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Monkey Dong: This Might Just Be The Best One Yet!



monkey dong

This Monkey Dong review examines the prospective use of this strap-on urinating device. A Monkey Dong dispenses synthetic or fake urine and is popular among many recreational users. This review uniquely describes this apparatus in a succinct, meaningful way like no other Monkey Dong review does.

The Monkey Dong might potentially be used to pass a drug test. It uses synthetic urine which could pass for real urine. People can breeze through and ace a scheduled drug test if the proper parameters for its use are observed. This might not work for random tests that require someone to submit urine with short notice.

Read on to discover all there is about the Monkey Dong and how it might just be the best one in the synthetic kit marketplace.

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Monkey Dong



Use the code TENOFF to get 10%

Why it Stands Out From the Rest 

There are numerous reviews about synthetic urinating devices today and people want to find out why the Monkey Dong is the best male strap-on urinating device in the market. Apart from being a popular device of the highest quality, it has a silent internal valve that regulates the control of urine. 

This proprietary technology sets it apart from other similar products in the market. The price point is also another factor that makes it stand out. The product is affordable and available with several merchants.

Features of the Monkey Dong

This product is considered the highest quality in the synthetic urine market for one of the obvious reasons that its fake pee can pass any drug test. It is one of the best products available in the marketplace today.

The following are the features of the Monkey Dong:

1. Internal Silent Squeeze Valve

This valve can be operated by using one hand. The unique thing about this valve is that you can actually operate it with a simple squeeze on the prosthetic penis. With one hand, you can mimic the real thing. Sounds good? A test observer during a drug test may not notice this when you discharge urine.

2.Flask Shaped Bottle

The Monkey Dong comes in a flask-shaped bottle and the contents of the bottle are 3.5 oz of synthetic urine. This human-like synthetic urine contains all the components found in real pee. The flask can be concealed comfortably due to being portable.

3. Prosthetic Penis

This replica penis is so realistic, it might pass for a real one and is what actually passes the urine. The prosthetic penis may not be used for discharging a urine test for a drug test only. It might also be used for fetish purposes.

4. Elastic Belt 

The Monkey Dong comes with a reusable and adjustable elastic belt. This belt can accommodate massive waist sizes and is used to hold the heating pads in place. The belt could accommodate sizes up to a 54” waist.

5. Heating Pads

Four heating pads come with this kit. They are meant to heat the sample and bring the urine to a specific temperature. Heating pads are vital to ensuring the product works as advertised.

6. Synthetic Urine

A drug test is not complete without urine. Synthetic urine for use with the Monkey Dong may come in two forms: dehydrated or pre-mixed.

7. Temperature Strip

A temperature strip indicates whether the pee has achieved its optimal temperature. The strips have to be on the device when worn on the body.

Colors of The Monkey Dong

All skin tones have been possibly included by the makers of the Monkey Dong and the colors can accommodate people from all walks of life. This should be the least of your worries.

Monkey Dong prosthetic devices come in 5 life-like colors:

  • White
  • Tan
  • Black
  • Latino
  • Brown

Does Monkey Dong Work?

The Monkey Dong may be a life-saver for several individuals who are faced with the prospect of a drug test. If it is not used properly and the parameters followed well, people may not the best or optimal results.

Serious Monkey Bizzness, the manufacturers of the Monkey Dong have developed an elaborate product with a urine formation that is similar to real pee. In instances where a sudden drug test is required with limited time to prepare, the product might not work for you.

How to Use it Properly

The Monkey Dong device is easy to use. In fact, each kit comes with step-by-step Monkey Dong instructions that enumerate how to make use of this prosthetic device. If followed well, its results may be realized well. Monkey Dong videos are also available online to demonstrate exactly how to use the device.

Below is a simple process of how to use the Monkey Dong:

1.The External Bladder

This valve should be released so that fake pee can be administered in it. To avoid any spillages or leakages the external safety valve should be closed at all times. Any discharges might compromise the quality of your drug test.

2. Kit Syringe

This refilling syringe should be filled with nothing but pre-mixed synthetic urine that comes together with the kit. Draw out fake pee with the urine and fill the pee hole in the hole in the prosthetic schlong. Once this is done, you should close the valve.

The fake urine may be used by both genders, male and female to conduct a drug test. 

3. Elastic Belt

It is important to note that an hour before a scheduled drug test, the heating pads should be turned on. The temperature strip must be in contact with your skin for it to work properly.

4. Temperature

The ideal temperature for an admissible test is between 96 to 100 degrees. It is essential for the strip to contact your body because body temperature can bring it to 94 degrees. What raises the fake pee to 100 degrees is the heat pad.

The temperature strips are easy to read and vital to ensure that the urine reaches the desired temperature for use.

5. Discharge of Urine

The way to release urine from the Monkey Dong is by gently squeezing or pinching the tip of the dong. This may release up to 3.5 oz of synthetic urine. Through a collection cup, the synthetic pee from the tip of the dong can be collected. By squeezing the tip, the safety valve is released.

Using it for a Drug Test

When instructions are followed properly, good results are expected to come out. For those on probation, a Monkey Dong probation drug test can be passed when proper parameters are followed.

For those who want to use the Monkey Dong, the following instructions will be useful:

  • Preheat the bottle of pee in a microwave for faster heating to achieve the required temperature faster.
  • Ensure that your release pee only when the optimal temperature of between 96-100 degrees Celsius is achieved.

What Others Are Saying About It 

There are many commentaries about the Monkey Dong espousing its benefits and extolling its ability to ace drug tests. These views are not limited to individual views alone. There are a lot of group discussions and participants who rally around this subject.

The fact that the Monkey Dong looks like a real penis may make it pass like one. There are a lot of questions about its use to pass drug tests among recreational drug users. Monkey Dong reddit reviews raise questions about whether fake pee can pass drug tests. 

Monkey Dong Vs Whizzinator

The Monkey Dong and Whizzinator serve the same purpose. Their differences are quite evident when it comes to their features. The Monkey Dong is considered a rudimentary version of the Whizzinator.

The Monkey Dong has lab-grade urine complete with real foam, scent, color, and pH like real pee. These medical grade materials are why it is considered to be the best in the business.  

Many reviews rank the Monkey Dong highly than the Whizzinator. Its ability to pass detection is its greatest differentiator.

Is Monkey Dong Sold Near Me?

You may ask where you may find a Monkey Dong near you?

Your local store might stock the product in its beauty and lifestyle section. Additionally, you can find it at by clicking the link below.

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