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The 5 Best CBD Crumbles and How to Choose the Best One

For some, regular CBD products are good but not quite powerful enough. That’s where Crumble and other CBD concentrates come in. CBD crumbles are much more potent than your classic e-liquids, edibles, and tinctures, allowing you to get massive doses of CBD into your system within seconds.

With CBD now legal, crumble is safer and stronger than ever before. But do you need it, and if so, what’s the best way to take it? I’ll answer those questions and more right after introducing you to the top five CBD crumbles.

1. Pinnacle Hemp – Full-Spectrum CBD Crumble

Pinnacle Hemp – Full-Spectrum CBD Crumble

Packed with 400mg of premium full-spectrum hemp extract, this 40% CBD Crumble from Pinnacle Hemp is one to savor. Expect maximum purity from Pinnacle’s crumble, which is made with US-grown, non-GMO hemp and rich in cannabinoids and aromatic terpenes.

More than 380mg of CBD combines with CBC, CBG, CBN, and other secondary cannabinoids, embellishing the entourage effect. A bit of THC further ramps up the benefits – but don’t worry, this crumble is still legal!

Look no further than Pinnacle’s full-spectrum CBD crumble for a tasty, therapeutic, and intense CBD experience. Farm Bill compliant and third-party tested by ACS Laboratory.

2. Diesel Hemp – Spec7 CBD Crumble

Diesel Hemp – Spec7 CBD Crumble

Diesel Hemp goes the extra mile with its Spec7 CBD Crumble. Manufactured with their own greenhouse-grown, high-strength CBD flower, this concentrate is potent and flavorful and has a completely intact terpene profile.

Each gram of full-spectrum crumble contains almost 900mg of CBD, complemented with trace amounts of secondary cannabinoids. The alpha-pinene and beta-myrcene terpenes make for a relaxing, anxiety-free experience and funky, floral flavor.

Diesel Hemp maximizes the terpenes by curing the CBD flower for more than 60 days before working with it. This CBD crumble is third-party tested for purity and potency by Botanacor.

3.  Sun State Hemp – CBD Wax Crumble (400mg)

Sun State Hemp – CBD Wax Crumble

This 400mg CBD Wax Crumble from Sun State Hemp consists of purified, hemp-derived CBD extract and natural flavorings. If you want a CBD concentrate experience that’s free from THC, you’ve found it!

Sun State Hemp’s crumble has a waxy consistency and is great for dabbing or vaping in a wax-compatible device. The versatile nature of this product makes it very portable and ideal if you like to consume CBD concentrates on the go.

Third-party tested and manufactured in cGMP-certified facilities. This CBD crumble is manufactured with US-grown hemp and is free from pesticides and herbicides.

4.   CBD Crystal – Cherry Abacus CBD Crumble / CBD Wax

CBD Crystal – Cherry Abacus CBD Crumble

This tip-top crumble product from CBD Crystal consists of Cherry Abacus full-spectrum oil. A cross between the Cherry Pie and Abacus strains, expect relaxing effects with a sweet and fruity taste – and it smells just like cheesecake!

CBD Crystal takes extracts at negative temperatures to maximize terpene preservation. Such attention to detail enhances the therapeutic effects while maximizing flavor. Vitally, THC levels remain under the legal limit of 0.3% THC.

The Cherry Abacus CBD Crumble contains third-party tested hemp extract, scrutinized by Pree Laboratories. CBD Crystal uses organically-grown hemp and manufactures its crumble in cGMP-certified facilities.

5.   The Hemp Collect – CBD Crumble

CBD Crumble from The Hemp Collect is sold for personal consumption, but it’s also made available in bulk for companies making CBD products. It’s a trusty, if not world-beating crumble, registering at almost 80% CBD with a dash of CBDV and THC.

The Hemp Collect offers its crumble in two forms – either with Strawnana or Cherry Wine terpenes. The Strawnana has a fruity flavor and produces calming effects; the Cherry Wine is similarly fruity but noted for its mood-boosting and euphoric properties.

You can purchase as little as 1 gram of this crumble or as much as 20 kilograms! Third-party tested regularly by Columbia Laboratories.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a phytocannabinoid and one of the most prominent substances found in the cannabis plant. However, as opposed to the equally prevalent THC, you can’t get high from consuming CBD. Instead, CBD products like Crumble are all about the health benefits.

Research is ongoing, but much of CBD’s influence comes from how it affects the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system regulates many of our mental and physical faculties. Dysfunction in the ECS could even be the underlying cause of migraines and fibromyalgia.

CBD appears to impact the ECS in two critical ways. Firstly, CBD is an antagonist – or blocker – of the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the ECS. And secondly, CBD stops the body from breaking down our natural endocannabinoids (i.e., anandamide) by inhibiting FAAH enzymes.

Without getting into complex science, we can draw one crucial conclusion about CBD – it’s unique. CBD, and other cannabinoids, work in ways unlike any other substance known to mankind.

While the ECS wasn’t discovered until the 1990s, scientists believe it’s always been present in humans and other life forms. It’s staggering to learn that it has such a wide-ranging influence over our well-being.

Furthermore, it’s not a stretch to suggest that CBD could help with mood issues, inflammation, and other ailments that would once have been considered to have nothing in common.

What is CBD crumble?

CBD crumble

CBD crumble is a highly-concentrated version of CBD designed for smoking, dabbing, vaping, or eating. Also known as crumble wax or honeycomb wax, CBD crumble has a dry and fragmented texture that crumbles easily, increasing its versatility.

Compared to traditional CBD wax, crumble products are less sticky and simpler to use. For example, it’s much easier to strengthen a joint or bowl with crumble than with a classic wax product.

CBD crumble generally contains CBD-isolate or full-spectrum hemp extract. The former only has CBD, whereas the latter also contains minor cannabinoids and a pinch of THC. While both are federally legal, the small amount of THC in full-spectrum crumble could make you fail a drug test.

The 2018 Farm Bill states that hemp products, such as CBD crumble, must have less than 0.3% THC. If a product exceeds this tight THC threshold, then it meets the description of marijuana and is classified as a Schedule 1 drug.

3 reasons to use CBD crumble


CBD crumble appeals because it delivers fast-acting and intense effects. But what does CBD actually help with? Officially, CBD has limited medicinal value and is only prescribed for some rare epileptic conditions.

But the exploding popularity of CBD and glowing anecdotes from happy users indicates the substance may have several uses in the future. Let’s touch upon three of these.

Pain: The jury is still out on whether CBD relieves pain. But a hard-hitting product like Crumble could theoretically ease severe, acute symptoms. Interestingly, more people use CBD products for pain than other self-medicating reasons.

Anxiety: If you suffer from anxiety, you know the importance of stamping on an attack as soon as it begins. Vaping or dabbing highly-potent crumble is the way to go. Existing research suggests you need hefty doses of CBD to manage anxiety.

Depression: CBD’s antidepressant properties are under investigation, with studies throwing up some intriguing results. Some researchers have argued that CBD may reduce depressive symptoms by treating brain inflammation and promoting neurogenesis (brain cell growth).

How to take CBD crumble

You can smoke CBD crumble by adding it to your joint, blunt, or bowl. I love the convenience of this method, and it’s a clever way of intensifying the effects of hemp flower.

Vaping CBD crumble is similarly effective and reduces health risks. However, you’ll need a wax-compatible device, such as a wax pen, to enjoy the crumble’s effects in this manner. Vaping connoisseurs may prefer the clean, pure, and potent experience dabbing CBD crumble offers. I like the intense and flavorful effects of dabbing, but it does require some fancy equipment, which isn’t cheap. Consider dabbing an upgrade rather than a necessity.

Last but not least, you can eat CBD crumble. Eating crumble is a unique and underrated consumption method, which means CBD’s effects last much longer but don’t kick in as quickly. If you choose this option, I recommend blending CBD crumble into a hot drink.

What to Look For When Buying CBD Crumble

Crumble isn’t as widespread as some CBD products, but plenty of producers are still out there. As with all types of CBD, some companies follow the correct procedures, while others try to cut corners. If you don’t know where to start, revisit my top five crumbles to guarantee yourself a safe and satisfying experience. If you want to know more about what makes a world-class CBD crumble, keep reading!

Third-party certificates of analysis

third party analysis

The only way to know for sure that a crumble product has those sky-high levels of CBD is by checking the third-party certificate of analysis. Legit CBD businesses have no qualms about showing you these; the sketchier brands will do everything to stop you from asking for them.

Sure, no law compels CBD product manufacturers to supply third-party lab reports to customers. But it’s an effective measure to prove legitimacy in an industry that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate. If there’s no certificate of analysis available, assume the company is up to no good. Don’t spend your money on a questionable product when there’s so much good stuff out there!

Type of hemp extract

In a worst-case scenario, choosing the wrong CBD crumbles could lead to a failed drug test. With super-strength concentrates, even 0.3% THC can build up in your system and trigger a sensitive test. Getting the hemp extract right is critical!

If you have drug test apprehensions, purchase a CBD-isolate or broad-spectrum crumble – the latter preserves the benefits of minor cannabinoids but filters out the THC. If you aren’t concerned about taking a little THC, I recommend a full-spectrum crumble that brings out the entourage effect.

Extraction method

Concentrate manufacturing processes are constantly improving as companies increase their efforts to produce clean, pure, and potent crumble. Supercritical CO2 extraction is widely regarded as the gold standard extraction method.

Brands utilizing supercritical CO2 extraction should have no difficulty showing on a third-party lab report that their products are free from residual solvents. If you cannot get purity assurances, these companies may be using inferior forms of extraction, such as butane hash oil (BHO) extraction.

How to Store Your CBD Crumble

CBD Crumble

Store your CBD crumble in cool, dry, and dark conditions to maintain freshness and potency over time. Ideally, keep your crumble in the resealable, airtight tub it comes in! Leaving crumble lying around in the sun and open-air risks light degradation and oxidation. Both cause cannabinoids to degrade, significantly reducing the potency of CBD products.

How Long Does CBD Crumble Last?

Storing CBD crumble in an airtight container and in dark and cool conditions should keep your product fresh for at least six months. Some people have reported CBD products still being as good as new up to two years after purchasing. CBD crumble will eventually degrade, no matter how well you keep it. I recommend only buying as much as you need.

Purchasing CBD Crumble Online vs. Shops Near Me

Online vs. Shops

Buying CBD Crumble online is the best approach for several reasons – primarily safety and cost. While convenience stores, gas stations, and similar brick-and-mortar stores all seem to stock CBD nowadays, you can’t trust them like you can a renowned CBD vendor.

Third-party testing gives peace of mind that your CBD crumble is safe. But some stores don’t care or check if their products are genuine. Online hemp vendors can’t afford to risk their reputation on dodgy CBD crumble and always make third-party reports available.

From a cost perspective, physical stores cannot match the low prices of online shops due to higher operational expenses. You’ll pay more for the same product in-store than buying online! Visit any online store today for CBD crumble and other third-party tested CBD products.

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