5 Best Wholesale CBD Vape Oil Products

Tim Rosenberger Tim Rosenberger

May 18, 2022

Historically, smoking has always been the preferred way for hemp and cannabis consumers to enjoy a fast-acting experience. But now, a healthier alternative has emerged in vaping – and specifically, in the context of this article, CBD vape oil.

Today, I will explore the benefits vaping products offer, in terms of effects and as items to sell in your store. We will examine the many types of CBD vape juices on the market and discuss what to look for and what to avoid when buying in bulk.

Before we get into a general analysis, let’s check out the top five wholesale CBD vape oil products available right now!

Top 5 Begin Here

1. Best Selling CBD E-Liquid


CBD Genesis – Full-Spectrum CBD E-Liquid

Users can expect potent therapeutic effects with this 2000mg Full-Spectrum CBD E-Liquid from the renowned CBD Genesis. It’s perfect for vaping solo, mixing with other vape juices, and even applying under the tongue like a tincture oil.

While CBD accounts for most of this e-liquid, secondary cannabinoids and terpenes amp up its benefits. The e-liquid comes in a 30ml bottle (66.7mg CBD per ml) and has a classic vegetable glycerin (VG) carrier oil.

Full-spectrum CBD vape juices outperform CBD-isolate products in delivering relief and providing flavor. Even though it might not be the cheapest, this ultra-strong CBD Genesis E-Liquid is certainly the best. Third-party tested for Farm Bill compliance.

2. Runner Up


Active CBD Oil – CBD E-Liquid Additive

With this e-liquid additive from Active CBD Oil, vapers can give their regular vape juices a punchy CBD kick. It doesn’t matter whether they vape another hemp-derived vape oil or even a nicotine e-liquid, this additive will work with anything!

The 15ml e-liquid contains 1000mg CBD (66.7mg/ml), making it a high-strength vape juice. Active CBD Oil uses CBD-isolate extract, mixing it with propylene glycol (PG) and purified water. Since it’s an additive, the vape juice has no flavor.

The bottle cap has a dropper attached, allowing vapers to add single drops or a full 1ml dropper to their vape tanks. Active CBD Oil ensures each batch of its CBD vape additive is third-party tested for purity, potency, and Farm Bill compliance.

3. Runner Up


Just CBD – Flavored CBD Vape Oils

Just CBD produces a collection of delicious vape oils made with CBD-isolate and a 20% / 80% blend of USP-grade PG and VG. There’s nothing unique about Just CBD’s products in the vape market, but they have executed these e-liquids well.

With eight gorgeous flavors available in six potencies (100mg, 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 1500mg, and 3000mg), you can mix and match as you please. The vape juices come in chubby 60ml bottles, all third-party tested by Green Scientific Labs.

Flavors: Blue Dream, Blue Razz, Cookies, Mango Ice, OG, Pina Colada, Pineapple Express, Strawberry Cheesecake 

4. Runner Up


CBDfx – CBD Terpene Vape Liquids

Introduce your customers to an authentically flavored cannabis vaping experience without the intoxication. CBDfx’s vape liquids contain pure CBD-isolate, delicious plant-derived terpenes, and absolutely no THC.

They use premium food-grade ingredients and a 50/50 mix of VG and PG to complete these vape juices. Choose between six pleasant flavors, including well-known classics like Pineapple Express. 

Sold in two sizes: 500mg (30ml) and 1000mg (60ml). These USA-made e-liquids have a 60-day guarantee and are tested for safety and strength by SC Labs.

Strains: Gelato, OG Kush, Pineapple Express, Platinum Rose, Strawberry Milk, Wild Watermelon 

5. Runner Up


Active CBD Oil – Flavored CBD E-Liquid

These flavored, CBD-infused e-liquids from Active CBD Oil are yet more dependable vape juices for stores curious about stocking CBD. With 600mg CBD-isolate in each 2oz bottle (roughly 10mg/ml), expect mild effects.

But that could be perfect if your customers aren’t familiar with CBD, vaping, or both. There’s arguably no better way to get acquainted than with a low-strength blend of hemp-based CBD, PG, VG, flavors, and sweeteners.

Active CBD Oil’s flavored e-liquids are for use in e-cigarettes and larger vape devices. The company operates in Colorado and manufactures these vape products with clean, non-GMO hemp. All six flavors are third-party tested and THC-free.

Flavors: Real Terp Blend, Tropical Fusion, Lemon Meringue Pie, Levi’s Watermelon, Bam! Graham! 

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a substance with mental and physical health benefits and no psychoactive effects. Derived from hemp and cannabis, CBD is much different from the well-known and notorious THC, even though both are cannabinoids.

But that explains why CBD is now legal and why it has gone mainstream. CBD has similar therapeutic value to THC, without the mind-warping side effects that put many off weed for health, moral, and religious reasons.

Indeed, people view CBD products as alternative medicines and supplements rather than recreational highs. And in restricting THC levels to 0.3% in hemp-based CBD products, the 2018 Farm Bill stops the creation of such intoxicating e-liquids.

While we have incomplete knowledge of CBD’s medicinal value, research over recent decades has solved parts of the puzzle. Crucially, we now know CBD does its most vital work in the all-encompassing endocannabinoid system (ECS).

In regulating the ECS, the CBD molecule may ease pain, soothe inflammation, improve appetite, and more. Through interactions with other neurotransmitters and receptors outside the ECS, CBD may reduce anxiety and treat depression.

What is CBD vape oil?


CBD vape oil is a type of hemp-based product designed to deliver rapid effects in a convenient, tasty, and relaxing manner. Vape oil generally comes in chubby plastic bottles or small tinctures – users can even take some as if they were CBD tincture oils.

Also known as e-liquid and vape juice, vape oil doesn’t expose users to the myriad of cancer-causing carcinogens found in smoke. But it still provides the same intense and speedy CBD relief that smoking a joint does. 

Quick CBD effects are not just about convenience. For some ailments, such as social anxiety and migraines, only swift symptom relief will cut it. And with the 21st-century emergence of vaping, users can now get these benefits with minimal risk.

Bottled CBD e-liquids consist of hemp extract, a carrier oil, and usually flavorings. The carrier oil is often a mix of PG and VG, with the ratio varying between brands. Some e-liquids have natural terpenes for flavor, while others have artificial flavorings.

CBD vape oil products contain one of three distinct types of CBD-rich hemp extract – the extract used significantly influences an e-liquid’s effects. Let’s discuss the details.

CBD-isolate vape oil: Pure CBD vape juice does not have any THC or minor cannabinoids. That eliminates the entourage effect and limits CBD’s therapeutic value, but excluding THC ensures these vape oils cannot cause a positive drug sample.

Subsequently, CBD-isolate e-liquids cost a few dollars less than their counterparts. These vape juices may be mixed with artificial flavorings or natural terpenes – products with the latter are somewhat more beneficial.

Full-spectrum CBD vape oil: These e-liquids are the complete opposite, with CBD merely one component of an entire hemp plant extract. Full-spectrum CBD vape oils contain minor cannabinoids (i.e., CBG), terpenes, and flavonoids.

These cannabinoids bring unique qualities and enhance CBD via the synergistic entourage effect. But the presence of up to 0.3% THC is cause for drug test alarm. Moreover, the added benefits of full-spectrum e-liquid come at an increased cost.

Broad-spectrum CBD vape oil: This form of CBD e-liquid is closer to a full-spectrum product than a CBD-isolate one. Indeed, the only difference is the removal of THC cannabinoids during processing to give vapers drug test assurances.

Why you need to stock CBD vape oil


Vaping products are wildly popular in multiple markets, and the hemp-based CBD industry is no exception. If you don’t stock a selection of CBD vape oils, you immediately lose out on a large percentage of regular CBD users who vape.

By selling these products, you will expand the reach of your company and create more opportunities to make massive profits. And there’s still so much potential in the CBD vape market, with all kinds of e-liquids emerging that could be best-sellers.

Start-ups have more chance of success in an innovative and developing industry than in a long-established one. And although CBD vape oils have been around for a while, new products keep coming through to remind us that this is still a young market.

Whatever your approach in the CBD vaping scene, I have one universal tip. Stock a mixture of full-spectrum e-liquids and CBD-isolate vape oils. There’s high demand for both and ignoring one product type would severely restrict your earning potential.

CBD Vape Oil vs. Other CBD Products

To quickly refresh, CBD vape oil has near-identical effects to smoking CBD nugs, but without the severe health risks. In addition, vaping CBD e-liquid – and specifically the terpenes – doesn’t generate as much of a weedy aroma as smoking CBD flower.

Compared with tincture oils, vape oils come with marginally greater consumption risks – ultimately, vaping is not 100% safe. However, inhaling CBD has a more immediate effect than sublingual absorption. That said, odorless tinctures are more discreet.

While CBD vape oil kicks in within seconds, CBD edibles, drinkables, and capsules do not start producing meaningful effects for up to an hour. But these products last for six to eight hours, whereas vape juices wear off after around half that time.

What to Look for When Buying CBD Vape Oil Wholesale

Finding high-quality wholesale products is the difference between make and break for your store. Sadly, finding good CBD vape oil is no guarantee given the lack of regulation in the hemp industry. But it’s not that hard to find cheap and legit e-liquids.

Third-party certificates of analysis (COAs)


Before perusing a product’s ingredients list and cannabinoid breakdown, you must determine whether it’s genuine. That means checking for a CBD vape juice’s third-party lab report, which provides independent backing on its safety and potency.

Never accept the excuses of a wholesaler that cannot produce these COAs when asked, and don’t settle for outdated reports. Any credible CBD distributor will want to assure you their products are legit. Companies that don’t may be up to no good.

Hemp extract and full cannabinoid breakdown

As we explored earlier, every CBD hemp extract has a unique set of properties. You must make sure these match up with the wants and needs of your customers.

When buying broad and full-spectrum CBD vape oil bulk, you should look for a complete cannabinoid breakdown. Broad-spectrum vape juice needs to be THC-free, and both should have detectable levels of minor cannabinoids on the lab report.

Carrier oil

I recommend purchasing CBD e-liquids with PG, VG, or both as the carrier oil. These tried and tested ingredients are safe for vaping and won’t cause any issues.

I have reservations about e-liquids made with MCT oil. While it’s a suitable carrier oil for CBD tinctures, I haven’t seen any evidence that it’s a safe vaping ingredient. And whatever you do, never buy vape juice made with vitamin E acetate.

How to Store Your CBD Vape Oil Wholesale Products


Keep your CBD vape oil stock in a cool, dry, and dark area. Do not tamper with any packaging and avoid exposing products to direct sunlight.

How Long do CBD Vape Oil Wholesale Products Last?

CBD degrades slowly over time, but wholesale products should last for 12 months. But I suggest a conservative approach, and not buying any more CBD vape oil than you can sell in three months. Aim to sell e-liquid as fresh as possible.

Purchasing CBD Vape Oil Wholesale Online vs. Shops Near Me


Buying CBD vape juice online is more cost-effective, a better use of time, and it reduces your likelihood of making a poor impulse purchase. As is true of all markets, web-based shops can undercut physical stores – CBD wholesale is no different.

You can also view many more wholesalers from the comfort of your office chair than by journeying between brick-and-mortar stores. And when shopping online, you won’t have to deal with a pushy salesman trying to make you buy things you don’t need!

Fill out the wholesale account registration form at CBD Genesis and start bulk-buying premium, lab-tested CBD vape oil for your store!

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