Monkey Dong: This Might Just Be The Best One Yet!

monkey dong

This Monkey Dong review examines the prospective use of this strap-on urinating device. A Monkey Dong dispenses synthetic or fake urine and is popular among many recreational users.

Read on to discover all there is to know about the Monkey Dong and how it might just be the best synthetic kit in the marketplace.

Why it Stands Out From the Rest 

Monkey Dong stands out from the pack in a number of ways.

  1. Firstly, it has a silent internal valve that regulates the control of urine. 
  2. It’s offered in various colored, lifelike human penises.
  3. The kit comes with everything you need including the urine, heating pads, and the fake penis.

What is in The Monkey Dong Kit

This product is considered the highest quality in the synthetic urine market for the obvious reason that it can pass any drug test.

The Monkey Dong contains the following features:

1. Internal Silent Squeeze Valve

This internal valve releases urine when the prosthetic penis is squeezed in order to minimize suspicion during the test.

2.Flask Shaped Bottle

The Monkey Dong comes in a flask-shaped bottle. The contents of the bottle include 3.5 oz of synthetic urine.

This human-like synthetic urine contains all the components found in real pee. The flask can be concealed comfortably, therefore increasing portability.

3. Prosthetic Penis

This replica penis is so realistic it can easily pass for a real one. It can also be used for discharging urine for fetish purposes.

4. Elastic Belt 

The Monkey Dong comes with a reusable and adjustable elastic belt. This belt can accommodate massive waist sizes and is used to hold the heating pads in place.

The belt could accommodate sizes up to a 54” waist.

5. Heating Pads

Four heating pads come with this kit. They are meant to heat the sample and bring the urine to a specific temperature.

Heating pads are vital to ensuring the product works as advertised.

6. Synthetic Urine

A drug test is not complete without urine. Synthetic urine for use with the Monkey Dong may come in two forms: dehydrated or pre-mixed.

7. Temperature Strip

A temperature strip indicates whether the pee has achieved its optimal temperature. The strips have to be on the device when worn on the body.

Colors of The Monkey Dong

All skin tones have been included by the makers of the Monkey Dong so that the colors can accommodate people from all walks of life.

Monkey Dong prosthetic devices come in 5 life-like colors:

  • White
  • Tan
  • Black
  • Latino
  • Brown

Does Monkey Dong Work?

The Monkey Dog is extremely effective, even more so than synthetic urine. However, in order for you to pass the drug test, the Monkey Dong must be used correctly.

A word of caution: Make sure you dont pinch the valve with your belt, as this can stop the urine from coming out during the test.

How to Use Monkey Dong Properly on a Drug Test

The Monkey Dong device is easy to use. In fact, each kit comes with step-by-step Monkey Dong instructions that enumerate how to make use of this prosthetic device.

Here are the instructions from inside the box:

  1. First, close the white exterior safety valve before filling the bladder. This will prevent a possible premature discharge.
  2. Use the syringe to measure 90 ml of water into a cup
  3. Add the entire Vial of Imitation Urine to the cup of water and stir the mixture until completely dissolved.
  4. Draw the Urine into the Syringe
  5. Unscrew the Cap on the Bladder Fill Port and insert the tip of the Syringe into the Port.
  6. Then inject the contents into the Bladder.
  7. Unfasten the Bladder from the Belt by peeling back the Velcro Strips.
  8. Apply one Head Pad to the side opposite the Temperature Strip. Reattach the bag to the belt with Velcro Strips
  9. Strap the Belt on with the Temperature strip touching your skin.
  10. Wait till the Temperature Strip reads 96-100 degrees. Depending on the initial temperature of the urine, this can take from 40-60 minutes.
  11. Don’t forget to open the Safety Valve before using.
  12. When it’s time to pee, just squeeze the tip of the dong and deliver.

What Others Are Saying About It 

There are many commentaries about the Monkey Dong espousing its benefits and extolling its ability to ace drug tests.

For example, this person claims to have successfully used Monkey Dong in the past. The only reason he failed his current test is because he didn’t properly use it.

Various other testimonies can be found online about the effectiveness of this amazing product.

Monkey Dong Vs Whizzinator

The Monkey Dong and Whizzinator serve the same purpose. Their differences are quite evident when it comes to their features.

The Monkey Dong is considered a rudimentary version of the Whizzinator.

The Monkey Dong has lab-grade urine complete with real foam, scent, color, and pH like real pee. These medical grade materials are why it is considered to be the best in the business.  

Many reviews rank the Monkey Dong highly than the Whizzinator. Its ability to pass detection is its greatest differentiator.

Is Monkey Dong Sold Near Me?

You cand find Monkey Dong in any of the following locations:

  • Online
  • Dispensaries
  • Smoke Shops
  • Sex Shops

However, if you’re trying to buy the Monkey Dong at its lowest price, your best best is going to be online. I found the cheapest price from a website called

If you click on the link below, you’ll be redirected to the Monkey Dong product page.

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