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How to Pass a Test with Terminader Yellow Snow Synthetic Urine

Yellow Snow has got to be our favorite name for a synthetic urine product yet. But we know why you’re here – you want to know if Yellow Snow is going to give you a clean drug test. We’ve got all the answers for you.

Terminader Yellow Snow is a premixed synthetic urine. Sold in a 4oz bottle with a temperature strip, this synthetic urine comes with air-activated hand warmers that serve as a heating element. For a better chance of passing a test with Yellow Snow, attach the bottle to a leg strap or synthetic urine belt.

Now you’ve got a general idea of what you get with Yellow Snow, let’s dive a little deeper and look at what’s actually in the product, and whether you’ll get success with it.

About Yellow Snow Synthetic Urine

Yellow Snow is made by a company called Terminader, which manufactures a range of products designed to help with passing drug tests, including detox drinks. Yellow Snow is the company’s flagship synthetic urine product – and since it’s a unisex urine, it does not matter if you’re male or female.

Synthetic urine companies are not allowed to state that their products are made with the intention of passing drug tests. Yellow Snow is marketed as a novelty product, and Terminader is not required to give an ingredients list.

But this secrecy is frustrating, as it makes it impossible to give an accurate assessment about the quality of Yellow Snow. Since we don’t know exactly what’s in it, we don’t know if there are any glaring omissions that could lead to a failed test.

For instance, it’s questionable if Yellow Snow contains uric acid, since some have reported this product has a strange smell. Uric acid is an important synthetic urine ingredient nowadays, with drug test kits getting more sophisticated at weeding out fakes.

That’s not to say Yellow Snow doesn’t have all the crucial ingredients and features needed for an effective synthetic urine product. But without that information, it makes it difficult to trust this urine with your job.]

A guide to using Yellow Snow

Using Yellow Snow is just like using any other synthetic urine product. And the ease of use definitely works in its favor. With any synthetic urine, you want a simple process to follow, so there are fewer chances of making a mistake!

  1. Heat the 2oz synthetic urine bottle for 10 seconds in the microwave – you can leave the lid on and reheat the mixture as many times as you like
  2. Check the temperature strip for a reading between 90 and 100°F – getting the urine to body temperature is vital for test success
  3. Secure the hand warmers to the bottle using the rubber band provided – this will keep the mixture warm for several hours
  4. Fix the urine to a belt or leg strap and conceal it under your clothes
  5. Ace that test!

3 top tips for a successful test

Store Terminader Yellow Snow


Following those five steps should put you well on your way to a successful drug test. That said, if you plan on keeping your urine for any length of time (it can last for up to two years), store it in a dark cupboard at around room temperature. Do not expose the synthetic urine to direct sunlight, as this could destroy the compounds you’re relying on for a clean test. Worried that your Yellow Snow urine is out of date? Don’t take the risk – just buy a fresh batch.

Straps, belts and fake genitals

Drug tests are trickier than they used to be. With most companies now requiring employees to submit samples on site, and sometimes even with a technician in the same room, those trying to fake it have had to up their game. As it’s not possible to just pour the sample into the vial from the bottle, you might need a leg strap, urine belt or even some fake genitals to make sure you really look the part.

These are an additional investment, but will improve your chances of success. If you plan on using any of these, we recommend a trial run at home first to get the hang of it. And make sure your choice of clothes hides any equipment.

Keep your cool

Sounds obvious, right? But plenty of people who go into a drug test with synthetic urine are so panicky – as if they are doing something they shouldn’t! – that it alerts the technician to a problem. The trick is to stay cool and calm, and go about your business as normal. With an in-person test, this may be easier if you have one or more of the tools mentioned above.

Fetish play, scientific research and more…

Officially, Terminader says its synthetic urine is for “fetish purposes only.” That may not be quite true, but synthetic urine can be used for sexual play, and many fetishists now prefer it to the real thing. For one, Yellow Snow is sterile and toxin-free, which isn’t always the case with human urine. And if you don’t know who you’re playing with very well, you may prefer not to exchange real piss.

Scientists are also keen on synthetic urine as a substitute to the real thing when carrying out experiments. Fake urine products like Yellow Snow are comparable to genuine urine, and is much safer to work with.

And not forgetting the good old prank. What better way to drive your mates mad than by spraying them or their favorite things with some pungent piss. With Yellow Snow, you can urinate on demand, and the sterile nature of the product prevents any long-term harms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Terminader Yellow snow work for urine test?

Yes it does work

Can a Lab detected?

No, it comes with all the components from real urine

How Long does it last?

2 years or more

Conclusion: Does Yellow Snow work?

The lack of clarity over what’s in Yellow Snow makes this a difficult brand to recommend. Knowing the ingredients is critical to any review, and Terminader makes this impossible. Furthermore, the online reviews we’ve scanned through are mixed to say the least.

But we still want to hear from you. Have you experimented with Yellow Snow, and if so, how did you get on? And if you’ve got any tips and tricks to share, please share them with us in the comments!

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