A Guide to Golden Flask Synthetic Urine

Golden Flask Synthetic Urine

When you clock off from work, it’s your right to enjoy a few drinks or a smoke – yet, in reality, your employer always has the threat of a random drug test hanging above your head. Rather than compromise your freedoms, get yourself out of trouble with Golden Flask Synthetic Urine.

Golden Flask Synthetic Urine is a fake urine product made in the United States and manufactured by Alternative Lifestyle Systems (ALS). The urine is infused with numerous waste products present in real urine for a realistic finish. Golden Flask Synthetic Urine is suitable for use by both men and women.

ALS styles Golden Flask as a “world famous” synthetic urine – but does it live up to the hype? In this review, we explore its properties and how it works and give you some top tips for getting reliable success with Golden Flask.

Introducing Golden Flask Synthetic Urine

Golden Flask Synthetic Urine

Golden Flask contains synthetic urine with the same constituents as real urine, such as:


-Balanced pH

-Uric Acid

to help you pass a urinalysis drug test. The package comes with the following:

-Flask with 4 oz synthetic urine

-Detailed Instructions

-1 Heat pad

Golden Flask is super convenient, effective, and perfect for refilling synthetic urine belts.

ALS likes to talk big and wants to establish Golden Flask in the top tier of synthetic urine products while keeping them affordable. The company has formed in the field, also developing the Whizzinator, a popular prosthetic penis to help with passing tests.

A Golden Flask kit contains 4oz of premixed, unisex synthetic urine in a plastic flask, a heating pad, a temperature strip, a rubber band, and an instruction manual. This is pretty standard for a premixed kit and has everything you need – bar a prosthetic device or strap.

ALS is a bit coy about what’s in Golden Flask, neglecting to provide a full ingredients list on its website. However, we know they add creatinine and uric acid to the urine, two vital waste products always excreted in human urine. Including uric acid is a promising sign, as it shows ALS is keeping its formula up to date and one step ahead of the testers.

In addition, Golden Flask has realistic specific gravity and pH levels. These are also paramount for passing a drug test, as anything outside the natural boundaries would immediately give the game up.

ALS claims that the Golden Flask produces a genuine foam and scent, although some online reviewers have said that this urine has an unusual smell. It’s not a nasty smell, and it’s just questionable whether it smells like real piss, which could be a potential problem.

How does it work?

Golden Flask

As premixed synthetic urine, little effort is required to make Golden Flask operational. And unlike some fake urines, this product doesn’t need to be microwave-heated, which is obviously helpful if you don’t have access to a microwave!

  1. Affix the heating pad to the synthetic urine bottle with the rubber band provided
  2. Monitor temperature strip until urine reaches body temperature (90 to 100°F)
  3. Hook up the flask to a urine belt, leg strap, and/or prosthetic device
  4. Take the test!

Top tips

Having the right equipment is part of the battle to passing a test, but you still need to take care of a few other matters. With so much at stake in a drug test, you don’t want to leave anything to chance!

The big worry with an in-person test is drawing attention to yourself. You need to be confident and be able to provide a sample where it looks like you’re actually taking a piss! If you’ve got someone watching you do the deed, it helps to have some tools up your trousers.

We’re talking about a urine belt or strap and perhaps a prosthetic device (a fake dick or vagina for the uninitiated!). ALS specializes in these, and the Whizzinator is a long-time favorite that makes giving your sample look as realistic as possible.

We suggest you work out your plan at home first – wear loose clothing that hides anything you’re using and practice the art of taking a piss. You don’t want to be trying it for the first time when you’re in the lab!

Premixed synthetic urine should last for about two years, and Golden Flask is no exception. However, storing your product correctly is still important, as it may alter the chemical composition of the urine and cause you to fail. To avoid this, don’t open the box until you’re ready to use it, and store the urine out of direct sunlight in a dark, cool location.

And, of course, if you’re ever in any doubt whether your fake urine is still good to go, pick up a new product – it’s simply not worth the risk!

What else can Golden Flask be used for?

 synthetic product like Golden Flask

Rules are rules, and we all know by now that companies like ALS can’t actually state the main purpose of their products. But while Golden Flask is first and foremost for passing drug tests, it does have a couple of other genuine uses you may not be aware of.

Fetish play/watersports: Many people in the fetish community enjoy sexual play with urine. But the real deal brings with it potential issues, such as toxins, bacteria, and the threat of sexually transmitted diseases. Golden Flask is an effective, sterile alternative that keeps this activity just as fun, with none of the risks that human urine may pose.

Scientific research: Studies involving urine are more common than you might think! And in some parts of the world, urine is even thought to have therapeutic effects. Clearly, a synthetic product like Golden Flask is much safer to experiment with than real urine for the reasons mentioned above. But, importantly, it has all the features and ingredients that you would find in a genuine urine sample!

Conclusion: Does Golden Flask work?

Golden Flask working

Golden Flask doesn’t have any unique qualities and is no better than the other big-name brands in the synthetic urine market. And despite being an ALS product, it may not even warrant its top-tier status.

Although the ingredients list is good, the bizarre smell could raise alarm bells and give the technician reason to give extra scrutiny to your sample – the last thing you want when using a fake. And the mixed online reviews reflect the uncertainty that comes with Golden Flask.

But we want to hear from you. Have you tried Golden Flask, and did it give you the successful test you so desperately needed? Share your thoughts and tips in the comments section below!

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