The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best CBD Oil for Back Pain


Several conditions lead to chronic back pain. Conditions such as spinal stenosis and arthritis of the back can cause serious back pain. Such conditions have forced people to turn to remedies such as CBD.

CBD has turned out to be instrumental in treating and managing any chronic pain conditions. Studies have supported its use for various forms of back pain, including those resulting from sports injuries. However, the studies that back its use are only preliminary, and more research is still underway in this area.

Many people are already using CBD for back pain. If you suffer from back pain, I will show you the best CBD oils users have tested. Keep on reading to learn more.

10 Best CBD Oils For Back Pain 

CBD Oils For Back Pain

To determine the best CBD for back pain, various factors are considered. Users’ feedback is important since it provides a clear view of how products work. I also consider the quality of oil, its potency, ingredients, and other factors. 

Below are the top 10 CBD oils for back pain:

  • Penguin CBD
  • Royal CBD
  • Hemp Bombs
  • CBDistillery
  • Balance CBD
  • CBDGenesis
  • Lord Jones Royal Oil
  • Charlotte’s Web CBD oil
  • Lazarus Naturals RSO CBD Oil
  • Kanibi Isolate CBD Oil Tincture

These products are not organized in any specific order since they all have their benefits and cons. Read each review well to determine which product is suitable.

CBD Genesis 1000mg

CBD Oil For Back Pain

CBDGenesis is one of the leading brands in the production of CBD oil. Their oil comes in various variances in terms of potency. They only produce high-quality full-spectrum oil that is well-refined. 

Their CBD oil for back pain comes in several options, but the 1000mg per 30ml bottle is the most recommended. They offer other potencies, including 18.3 mg per serving, 33.3 mg per serving, and 66.6 mg per serving.


  • High potency of 66.6mg per serving
  • American-grown pure organic hemp
  • The oil has undergone third-party lab testing to ascertain quality.


  • Only available in full-spectrum
  • Products can be quite strong

Lord Jones Royal Oil

CBD Oil For Back Pain

Lord Jones Royal Oil is a broad-spectrum CBD product that is derived from American-grown hemp. The product is purely organic and is enriched with grapeseed oil. It can be used topically and orally, making it one of the few oils that can be used both ways. 

The CBD oil for back pain comes in a 30ml bottle with a potency of 1000mg. They do have other potencies, but the recommended option for back pain is 1000mg. The topical application offers additional benefits, such as skin hydration.


  • Rich broad-spectrum CBD oil
  • Made in America from American-grown hemp
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Available in various potencies


  • Low potency for back pain
  • Not available in full-spectrum

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

CBD Oil For Back Pain

Charlotte’s Web CBD oil is a full-spectrum American-produced CBD oil for back pain. The product is produced by one of the most reliable companies in the industry. It comes in a 30ml bottle with a potency of 510mg. 

Due to its effectiveness, this oil is one of the best options for back pain. It comes in three flavors: mint chocolate, lemon twist, and orange blossom. Users have expressed their love for various flavors.


  • High-quality full-spectrum CBD oil
  • Made in America
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Variety of flavors


  • Low potency of just 510mg
  • Only available in one potency

CBDistillery CBD Oil

CBD Oil For Back Pain

The third oil on this list is the famous CBDistillery CBD oil. They have CBD oil specifically designed for back pain. Their oil comes in various potencies, ranging from 750mg to 300mg. ACCORDING TO USER REVIEWS, CBD oil is among the most loved options. For full-spectrum CBD oil, their prices are quite affordable.


  • High-quality full-spectrum 
  • Extracted from American grown-hemp
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Several potency variances


  • No options for isolate or broad spectrum

Balance CBD Oil

CBD Oil For Back Pain

Balanced CBD is the fourth product on my list of best CBD products for back pain. It is a reputable brand that offers CBD oils for various purposes. For a brand that has known offices in America, Canada, and Spain, it has established itself as a reliable supplier of quality CBD. Their CBD oil for back pain comes in various potencies, starting from 500mg.


  • Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oils provided
  • The oil comes in various flavors
  • They also provide topical for back pain
  • Produced in America


  • No transparency
  • Quite costly as compared to other options

Lazarus Naturals RSO CBD Oil

CBD Oil For Back Pain

The Lazarus Naturals RSO CBD Oil stands out among the premium quality products available on the market. The oil comes in various potencies, from 1000mg per ounce to 5000mg per ounce. The full-spectrum oil only contains 2.2mg of THC per 1 ml, making it ideal even for those who would rather stay away from THC.


  • High-quality full-spectrum oil
  • Available in a wide range of potencies
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Produced in America


  • No flavor variances
  • Only available online

Hemp Bombs CBD Oil

CBD Oil For Back Pain

Hemp Bombs CBD oil offers more strength than most of the options on this list. Their CBD oil for back pain offers about 60mg of CBD per serving, which sits well above the other brands. Due to their high potency, Hemp Bombs are preferred by individuals who are used to large doses of CBD. 


  • High-quality Kentucky-grown hemp
  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • Third-party lab tested


  • Only high potent CBD
  • No transparency in production processes

Kanibi Isolate CBD Oil Tincture

CBD Oil For Back Pain

The Kanibi Isolate CBD Oil Tincture is one of my favorite options, available in two potencies. This product, which comes in potencies of 750 mg and 1500 mg per ounce, receives high regard for its lack of artificial additives. It earns celebration for its simplicity, as it comprises solely two ingredients—MCT oil and natural flavors.

The downside of this brand is that it is only new to the market. While their products have positive reviews, they are yet to be tried by many users. The oil is available in three flavors: cinnamon, Skittles, and unflavoured.


  • High-quality full-spectrum CBD
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Available in diverse potencies
  • Has flavor variances


  • New to the market
  • Low potencies

9. Royal CBD Oil

CBD Oil For Back Pain

Royal CBD oil has been in the market for quite a while. The oils come in various potencies ranging from 1000mg. The royal CBD is produced in America using high-quality hemp sourced in Colorado. The products come in several potencies. 


  • Extracted from American grown hemp
  • Tested with third party labs
  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • Available in several variances


  • A limited number of products
  • Only provide full-spectrum CBD

Penguin CBD Oil

CBD Oil For Back Pain

Penguin CBD Oil offers good products for back pain. This is because the company deals in both oils and creams. You may either purchase their CBD oil, cream, or lotion for back pain. Their CBD oil for back pain is available in 1000mg per ounce, which is strong enough for most users. 


  • Use organic hemp in their products
  • All the ingredients are natural
  • Third-party lab tested


  • Limited potencies
  • No flavor variances
  • Still new to the market

What Studies Say About CBD Oil Helping Chronic Back Pain

Studies have shown that CBD may be helpful in the treatment and management of various conditions, including chronic pain. For this reason, many people have been turning to CBD for back pain resulting from various conditions. I have found some studies about CBD quite helpful.

The studies that support the use of CBD in recent years are as follows:

  • A 2018 review of studies about CBD and its effectiveness found that CBD may be used for back pain and recommended further studies and clinical trials.
  • In a different  2019 study, it was observed that 94% of people suffering from back pain experienced improvements in their quality of life after using CBD.
  • Small-scale trials by NCBI in 2020  on the application of topical CBD for back pain found that CBD might be helpful in reducing the severity of sharp back pain.

These studies and many more have found CBD to be quite helpful in the management of back pain. Even so, these studies are not conclusive and do not provide data on how CBD should be applied. No clinical trials have provided conclusive results that support the use of CBD for back pain.

Finding Your Perfect Dose

The dosage of CBD varies from one person to another. Some individuals use only low amounts of CBD per serving, while others take very large amounts. Currently, people use between 10mg per day to 1500mg per day. 

To find Your perfect dose, do the following:

  • Purchase high-quality CBD that does not have any additives
  • Start with a low dose of about 10mg per day
  • observe your body for effectiveness and possible side effects
  • Increase the dose by about 5mg daily if you do not feel the results.
  • Settle on a dose that offers significant results

Since there is no clear scale for dosing CBD, every person has to find their dosage through the trial. Start slow and develop your dosage gradually. 

Full Spectrum vs. Isolate

CBD is extracted in three forms: Full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate. Full-spectrum is extracted while retaining flavonoids, terpenes, and other cannabinoids in hemp. As a result, full-spectrum CBD is more effective due to the presence of terpenes and flavonoids.

CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD extract. It does not contain other cannabinoids or terpenes except for the CBD compound. While it may help with back pain, it is less effective as compared to full-spectrum CBD.

Side Effects

CBD is generally considered safe for use, but some people may experience side effects. This is the reason why you should start slow in your use of CBD. Get to learn how your body reacts to the drug.

Possible side effects of CBD are:

  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Changes in appetite
  • Changes in weight

What To Look for When You Buy CBD Oil For Back Pain 

When purchasing CBD for back pain, critical factors must be considered. First, it is important to know the preferred method of use. Some prefer ingestion, and others would rather apply topically. This should guide the choice of product to be purchased. Most importantly, I usually consider the quality based on four key factors.

The quality factors to look for when purchasing CBD are:

  • The potency of CBD refers to the amount of CBD available per serving. High potencies are good, but very high potencies should be avoided
  • Third-party lab testing: The only way to prove the quality of CBD is by looking at a third-party certificate.
  • Transparency in production: Purchase CBD products from brands whose production processes are known. Avoid new brands whose locations or processes are unknown.
  • No additives: High-quality products are organic and do not have extra additives.

Most importantly, purchase a product that has variances. Variances, in terms of potency and flavors, offer users a chance to use a suitable option.

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