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Will Urine The Clear Put You in the Clear?

Urine The Clear is one of several urine products giving marijuana smokers, beer drinkers, and more an easy way out when it comes to drug tests at work. Such products are big business nowadays, but with no margin for error, it’s essential to know whether it’s effective or not before making a purchase and taking the plunge.

Urine The Clear distinguishes itself from the many synthetic urine products available, by selling genuine, human urine samples. The company has been in the drug-testing solution market since 1999, and claims to be the first business to sell dehydrated human urine. Urine The Clear offers a 300% money-back guarantee on its products, and claims to have sold more than 50,000 kits.

Curious to learn more about Urine The Clear, and if it’s a better option than the many synthetic urine products available? In this guide, we’ll talk about all the pros and cons of using a real urine sample at drug tests, and discuss some tips and tricks to help increase your likelihood of success.

What is Urine The Clear?

As stated, Urine The Clear’s products are real, human urine and nothing more. The company argues that a genuine sample is more likely to result in a favorable drug test, suggesting that other brands use all kinds of useless ingredients in their products. But then again, they would say that!

Urine The Clear says its products are drug-free and pre-tested, ensuring this by using sophisticated gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS). Most other brands employ the enzyme multiple immunoassay test (EMIT) for urinalysis. But Urine The Clear claims this is inferior to the gold standard GC/MS approach.

It’s big talk, and the company certainly sounds like it knows what it’s talking about on drug-test solutions. And a quick browse on the internet will tell you that many users do indeed get fantastic results with them. What’s more, since you’re getting a real urine sample, you know it’s going to contain creatinine, uric acid, urea, and all the other vital ingredients that get tested for. So, let’s get stuck into their range of products.

How to use Urine The Clear

Urine The Clear sells both dehydrated and frozen urine. The former is a little more complicated to use. But don’t worry, we’ve got an easy step-by-step guide to follow.

  1. Mix the distilled water with the dehydrated urine, and shake it until it turns a consistent, urine-like color. Then let it settle for a few minutes.
  2. Warm the urine to body temperature using the heating element provided. Secure the temperature strip to the urine pouch, and check regularly until the urine reaches between 90 and 100°F, the optimum temperature
  3. Attach the urine pouch to the elastic belt, and maneuver until it fits securely and discreetly under your clothing

With frozen urine, it’s simply a matter of defrosting the urine, and getting it up to body temperature with the heating element provided.

Tips and tricks

Step 3 is important if you’re taking a strictly monitored drug test. Some people are lucky enough to get to take their tests home. But if you’re being made to submit a sample at a clinic, and sometimes even with another person in the room, being discreet is the difference between success and failure.

Hence the importance of wearing the elastic belt, along with baggy clothing so it’s not detected. Some like to take things even further, by attaching the urine belt to a fake dick or vagina (or a ‘prosthetic device’ to use a more scientific term!). If you’re being monitored, you need to make it look like you’re really going for a wee!

Storing your Urine The Clear product out of direct sunlight (ideally in a dark cupboard) will help preserve the urine and extend its lifespan. If your work conducts random drug tests, you may need to keep a urine supply for months or even years. These products tend to last for up to two years but could become ineffective more quickly if not maintained correctly.

Urine The Clear lab test

Urine The Clear FAQs

What does Urine The Clear smell like?

But, this product smells like real piss, because it is! Urine smells like urine primarily because of two ingredients: urea and uric acid. As drug testing kits have become more sophisticated, they often detect these two compounds nowadays. So, while it smells bad, these two ingredients are necessary for a clean test!

Can you reheat Urine The Clear?

Reheating urine can be a dangerous game. While you may get away with reheating once, reheating multiple times risks screwing up the chemical makeup of your urine. This would automatically lead to a failed test. Ideally, only heat up the urine on the day of your test. If you’ve reheated more than two or three times, consider buying another kit.

Does Urine The Clear comes with a temperature strip?

Yes, all kits are sold with a temperature kit.

Frozen or dehydrated?

This all comes down to personal preference. The frozen kit is great if you don’t want to get hands-on with the process, although naturally, you’ll need to keep it in the freezer! Dehydrated (or powdered) urine is just as effective and has a super long shelf life.

Is Urine The Clear worth it?

Urine The Clear is one of the more expensive urine kits available, with the regular kits sold for just under $60. However, when taking into account the wealth of positive reviews, and that an elastic belt comes with the kit, it’s affordable. And after all, when it comes to drug tests, the price of failure is much greater than shelling out a bit extra for a quality product.

Final thoughts

We like the fact that Urine The Clear uses real urine in its products. This means that providing you use them as instructed, there shouldn’t be any reason for failure. With Urine The Clear, you’re not at risk of missing an essential ingredient or having a dodgy pH level, problems that would let any drug tester know your sample is fake.

But what about your thoughts? Have you used Urine The Clear? Do you find it better than synthetic urine products for drug tests? Let us know in the comments – we want to hear from you!

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  1. I used Urine The Clear recently, 11/23/2020, and the test came back positive for heroin and I lost my job. I would have use synthetic if could turn back time, as quality control with Urine The Clear has obviously been compromised and/or is lacking, and I have payed a very high cost because of it.


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