years, but naturally occurring THC-P was identified and isolated for the first time in 2019.

THC-P acts as a CB1 and CB2 receptor agonist in the endocannabinoid system (ECS), just like THC. However, studies show that THC-P has a binding affinity at CB1 receptors which is at least 30 times greater than THC’s – hence why THC-P gets you at least 30 times higher.

THC and THC-P have similar chemical structures, although the latter has a longer side chain, which explains the increased potency. THC-P also has a strong binding affinity at CB2 receptors, suggesting a potent anti-inflammatory effect.

In the United States, THC-P products have become popular legal highs. The 2018 Farm Bill relaxed the law around cannabinoids derived from hemp.

THC-P vape cartridges, dabs, tincture oils, and edibles have all recently emerged in the legal hemp scene. Due to the eye-popping potency of THC-P, these products generally have a low concentration of THC-P and a much higher amount of delta-8.

Is THC P legal?

THC-P is a legal substance when present in hemp-derived products with less than 0.3% THC. The Farm Bill legalized all hemp-based cannabinoids, with the caveat of a strict THC cap.

That THC-P is psychoactive and several times more potent than THC doesn’t matter. Lawmakers failed to appreciate the numerous other cannabinoids with psychotropic potential, hence the current situation with hemp-based legal highs.

By allowing all cannabinoids (except for THC) without limits, substances like delta-8, HHC, and now THC-P have all been given a second look. Sneaky hemp product manufacturers have capitalized on these compounds, developing cannabis-like products that comply with the Farm Bill.

Legislators hoped to avoid it when legalizing hemp, but it’s a brilliant outcome for people like us! After years of having to keep marijuana use discreet, we can now enjoy legal THC-P vape carts and gummies with total peace of mind!

It’s hard to predict what will happen to THC-P long-term. Even compared to other cannabinoids, THC-P is very new. So far, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has left delta-8 products and other hemp-based legal highs alone.

While I’m hopeful it’s a change in tactics, the DEA has historically adopted a strict stance toward marijuana. Perhaps they haven’t worked out how to effectively restrict these products yet.

Some states haven’t waited for the federal government to act and have taken matters into their own hands. No state has banned THC-P yet, but the substance is still not that well-known outside of cannabis circles.

But several states now prohibit delta-8, which has become a victim of its own success to some extent. Such a crackdown could come to the THC-P market at some point – but fingers crossed it doesn’t. If anything, that’s more reason to get your hands on some THC-P today!

Will THC P make me fail a drug test?

While not officially confirmed, THC-P probably shows up on drug tests since the cannabinoid bears such similarity to THC. Furthermore, many THC-P products contain delta-8, a THC analog that we know is detectable on drug tests.

When companies mention that THC-P products have less than 0.3% or zero THC, they are talking from a legal perspective. These claims are only about confirming a THC-P product is legal, with no promises made regarding drug tests.

If you are worried about failing a drug test after using THC-P, you could purchase a detox product or some synthetic urine to help secure a pass.

What to Look for When Buying THC P

The brave new world of THC-P can initially seem a little daunting – we’ve never seen such a potent hemp-based cannabinoid before. But the same rules apply when purchasing any hemp-derived legal highs.

Here’s what I look for when buying THC-P. And if you’re still unsure, I refer you to my top five THC-P products I listed earlier.

Third-party lab reports

You can’t mess around when buying THC-P – you need to know that what you’re getting is legit. The federal government doesn’t regulate THC-P and nor do any state governments. But third-party testing helps authenticate a product.

Good independent lab reports should cover Farm Bill compliance (i.e., if the product has less than 0.3% THC), THC-P potency, and the purity of a product. Avoid brands that cannot show you an up-to-date lab analysis.

THC-P to delta-8 ratio

Not all hemp companies make THC-P products with delta-8, but the vast majority do. The THC-P to delta-8 ratio has a huge influence on the strength of a product.

For example, many brands use less than 30mg THC-P and potentially up to 900mg delta-8. However, Utoya’s Entourage Reserve Vapes contain a mighty 150mg THC-P. I advise first-time THC-P users to begin with something mild!

How to Store Your THC P Products

Store THC-P products in a cool, dark, and dry place. Keep products out of direct sunlight, and consider storing gummies and other edibles in a refrigerator.

THC-P is highly psychoactive and must be kept out of reach of children. Store products in a locked cabinet or drawer if possible.

How Long Does THC P Last?

Expect around three hours of mind-altering effects when vaping THC-P. Taking THC-P sublingually via a tincture will lead to a slightly longer high.

THC-P consumed orally (i.e., from an edible or drinkable) could generate psychoactive effects for six to eight hours.

All these time frames serve as a general guide and may vary depending on your situation. The speed of your metabolism can affect how long a THC-P high lasts, as can your tolerance to the substance.

Purchasing THC P Online vs. Shops Near Me

If you aren’t sure where to purchase THC-P products, let me explain the differences between buying online and a local shop. I always prefer shopping online, finding it a safer, cheaper, and more convenient way of accessing THC-P.

Safety: We explored the necessity of lab testing in an earlier section. Reputable online stores take lab testing more seriously than most physical shops like gas stations and convenience stores.

The top online hemp vendors make third-party lab results available for all products, ensuring they are easy to find. But brick-and-mortar stores often don’t have lab reports, even if you ask.

That’s why it’s best to stick with companies that understand THC-P and the wider hemp industry. They know what makes a genuine product and take steps to guarantee your safety.

Cost: Think about the differences in running costs between an online store and a physical shop. 

The latter needs a store, lots of staff, and has several bills to pay. In contrast, an online vendor only needs a small warehouse and a few employees. With low operational costs, online stores can sell products for less without hampering their profits.

Whatever you buy nowadays, it’s nearly always cheaper online, right? The reduced running costs explain why!

Choice: Most brands put a unique spin on THC-P products. With so many types of THC-P vape carts and tinctures out there, there’s almost certainly something perfect for you.

But you might not find it at a physical store with a limited product collection. Brick-and-mortar shops selling hemp products typically only have offerings from one or two brands.

Online stores tend to have a much broader selection. You can always flit between websites in seconds if needed to see what’s available. But there could be just one physical store selling THC-P in your town, severely restricting your choice.

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