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Remarkably, THC-O is 300% more potent than THC, making it a new favorite among recreational users. If you’re looking for a healthy way to enjoy THC-O, you may want to consider tincture oils.

Less harmful than smoking but faster-acting than edibles, tincture oils occupy an ideal middle-ground. In addition, these products offer discretion, convenience, and plenty of versatility. In this post, I want to discuss these benefits in detail.

Let’s get underway by checking out the hemp industry’s hottest THC-O tinctures of 2022! 

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1. Best Selling THC-O Tincture

ELYXR LA – THC-O Tincture (1000mg)

Enjoy all that THC-O has to offer with a high-strength tincture oil from ELYXR LA. Each blend contains 1000mg (33.3mg/ml) of super-potent THC-O distillate, generating mind-altering effects on a par with psychedelics.

ELYXR LA maximizes THC-O’s potential with a medium-chained triglyceride (MCT) carrier oil, an ingredient renowned for enhancing bioavailability. The broad-spectrum hemp extract used comes with tasty terpenes that imbue the tincture with a classic weed flavor.

Every THC-O blend also produces slightly different effects. For instance, the Lavender leaves you relaxed while the Blood Orange sparks your creativity. All ELYXR LA THC-O Tinctures are third-party tested by Marin Analytics.

Blend: Blood Orange, Citrus, Lavender, Peppermint

2. Most Popular

Binoid – THC-O Tincture

Binoid rarely misses the mark with its hemp-based products and these THC-O Tinctures are another stellar creation from this much-loved brand. They make a regular 1000mg THC-O oil as well as an extra-potent 2500mg tincture for those chasing a concentrate-style high.

Binoid uses 92% premium THC-O distillate in its tinctures, a staggering percentage that guarantees potency and purity. The presence of MCT oil and terpenes also has a crucial impact, amplifying THC-O’s effects and bringing authentic flavoring to the oil.

Expect an unforgettable mental and physical experience, with a heavy-headed buzz and lots of relaxation. Start with ¼ or ½ a dropper and build up your dosage as required. Binoid’s THC-O distillate is third-party lab-tested by Food & Environment Safety Analytical Lab.

Strengths: 1000mg (33.3mg/ml), 2500mg (83.3mg/ml)

3. Runner Up

Utoya – THC-O Tincture Oil with Full-Spectrum CBD

Utoya combines mind-blowing THC-O with soothing CBD in this unique and impressive premium tincture oil. Recognizing that THC-O may be too much in isolation, Utoya incorporates full-spectrum hemp extract to take the edge off and give you a smoother high.

The 30ml tincture contains 1500mg (50mg/ml) THC-O and 1000mg (33.3mg/ml) CBD, which still makes it more potent than some THC-O oils. A natural terpene blend and an MCT-based carrier oil complete the tincture, which promises energizing and euphoric effects.

Choose from Utoya’s Natural THC-O Tincture or a specific terpene blend for an extra $10. The bottle comes with a child-resistant cap for safety purposes and has a 1ml dropper attached for accurate dosing. Third-party tested for Farm Bill compliance by KCA Labs.

Flavors: Energy, Mint, Natural, Recovery

4. Runner Up

CannaClear – THC-O Tincture (1500mg)

CannaClear has a wide-ranging collection of hemp-derived products, but few captured my attention like their THC-O Tincture. With 1500mg THC-O extract (50mg/ml), this oil is both highly-potent and affordable. What’s more, it’s made entirely in the United States.

But CannaClear hasn’t compromised on quality. The MCT carrier oil shows they take THC-O tinctures seriously, and they specifically mention using delta-8 THC-O-acetate extract. That’s vital, as it confirms that this is a Farm Bill compliant product.

The THC-O Tincture from CannaClear has garnered rave reviews and it’s a solid addition to this list. Take ¼ dropper to start, or perhaps less if you’re new to THC-O. Third-party tested by KCA Labs. This tincture oil is not suitable for vaping.

5. Runner Up

Diamond CBD – Flawless THC-O Tincture Oil

Diamond CBD’s Flawless product line is turning heads and you can expect a powerful psychoactive buzz from their 1500mg THC-O Tincture. Delivering 50mg THC-O per full dropper or 2.5mg THC-O per drop, this oil has enough extract for several trips.

The Flawless Tincture holds appeal for veteran consumers and first-timers, as you can effortlessly take small or large doses, depending on your needs. Like all top-shelf tinctures, this product comes with an MCT-based carrier oil.

Diamond CBD uses natural industrial hemp in its Flawless THC-O Tincture, giving you euphoric sensations and mood-enhancing effects. Diamond CBD’s THC-O products are third-party tested for potency, safety, and legality by Accurate Test Lab.

What are THC O Tinctures?

THC-O tincture oils are hemp-based products with rich concentrations of THC-O, intended for sublingual absorption or oral consumption. THC-O tinctures can make you three times higher than regular THC, and products with MCT oil are even more potent.

Don’t be deceived by the similar appearance to e-liquids – you must not vape THC-O tincture oils. Ingredients that are safe when taken sublingually or orally may not be okay to vape. And if nothing else, THC-O tinctures will ruin your vaporizer.

Tincture oils are a safer type of THC-O product than vape carts or THC-O-sprayed hemp flower. The health risks of smoking are well-documented, and vaping may also have negative consequences – but tincture oils don’t have any of these dangers.

Furthermore, tinctures don’t have a noticeable aroma, making them more discreet than vaping products and flower. If you need a THC-O product for all situations, tincture oils have you covered.

Given the frankly insane potency of THC-O, dosing accurately has never been more critical. When smoking buds or vaping e-liquids, it’s difficult to get the same dosage time after time. But tincture oils come with a dropper that can administer precise amounts with consistency.

What is THC O?

THC-O-acetate – also known as THC acetate ester and THC-O – is a lab-made cannabinoid with extremely intense psychoactive properties. If you thought THC was mind-altering, then the 300% more powerful THC-O will blow your mind.

THC-O has a relatively high binding affinity at the CB1 receptor located in the endocannabinoid system (ECS) – this is the gateway for THC-O’s psychoactive effects. However, interestingly, THC-O kicks in more slowly than THC, no matter how you take it.

Unusually for a cannabinoid, THC-O has a reputation for producing psychedelic and even spiritual effects. The concept seems to have come from author D. Gold, who described how to make THC-O in his 1974 book Cannabis Alchemy: The Art of Modern Hashmaking.

THC-O is not the only THC acetate ester in existence – we also know of THC morpholinylbutyrate and THC-O-phosphate. But THC-O is the best-known by some distance and has rapidly become one of the most in-demand substances in the legal hemp scene.

How to use THC O tinctures

Unlike many THC-O products, tinctures have several uses. Each has benefits and downsides, delivering different types of highs. Let’s explore how to take THC-O tinctures.

Sublingual absorption: Most users buy tinctures for sublingual absorption purposes. Taking THC-O under the tongue offers a faster route for cannabinoids into your system than if consuming the cannabinoid orally.

Apply a dose under your tongue and leave it there for as long as you can – this is all about maximizing the absorption of THC-O into your bloodstream. Feel free to swallow after 45 to 60 seconds. Unfortunately, the earthy flavor of hemp puts some off THC-O tinctures.

In beverages: Adding THC-O to hot or cold drinks takes away the hempy flavor and gives you a longer-lasting high. As you’re essentially now drinking the THC-O, the tincture takes hold like an edible. The psychoactive effects should hit within 90 minutes or so.

In food: You can add THC-O oil to cakes, cookies, and other foodstuffs, turning it into an edible! It’s another discreet way of taking THC-O and you can ensure each edible has the same amount of extract.

When cooking with THC-O oil, keep temperatures below 300ºF – any higher and the cannabinoids could burn off, destroying any psychoactive effects.

The legal status of THC O tinctures

Hemp-based THC-O tinctures are federally legal in the United States under the 2018 Agriculture Improvement Act (Farm Bill). But there’s a lot of confusion and controversy surrounding tinctures and THC-O products, with some saying they should be illegal.

Let’s clear things up once and for all. The Farm Bill allows hemp-based products with any concoction of cannabinoids, providing THC levels stay within the 0.3% legal limit. And the argument that THC-O should be illegal under the Federal Analog Act doesn’t hold up either.

It’s often forgotten that chemists synthesize the THC-O used in tinctures from delta-8 extract, not regular THC. A minor difference, perhaps, but it adds a layer of legal protection to hemp-derived THC-O products. Delta-8 is also legal, with distillate synthesized from natural CBD.

That said, THC-O products came out of nowhere and could easily disappear in the event of a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) crackdown. However, the DEA has not yet made any moves on legal hemp highs, focusing its attention on synthetic cannabinoids instead.

Drug tests and THC O tinctures

My advice: don’t risk taking THC-O tinctures if you could get drug tested at any time. Since THC-O is a new substance from a commercial point of view, researchers haven’t studied its metabolites and drug test detectability. But ultimately, THC-O is a THC analog.

From our knowledge of similar cannabinoids, I would suspect that THC-O is detectable. Indeed, companies selling THC-O tinctures warn you about the potential drug test consequences – that should be enough to set your alarm bells ringing.

But it’s still possible to use THC-O oil and pass a drug test. You can flush THC metabolites out of your body using detox drinks or get sneaky with synthetic urine products.

What to Look for When Buying THC O Tinctures

Not every brand selling THC-O tinctures acts in good faith, and the differences between products means not every oil will work for you. Here’s what you need to know about shopping for THC-O.

Third-party certificates of analysis (COA)

Don’t get sucked into the flowery claims and seductive language companies use when marketing their tinctures. They aren’t worth anything without a third-party COA to confirm the authenticity, legality, and safety of the product.

Third-party testing is not merely a useful add-on but a necessity for all serious brands selling THC-O oil. You need proof that you’re getting a high-quality and Farm Bill compliant product. With no production regulation from the FDA, that can only come from independent lab tests.

Amount of THC O

The overall amount of THC-O in a tincture oil matters, but it’s less relevant than the mg/ml statistic. When comparing THC-O oils, it’s this figure that tells you how product a potent is.

Most companies state the mg/ml THC-O potency on the label. If they don’t, you can calculate it by dividing the total mg count by the milliliter count. Say you have a 30ml tincture containing 1000mg THC-O: 1000 divided by 30 equals 33.3mg/ml.

Carrier oil

Choose THC-O tinctures produced with MCT oil rather than other carrier oils. Fatty MCTs make THC-O extract more effective, meaning you can enjoy more intense highs or reduce your dose a little and extend the lifespan of your product.

How to Store Your THC O Tinctures

Keep THC-O tinctures away from direct sunlight. Preferably, store them in a cool, dry, and dark place. Always screw the cap back on after using your tincture to prevent evaporation and oxidation of THC-O.

How Long do THC O Tinctures Last?

Follow those storage tips and your THC-O tincture should last for up to a year – or maybe even longer. Over time, any THC-O product will expire, but it’s in your hands whether your tincture lasts for a few weeks or many months.

Purchasing THC O Tinctures Online vs. Shops Near Me

I recommend buying THC-O tinctures from online stores, and ideally those with an extensive collection of hemp products and cannabinoids. You should look for vendors that understand the industry, not non-specialist brick-and-mortar stores driven solely by profit.

The best hemp stores have acquired their reputations through a commitment to selling high-quality and lab-tested THC-O. If they didn’t have such high standards, customers would look elsewhere, and these companies would be out of business by now.

CBD Genesis is my preferred place to purchase THC-O tinctures and other psychoactive hemp products!

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