A Guide to Using 420 P-Clean by Dr Greens

420 p-clean

Picture this: you’re sprung with a surprise drug test at work, but you and your mates were kicking back and smoking joints just last night. With all that THC in your system, you know you’re going to pop – unless, of course, you have some synthetic urine up your sleeve, or down your trousers!

The 420 P-Clean by Dr Greens is a unisex, premixed synthetic urine solution. This product has accurate specific gravity and pH levels, and contains creatinine, along with “many other urine qualities.” Each 420 P-Clean kit comes with a temperature strip and heating element.


Keen to find out more about this synthetic urine, and how it can help you out of a tight situation? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve got all the crucial info on the 420 P-Clean, from what’s in it to how to use it. And we’ve also given you our verdict on whether this Dr Greens kit is worth buying.

About Dr Greens

Everyone is entitled to a private life, and the right to enjoy various substances in the comfort of their own home. Random drug tests make that harder, but brands like Dr Greens can help restore balance. The 420 P-Clean is one of several brands from this company, which has been in the synthetic urine market for more than 20 years!

Dr Greens primarily sells its unisex synthetic urine products as novelty fetish items. But we all know the main reason why people are buying them!

What’s in it?

We know that the 420 P-Clean contains creatinine, but Dr Greens is coy for some reason on the other ingredients. However, from the recognizable, pungent smell, we can presume it has uric acid and urea – although clarification would be welcome.

Of course, Dr Greens isn’t under any obligations to say what’s in it, as this fake urine is marketed for fetish play, not as a product to fool a drug test. But without knowing what the “other urine qualities” in this product are, it’s impossible to say just how good it is.

How does it work?

The 420 P-Clean is a standard premixed synthetic urine kit. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Heat in microwave for 10 seconds
  2. Check temperature strip on the bottle (needs to be between 90 and 100°F)
  3. If in the sweet spot, strap the bottle and heating element together with rubber band
  4. Attach bottle to synthetic urine strap or leg belt for full discretion
  5. Complete the test

It doesn’t really get any easier with synthetic urine, and that’s a real plus for the 420 P-Clean.

How to stay clean with Dr Greens

Following these steps will get you so far, but with synthetic urine, just one wrong move can make the difference between a pass and a fail. Make sure you’ve got these bases covered, too.

Care and maintenance

Synthetic urine has a lifespan of up to two years, but this is only so if you store the kit unopened, and in a dark, cool area. Preventing exposure to direct sunlight helps preserve the chemical composition of the urine, so it stays fresh for longer.

After opening, you’ll have around two weeks to use your product before it goes “off”. Storing in the refrigerator may stretch it for another couple of weeks. But this is pushing it, and it’s not worth taking your chances when your job is on the line. If you have any reason to doubt that your 420 P-Clean is still good to go, buy a fresh bottle for some added insurance.


It’s no use having your bottle of fake piss ready to work its magic if the monitor spots it the second you walk into the testing room. The trick is to look confident, and have the bottle fully concealed. The best way to manage this is with a leg strap or urine belt.

An effective strap or belt is both comfortable and secure – you don’t want to be fiddling around with it all day. And you need to make sure it doesn’t show up under your clothes – that’s a bulge in your legs you definitely don’t need! Trial some loose shirts and/or trousers at home until you have a fit that makes you confident of success.

Fetish play and scientific research

We mentioned earlier that Dr Greens doesn’t sell its 420 P-Clean for drug tests. Legally, they aren’t allowed to do so, but the product name itself is a complete giveaway on their target market! But it’s true that synthetic urine has a handful of other unusual uses. Take a look.

Fetish play

In the world of fetish and kink, sexual activities with urine are commonplace. The packaging for the 420 P-Clean states this product is a “fetish product”. So, why use fake piss instead of real piss?

Real urine can be packed with toxins and impurities, which increases the risk of spreading germs and sexually transmitted diseases. But synthetic urine is totally sterile and free from toxins, without compromising on looks and smell – meaning fetishists can play with it as if it’s real urine, with none of the risks.

Alternative therapy

Urine has been used in Asia for curative purposes for millennia. While it’s a trend that hasn’t really caught on in the West, scientific researchers sometimes study the compounds in urine to see if it does have therapeutic value. Synthetic urine works well for the same reasons it’s used in fetish play – it’s simply safer than the real thing.

Conclusion: Is it worth it?

The 420 P-Clean from Dr Greens is a low-cost synthetic urine, from a well-known brand. However, it’s not quite up to the standards of the Dr Greens Agent X, and isn’t helped by the lack of clarity on the ingredients. Some have found it works, but others have had failures (at least, that’s what the online anecdotes say).

In a nutshell, there’s uncertainty and doubt with the 420 P-Clean, the last thing you want with a synthetic urine product. Sure, you can take a risk with it, but is it really worth gambling with your job for the sake of saving a few bucks? We think there are better and more reliable synthetic urines available right now.

But what about you, and your experiences with the 420 P-Clean? We want to hear from you, so don’t be shy, and give us your thoughts on this synthetic urine with a comment!


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