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Rapid Clear Clean Pee is Cheap, but Does it Work?

Need a clean urine sample on demand to get around a drug test at work? If you’ve been taking too much THC or had one too many beers, a synthetic urine solution like Rapid Clear Clean Pee could make all the difference. With a quality fake urine, you can continue to enjoy your freedoms at home, without putting your job at risk.

Rapid Clear Clean Pee is a dehydrated synthetic urine product, that works by mixing it with water and heating in the microwave until the solution reaches body temperature. This fake urine can then, in theory, be used to pass a drugs test.

The synthetic urine industry is big business nowadays, with lots of brands getting in on the action. So, does Rapid Clear’s Clean Pee work? Read on to find out more about the ingredients and characteristics of Clean Pee and how to get the most out of it.

Introducing Rapid Clear Clean Pee


Rapid Clear is distributed by a company called 513 Ventures, a Cincinnati-based operation involved with many synthetic urine brands – some better than others. The Clean Pee is a low-cost option, and unlike the majority of synthetic urine products, comes dehydrated as opposed to premixed.

We’re told that Clean Pee contains creatinine, uric acid and urea, the three essential ingredients for passing a test with fake urine. The product also boasts realistic specific gravity and pH levels. Clean Pee is also completely sterile and toxin-free. So far, so good.

Unfortunately, you only get the bare bones needed to pass with a Clean Pee kit. It’s literally just the dehydrated urine in a vial. There’s no elastic belt, leg strap or prosthetic device to help you urinate with. They don’t even supply hand warmers or heating pads to keep the urine at body temperature, which is vital if you want any chance of drug test success.

Of course, you can always purchase these items separately, but this does take the gloss off the cheap price tag that Rapid Clear attaches to its Clean Pee.

How does it work?

Despite being a dehydrated urine, it’s still very easy to use Clean Pee.

  1. Mix powdered urine with 2 to 3oz of water – tap water is fine
  2. Heat in microwave until urine reaches body temperature (90 to 100°F)
  3. Keep solution at body temperature with heating pads (not supplied)
  4. Secure urine to leg strap or elastic belt (not supplied) for discretion
  5. Take the test

Getting success with Rapid Clear Clean Pee

If you want any chance of passing with Clean Pee, you’ll need to take some extra steps.

The company strongly advises keeping storing the urine out of direct sunlight until you’re ready to use it. This is sensible advice, as sunlight exposure could change the chemicals in the urine, putting you on a one-way trip to failure. Store in a cool, dark place and the urine should be good for up to two years.

Hand warmers are a must-have with Clean Pee. It’s not like you can walk into a testing room with freshly microwaved urine! Strapping hand warmers to the urine vial with a rubber band will keep the urine at optimum temperature for a few hours, giving you ample opportunity to take the test.

You’ll also need a way of getting the urine from the vial into the testing cup, without your monitor getting suspicious. That’s where an elastic belt and / or prosthetic device comes in. You need to make it look like you’re taking a real piss, or they’ll know straight away that you’re up to no good. We recommend practicing beforehand with whatever equipment you use, so it comes naturally during your big moment.

And whether you’re using Clean Pee or any other synthetic urine, confidence always helps. If you’re jittery and nervous during the test, people will start asking questions. Drug tests are meant to be routine, so you’ll need to look the part and act the part. Fake it until you make it!

Other qualities of synthetic urine

Of course, Rapid Clear and other synthetic urine companies can’t say out loud that their products are meant for passing drug tests. But here are a few other genuine reasons for purchasing fake urine.

Fetish play: want to get kinky with your partner and try something new in the bedroom? “Watersports”, or urine play, is more popular than you might think. But playing with real piss, which is likely to be full of toxins, is not exactly hygienic. Sterile Clean Pee is a great alternative, and the uric acid gives it a desirable lifelike quality.

Pranks: if you want to play urine pranks on your friends, this Rapid Clear product is the perfect option since it comes in at under $20. If it’s just for pranks, you won’t need the other equipment. Just mix it with water and you’ll be ready to go. The only downside is it will be difficult to make it look like you’re having a real wee.

The verdict

Rapid Clear’s Clean Pee is a very basic synthetic urine product. The ingredients list suggests this product has everything you need to pass, although there are some mixed reviews online. If you are a regular synthetic urine user and have all the other kit, this could be a good choice, as you can just buy the urine at a low price.

However, for first-timers, Clean Pee isn’t a great option. You’ll need at least the hand warmers to have a hope of passing, and at that point, you might as well pick up a more sophisticated kit. When it comes to passing a drug test with synthetic urine, there’s no value in trying to cut corners. Why try and save 10 or 20 dollars when failure means losing your job?

But at Too Slick, we want to hear from you, too! Perhaps you’re one of those regular synthetic urine users, who has gone with Clean Pee before. Leave us a comment with your views, and any tips and tricks you have for getting success with synthetic urine.

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