Does Amazon Sell Synthetic Urine? Don’t Let Them Fool You

Amazon Sell Synthetic Urine

Many countries have banned the easy availability of synthetic urine online or in-store after discovering its potential for passing a drug test. Despite this, you might still see this product floating around on the net and on several sites and wonder where you can get it. For example, does Amazon sell synthetic urine? Don’t let them fool you and read this article to unearth the truth. 

In drug urinalysis, people commonly use synthetic urine, which contains biochemicals added in ratios equivalent to those in real urine, as a substitute to pass drug screenings. As workplace testing is on the rise, synthetic urine has become more popular.

Is buying synthetic urine on Amazon a good idea? There are many people who want to know the answer to this question, so we complied the best of available information on this subject for our readers and come up with the dirty truth,.

Can You Find Synthetic Urine on Amazon?  

Synthetic Urine Test

Amazon maintains strict regulations to protect consumers and uphold its reputation. These rules aim to prevent sellers from exploiting buyers through the sale of low-quality goods or price gouging during periods of scarcity. Additionally, Amazon’s guidelines are designed to cultivate a positive image both among consumers and regulatory authorities.

Products like fake urine are swiftly removed from Amazon’s marketplace due to their association with illegal activities, particularly attempts to deceive drug tests. Selling synthetic urine is prohibited on Amazon to ensure compliance with state laws, as it is illegal in many jurisdictions.

Consumers should exercise caution when encountering synthetic urine products on Amazon, as they may be misleading and fail to assist in passing drug tests. Even if listed by reputable sellers, these products may lack the genuine formulations necessary for success.

Companies specializing in products to help users pass drug tests invest significant resources in developing effective formulas. Synthetic urine must accurately mimic the consistency and biochemical composition of real urine while avoiding substances that could trigger detection. Legitimate products undergo rigorous development processes to ensure efficacy, unlike the simplistic versions found on Amazon.

Despite restrictions on synthetic urine, Amazon continues to offer other urine-related items, such as medical-grade bags and catheters for legitimate medical purposes. The platform’s prohibition primarily targets products explicitly designed for circumventing drug screenings, reflecting its commitment to ethical standards and legal compliance.

Places To Buy Synthetic Urine

If you’re lucky, you might find synthetic urine in a physical store, but this kind of urine isn’t reputable or reliable and will definitely fail a simple adulterant test. 

Instead, ensure that you’re getting the correct version and not being ripped off by looking for it online on legitimate companies’ websites. Quality vendors can ship the product to your door in discreet packages so no one notices anything out of the ordinary.

Some examples of quality brand names include the following:

What to Look for When Buying Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine needs to come with a few properties so that it can adequately resemble actual urine. Here’s what to look out for when buying synthetic urine:

  • Temperature: Real human urine is around body temperature, so if you buy a synthetic urine kit without a heating device, the relatively cold weather of the fake piss can tip the facilitator off onto something being amiss. Your artificial urine kit needs to come with a heating pad of some kind so that you can heat it and maintain that temperature while smuggling it in. 
Temperature Check
  • Urea: Most synthetic urine companies tend to assume that labs only test for uric acid and fail to add urea to their urine. Although labs test for uric acid, they also test for urea, a similar byproduct derived from ammonia breakdown. Ensure that you list the area as one of the components in the ingredients list. 
  • Adulterants: Chemicals such as bleach and glutaraldehyde can interfere with urine test results by decreasing the concentration of drugs in urine and thus displaying a lower amount of drugs than the actual levels present in the body. Most labs test these chemicals, and if any synthetic urine contains impurities, it is certain that you will fail your drug test. 
  • Smell: Normal urine can have a potent or faint odor of ammonia, depending on ammonia concentration and its by-products in piss. Furthermore, synthetic urine may not have a fixed smell and could smell off, possessing a chemical odor that distinguishes it from regular urine. 

Should You Buy Synthetic Urine From Amazon?

Buying synthetic urine or any other products designed to help you pass a drug screening on Amazon is always a bad idea because you will not find the original products designed to help you. Instead, you will find fakes that cannot help you pass your drug test. 

In the end, always look for products on official vendor sites and do your research to ensure that you get your money’s worth. Not all drug companies are reliable, and some will gladly scam you into purchasing their worthless product for a profit and leave you hanging with a positive drug test.

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