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Is Number 1 Synthetic Urine Really Number 1?




number 1 synthetic urine

An unexpected, random drug test is a sure way to ruin a good time. But if you don’t want to stop taking THC or any other drug because of your job, thankfully, there is another alternative: synthetic urine. Number 1 Synthetic Urine is one of many fake urine products out there that people are using to pass drug tests, when they know their real urine won’t!

Each Number 1 Synthetic Urine kit includes a 3.5oz premixed synthetic urine solution in a bladder bag with an adjustable elastic strap, two heat pads and a temperature strip. This makes Number 1 one of the more advanced synthetic urine kits on the market right now, and an ideal option when discretion is needed.

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This guide will explore whether you can pass with Number 1, and how you can use this product to its best effect for drug tests. We’ve also listed some other unexpected uses for synthetic urine!

What is Number 1 Synthetic Urine?

Fake urine, or a “Urine Substitution Kit” as Number 1 is cleverly called, is helping people to pass drug tests with realistic pee. Human urine has numerous waste products that drug tests can detect, but if you have been taking drugs, unfortunately these will show up, too. In theory, a kit like Number 1 will have all the ingredients needed for you to pass, and the realistic properties required to stop it showing up as a fake.

Number 1 states that its pee is suitable for males and females. This is nice to know, although technically all synthetic urine products are unisex, as drug tests don’t look for hormones.

Frustratingly, there’s no available ingredients list for Number 1. The company seems to keep a low profile, and there’s nothing on the packaging stating what’s in it. Number 1 has a yellowy appearance that would certainly pass as piss. But it’s impossible to know if it work with no way of establishing whether creatinine, uric acid and urea are present, and if the urine has realistic specific gravity and pH levels.

Aside from that, the Number 1 kit is solid, with hand warmers, a temperature strip and even an elastic belt supplied. This helps with getting and keeping the urine at body temperature, and with providing the sample as discreetly as possible. One would hope that Number 1 is also adding all the key ingredients to its fake urine.

What’s in the Box?

  • 2 Adhesive Heating Pads
  • Instructions Pamphlet
  • Belt with synthetic urine attached

Using Number 1 Synthetic Urine the Right Way

Here are the instructions that come inside the box plus some useful tips!

  • Open the heat pad and remove the adhesive backing.
  • Give the heat pad a couple of good shakes to get it working. Stick the heat pad TO THE BAG, between the bag and the belt. (the bag is stitched to the belt).
  • Wrap the Go Number 1 around your waist (under ALL your clothing) with the temperature strip touching your skin, and the tube pointing to the floor.
  • Wear the kit for 1 hour before use. The temperature strip MUST read green at 98-100 degrees.
  • On the day of use, close the white clips and cut the end of the tube to desired length.
  • Unfasten the white clips to drain the contents.
  • Celebrate!

Number 1 has kept things simple, as you’d expect from a premixed synthetic urine product. It’s hard to go wrong, although we suggest not reheating the mixture more than once, as this could disrupt the chemical composition of the urine.


  • Do not keep checking the temperature, this cools it down.
  • Once opened, the head pad is good for 8 hours.
  • Only use 1 heat pad at a time.
  • The bladder-bag needs to touch skin to heat up.
  • This product can’t be refilled.
  • This product does not over heat.

More Bonus Tips

Keeping the urine in a dark, cool place until you’re ready to use it is also important, as exposure to direct sunlight may also affect the chemicals in the solution. Number 1 recommends using this product within a year of purchase, giving it a shorter lifespan than most other fake urines.

However, it’s generally good practice to use synthetic urine sooner rather than later. And if you’re ever concerned about freshness, purchase a new product. You do not need to freeze Number 1 Synthetic Urine.

The elastic belt and bladder bag make it easier to keep it realistic when giving your sample. Some tests are more strictly monitored than others. If there’s somebody keeping a close watch, you need to make it look like you’re actually having a wee! Get to grips with this by practicing at home before the test, and hide the bag by wearing a loose shirt. Like any exam, it helps to be prepared!

More benefits of Synthetic Urine

Number 1 promises “satisfaction guaranteed” with its synthetic urine, although there’s a question of what this really means. Synthetic urine cannot be sold with the intention of passing drug tests, so is generally marketed for some quite different uses.


Number 1 claims to be an “adult novelty leader,” making it clear their fake urine is intended for fetish play. Urine play, or watersports as it is often known, is a popular sexual activity in the fetish community. However, it’s not exactly clean – real urine is full of toxins, which aren’t exactly great to share! Number 1 makes fetish play as lifelike as possible, especially with the bladder bag. And as a sterile and toxin-free product, Number 1 is completely safe!

Scientific research

Synthetic urine can also be used for research purposes. Scientists exploring the effects of urine often favor a fake, sterile alternative over real urine for safety reasons. Why would anyone want to study urine? You might be shocked, but in some countries, urine is considered a medicine! It’s up to the scientists to find out if they are right or not, and products like Number 1 can help.

The Verdict

There’s a lot to like about Number 1, with the bladder bag and elastic belt real positives. With these, you’ll be able to give a sample both discreetly and realistically. But the doubts come with the unverifiable quality of the urine. Without knowing what is in this synthetic urine product, we can’t recommend it to you. There’s no point gambling your job with a product that doesn’t say if it has uric acid in it. There are better brands to spend your money on.

That said, Too Slick is always open to new evidence and reviews. Maybe you’re a loyal Number 1 user, and this product has bailed you out in the past. Share your thoughts in the comments – we want to hear from you!


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1 Comment

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    November 11, 2020 at 9:02 pm

    Just took a drug test last week using Number 1, they detected it was synthetic and my test came back as “NO TEST”

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