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How to Pass with Simple Solution Synthetic Urine

Worried about getting drug tested at work? Concerned that you’ll be forced to take a test during the interview process? If you know you’re not going to pass by natural means, then it’s time to consider a synthetic urine product like Simple Solution.

Passing a drug test with Simple Solution Synthetic Urine is a simple process. The 3.5-ounce urine solution is suitable for both males and females, and has the ingredients and characteristics of a human urine sample. Just heat the urine to body temperature, and conceal it under clothing with the elastic adjustable belt provided.

Of course, if you’re thinking about putting your job in the hands of a synthetic urine product, you’ll probably want to know a little bit more about it! This guide will give you all the essential information about Simple Solution, and our top tips for guaranteeing a pass.

Introducing Simple Solution


In each Simple Solution kit, you’ll find a 3.5-ounce bag of synthetic urine, fitted with tubing to recreate lifelike urinating. Also included is an adjustable elastic belt, two disposable self-adhesive heating pads, a temperature strip and an instruction manual. The Simple Solution kit is sophisticated, which explains the higher price tag. But what about the urine itself?

Let’s assess the ingredients and features:

  • Creatinine
  • Uric acid
  • Amino acids
  • Balanced pH levels

The creatinine and uric acid are important inclusions, but the absence of urea is a big concern. Urea is a key component of human urine, and its omission could lead to a failed test, especially if Simple Solution comes up against a modern urine test kit.

The uric acid does help create a genuine smell. Some have complained that the Simple Solution pee looks a little dark, but you can’t be failed for this – it just looks like the sample has been given by somebody who’s dehydrated!

4 steps to success with Simple Solution

Simple Solution is pretty easy to use, although there may be some difficulties if you have someone paying close attention while you’re giving your sample. But let’s begin with the basics.

  1. Heat the synthetic urine bag in the microwave for about 10 seconds, or long enough for the temperature to reach between 90 and 100°F
  2. Attach the self-adhesive heating pads to the bag to maintain the temperature
  3. Put the elastic belt on and make sure it’s well hidden under your clothes
  4. Take the test!

The premixed nature of Simple Solution makes setup super easy, and the elastic belt is comfortable to wear. That said, some reviewers have reported issues with providing the sample, commenting that releasing the urine from the bag is a tricky and fiddly process.

Giving a fake urine sample should be as seamless and discreet as possible – having to mess around with unclipping and reclipping the tube just screams problems. Even in a best-case scenario, it’ll take a lot of practice to make it look like you’re taking a normal whizz.

It’s also worth noting that the print on the temperature strip is small and hard to read, which may make taking an accurate reading difficult. A urine sample that’s not within the boundaries of body temperature will definitely fail a test. So, be careful with this.

Avoiding failure

Stored correctly, Simple Solution should last for two years. By this we mean keeping it in the box until you’re ready to use it, out of direct sunlight, and in a cool, dark place. Reheating Simple Solution is possible, although it’s generally recommended to avoid doing this more than once or twice, as it risks distorting the chemical makeup of the urine.

In theory, the elastic urine belt makes passing with synthetic urine easy peasy. But it’s important that the monitor doesn’t catch wind of what you’re doing. Before going in for the test, make sure the belt isn’t clearly showing. And with Simple Solution reportedly fiddly to use, we can’t emphasise enough the importance of practicing and practicing if you choose this product.

Get more from Simple Solution

Simple Solution isn’t officially sold with the intention of passing drug tests. We just know that’s the main reason why people buy these products! But this synthetic urine does indeed have a handful of other uses.


Synthetic urine is often marketed as fetish urine, and is a good alternative to the real thing for those who want to get kinky, while keeping themselves completely safe. As a sterile and toxin-free product, Simple Solution is completely safe for sexual play, and does not pose any risk of sexually transmitted diseases.


As strange as it may sound, some people in various parts of the world fully believe that urine has therapeutic benefits. And for that reason, scientists have to study it. Obviously, conducting research on the real thing isn’t exactly a cleanly business, so some researchers prefer synthetic substitutes like Simple Solution.


Ready to get one over on your mates? What better way to do so than with fake urine that both smells and looks like the real thing. Piss pranks are always funny, and with Simple Solution, you can pull them off in just about any situation. And even better, this sterile synthetic urine doesn’t cause any long-term damage.

The verdict

Simple Solution is not cheap, and therefore must be judged against the other top-tier synthetic urines on the market. Unfortunately, the negatives are more noticeable than the positives. No urea means there’s a very real chance of failing with Simple Solution. Furthermore, problems could easily arise when trying to get the urine out of the bag, due to the awkward setup.

On the upside, using Simple Solution is easy, and getting the elastic belt is a nice addition, and somewhat justifies the more expensive price.

However, there are dangers to using this synthetic urine, and we reckon your money would be better spent elsewhere. It’s just not worth risking your job with a less than perfect product. But we want to hear from you! If you have used Simple Solution Synthetic Urine before, drop us a comment, and share your though

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