Is Perfect Urine a Perfect Synthetic Urine?

perfect urine

Synthetic urine is the best way to get out of a sticky situation with a pre-employment drug screening or a random drug test at work. But with the stakes so high and tests getting better at detecting synthetic urine samples, it’s never been more important to buy high-quality synthetic urine. So, does Perfect Urine fit the bill?

Perfect Urine is owned by 513 Ventures, a company that manufactures multiple synthetic urine products. Perfect Urine is toxin-free and comes premixed in a 3oz plastic bottle with a heating element, flip-top cap, rubber band, and product instruction manual. Perfect Urine has a chemical composition comparable to human urine.

On the surface, Perfect Urine looks similar to many other premixed synthetic urine products looking for your dollar. But in the next sections, we’ll delve into the details, exploring whether Perfect Urine is equipped to help you pass and how you can pass with this synthetic urine.

What is Perfect Urine?

The company behind Perfect Urine makes some other industry favorites, including Quick Fix, XStream and the Sub-Solution Clear Choice. Perfect Urine is one of 513 Ventures’ more affordable synthetic urines.

The product packaging states that Perfect Urine contains creatinine, urea and uric acid. Both are critical, and the latter especially so, as all urinalysis tests look for it nowadays. Uric acid also produces the authentic urine smell, and natural yellow look. It would be nice to know a bit more about the other ingredients in the brand’s proprietary formula.

The pH and specific gravity levels of Perfect Urine are in line with what you would expect in a human sample, and essential if you want any hope of passing a drug test. And when you shake the bottle, it generates foam, just like you would expect of human piss.

In a nutshell, Perfect Urine has a fairly standard list of ingredients and features, with nothing to separate it from other mid-range synthetic urines. There’s not enough information to put it in the top tier, but there aren’t any glaring errors that would signal a fail with Perfect Urine.

How to use Perfect Urine in 4 steps

This premixed, synthetic urine is designed with convenience in mind, and the instructions on how to use it are clearly laid out in the product manual.

  1. Shake the synthetic urine bottle, remove the lid and heat in the microwave for 10 seconds. Alternatively, attach the heating pad with the rubber band and wait for the urine to heat up
  2. Read the temperature strip affixed to the bottle – the urine should be between 90 to 100°F to bring it in line with body temperature
  3. If you microwaved the urine, now attach the heating pad and screw on the flip top cap. The heating pad should keep the urine at body temperature for six hours minimum
  4. Position the bottle under clothing, with a urine belt or leg strap if necessary
  5. Take the test – shake contents of the bottle before providing the sample

We give this simple process the thumbs up – it’s hard to screw up, and that’s what matters most!

Enhance your Chances

But there is more to getting a clean test result than just having a good synthetic urine product. If you have a strictly monitored test, you’ll need to give the sample without making yourself look suspicious. If not, count yourself lucky!

This is where synthetic urine belts and leg straps come in handy. While an extra investment, these conceal the urine bottle and help make things look normal. You can go further still with an artificial penis or vagina (aka a prosthetic device). Anything that makes it look like you’re taking an ordinary piss is helpful when getting tested – make sure your “tools” are discreetly covered with baggy clothing.

You’ll also want to appear calm and confident. You don’t want to give the technician any reason to think you’re up to no good, or they may want to subject your sample to further scrutiny.

Perfect Urine is no different to other premixed urines, and should work for up to two years. But make sure you keep the bottle out of direct sunlight (preferably in its packaging), and in cool, dark conditions if you don’t plan on using it straight away.

Additional Benefits of Perfect Urine

Synthetic urine companies don’t officially sell their products for use in drug tests, 513 Ventures included. Although we are under no illusions that this is the main reason for buying Perfect Urine, we shouldn’t discount its other uses.

Fetish Activities

Many synthetic urine brands market their products in the “adult novelty” or “fetish” sector. Perfect Urine doesn’t do so, but this is one reason for buying synthetic urine. Sexual activities involving urine are more common than you might think, but the real thing is problematic, as it may harbor toxins, bacteria and spread sexually transmitted diseases.

Toxin-free Perfect Urine eliminates these worries without taking anything away from the play. The uric acid in this synthetic urine gives it all the lifelike qualities fetish players could ask for.

Scientific Research and Alternative Medicine

Perfect Urine has several ingredients found in human pee but without any of the nasties. Therefore, a researcher studying urine may prefer to use a synthetic product than the real thing. Some cultures consider urine to have health benefits, and it’s surprising how often scientists study piss for research purposes!

Final Thoughts on Perfect Urine

Perfect Urine is a run-of-the-mill synthetic urine. There’s nothing special about it, and it’s not the best product in the 513 Ventures collection. It is affordable, although there are cheaper options. And anyway, affordability is irrelevant if you end up losing your job due to a failed test.

There aren’t too many reviews online, although concerns about the smell and color often pop up. While you won’t fail from that alone, it could make a technician study your sample more carefully.

Overall, there isn’t enough going for us to recommend it. To its credit, the product is easy to use, but the lack of information and questionable smell makes using this synthetic urine a bit of a gamble.

Can you shed some light on the situation? If you have used Perfect Urine before, let us know how you got on in the comments. Would you recommend it?

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