Top 5 CBN Flower Products

CBN Flower

Undoubtedly, Flower is one of the most popular hemp-based products available, but CBN Flower has put an exciting new twist on things. Promising deeper relaxation than CBD, hemp buds rich in cannabinol (CBN) are fast becoming go-to products for sleep.

If CBN is new to you then I’m glad you’re here. This comprehensive guide to CBN flowers will explore what makes CBN unique and how you can get the most out of CBN nugs. But before we delve into the finer details, let’s start with a look at the best five CBN flowers:

1. Exclusive Hemp Farms – CBN Hemp Flower

CBN Hemp Flower

Deepen your relaxation and enjoy a better night’s sleep with premium CBN hemp flower from Exclusive Hemp Farms. Boasting a rich concentration of CBN and impressive levels of other cannabinoids, this stand-out hemp flower product puts CBD in the shade.

These organic, non-GMO buds contain naturally occurring CBN and an extra helping of CBN concentrate smeared onto the flower, ramping up the sedation to unprecedented levels!

And with the third-party test from SC Labs, you can trust the flower from Exclusive Hemp Farms. Free from residual solvents, pesticides, and mycotoxins, and with less than 0.3% THC, what’s not to like about this CBN flower?

Sizes available: 1 gram, 1/8 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, 1 oz, 1/4 lb, 1/2 lb, 1 lb

2. The Hemp Haus – CBN Pre-Rolls

CBN Pre-Rolls

Spark up and immerse yourself in the soothing effects of CBN with these high-quality pre-rolls from The Hemp Haus. Composed of grade A hemp flower, CBN-isolate, and a template blend, these joints smoke smoothly and offer plenty of flavors.

The heavy-hitting effects of the CBN and the relaxing mix of terpenes will have you ready for bed in no time. Rolled with Raw papers to ensure an authentic taste free from artificial flavorings, the Hemp Haus has everything covered. Choose between seven strains.

Strains available: Gelato, GG4, Mimosa, Northern Lights, Runtz, White Widow, ZKZ

3. Delta Ape – Relax CBN Pre-Rolls

Relax CBN Pre-Rolls

Relax CBN pre-rolls from Delta Ape are just the tonic to end sleepless nights. With calming effects on the mind and body, these joints will get you primed and ready for bed without causing any intoxication. The rich concentration of CBN gives Delta Ape’s pre-rolls genuine indica effects.

Ever heard of Delta Ape before? They have been in the industry since 2019 and have a growing collection of legal hemp-based products. They are the real deal, as proven by their website’s up-to-date third-party lab reports.

4. Puerto Rico’s Finest – CBN Pre-Roll Flower Joint

CBN Pre-Roll Flower Joint

Whether your issue is getting to sleep or staying asleep, I’m confident CBN flower joints from Puerto Rico’s Finest can make a difference for you. These joints pack a real punch, with a whopping 2 grams of hemp flower and 100mg of CBN. You could share, but I bet you want to keep it all for yourself!

Puerto Rico’s Finest is fairly new, but they are going about things correctly. All the necessary third-party lab results are accessible on their site, and they pass with flying colors. All hemp products sold at Puerto Rico’s Finest, including these pre-rolls, are organic.

5. CannaAid – CBD + CBN Pre-Rolls

CBN Pre-Rolls

Lastly, we have some delightful CBD + CBN pre-rolls from CannaAid. The combination of CBD and CBN makes for a slightly lighter experience, which may appeal to new CBN users in particular.

These joints have a roughly 7:2 CBD to CBN ratio, with 178mg CBD extract and 50mg CBN distillate per 1g pre-roll. The CBD comes from the hemp flower, while the CBN distillate is smeared on the exterior. These pre-rolls also contain small amounts of CBC and CBG.

Quality and transparency are paramount at CannaAid, with certificates of analysis available for both its Bubba Kush and Cross 87 CBD + CBN joints.

What is CBN Flower?

Cannabinol (CBN) flower is legal hemp with less than 0.3% THC. While CBN flower has the same aroma and appearance as marijuana, it’s the THC count that determines legality. The 2018 Agriculture Improvement Act set the THC limit for “hemp” products at 0.3%, so as long as CBN flower has less than that, it’s good to go!

There are two ways of making CBN flowers. You could start with high-THC buds and expose them to oxygen and ultraviolet light. THC cannabinoids degrade into CBN, so if you age them for long enough, THC flower will turn into CBN flower. However, this method can be risky, given the tight THC threshold for hemp products.

The safer approach for companies is to start with CBD-rich hemp nugs and coat them in CBN distillate. This method ensures that the flower remains legal and gives the manufacturer full control over the CBN potency of the buds.

What is CBN?

What is CBN

No, it’s not a typo! CBN is one of several secondary cannabinoids vying for attention. While officially described as mildly psychotropic, CBN is not psychoactive in the classic cannabis sense and doesn’t cause intoxication.

Like most cannabinoids, CBN does most of its work within the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS regulates several mental and physical functions, and cannabinoids play a vital role. CBN is a partial agonist – albeit weak – of the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the ECS.

Possible Benefits of CBN

The signs are that CBN has mighty therapeutic potential, although we don’t yet have the research to say. CBN has long been an afterthought for cannabis researchers, who spend most of their time looking at the effects of CBD and THC.

But CBN products such as flowers thrive as natural, alternative sleep remedies. Per thousands of anecdotes online, CBN is a potent sedative and more effective than CBD in this respect. The existing research does indeed suggest that CBN induces drowsiness.

Cannabinoid therapy for glaucoma symptoms is an intriguing area of science, and the early indications are that CBN outperforms all other cannabinoids. CBN appears to ease glaucoma symptoms by reducing intraocular pressure.

CBN’s anti-inflammatory properties are a timely discovery given the notorious side effects associated with existing non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Studies suggest that CBN may tackle arthritis by reducing inflammatory symptoms.

Finally, CBN could also help humans wage war against antibiotic-resistant bacteria, thanks to its antibacterial effects. The cannabinoid is also one of several to display neuroprotective properties in early trials.

How to Use CBN Flower

CBN Flower

CBN flower is one of my favorite hemp products. The versatility is the stand-out feature of the flower – you can use it for an intense, fast-acting experience or for more gradual, long-lasting effects. Let’s explore some popular methods of intake.

Smoking: Old-school marijuana users will probably prefer to smoke CBN flowers. Yes, we all know smoking is a risky business, but the delicious flavor and immediate relaxation is a price worth paying for many. And CBN flower isn’t addictive, so it’s nowhere near as harmful as smoking tobacco.

Vaping: Reduce the harmful effects of smoking while preserving the flavor and instant effects by vaping CBN flower. You’ll need a dry herb device to vape CBN buds – I love the PAX, but cheaper options are available.

Homemade edibles: Sure, it’s easier to buy readymade CBN edibles, but there’s nothing quite like a homemade brownie or cookie. Baked CBN goods are not only mouth-watering, but they also last longer. If you need all-day or all-night relief, edibles are the way to go.

Homemade topicals: Likewise, there are plenty of CBN topicals out there already, but with homemade creams and balms, you can put a personal spin on things by adding essential oils and other therapeutic extracts. CBN-infused topicals can get to the root of inflammation more effectively, as the cannabinoids are delivered directly to the affected region.

What to Look For When Buying CBN Flower

Compared to other hemp products and even other CBN products, there isn’t much CBN flower out there right now. But as word gets around about the benefits of CBN buds, we can expect that to change and for more companies to get in on things.

But when buying CBN flowers, you need to check that a product conforms to safety standards and that it meets your needs. Let’s explore how to do that.

Third-Party Lab Results

Lab Results

Only buy from hemp vendors that supply third-party lab results, and give the report a read before parting with your cash. Independent lab testing makes up for the lack of FDA regulation in the hemp market, and it helps ensure that you’re getting legit, safe, and genuine CBN flowers.

Third-party testing is non-negotiable nowadays in the world of hemp. All the top brands are happy to be transparent, and you can be sure that those who refuse are grifters and fraudsters.

Organic, non-GMO hemp

Look for CBN buds cultivated using organic, non-GMO practices, as these are less likely to contain pesticides or any other harmful contaminants. Organic flowers may cost a little extra, but it’s worth it for a safer and better-tasting smoke.


The strength of your CBN flower will determine whether you’re merely relaxed and chilled or sinking into your mattress within a matter of minutes! Always check the potency before purchasing or risk being disappointed.

If you haven’t experienced CBN flower before, start with a low-strength product. You can always smoke more if necessary, but it’s more difficult to judge your dosage if you’re smoking super-potent buds from the off.

Terpene Profile

Considering the CBN flower is all about calmness, sedation, and sleep, most hemp flower strains will have indica terpenes to complement these effects. But it’s still worth looking out for, as some brands may make CBN stains with a sativa tilt. These buds would probably leave you calm and relaxed but not sleepy and drowsy.

How to Store Your CBN Flower

Store Your CBN Flower

Store CBN hemp flower in an airtight jar in cool temperatures and away from direct sunlight. Eliminating exposure to light and oxygen is critical to stop ultraviolet ray degradation, oxidation, and loss of potency.

An airtight container is also critical for discretion. Hemp flower is teeming with terpenes, and these aroma molecules produce an all-too-familiar marijuana smell. Sure, we know CBN flower is legal, but your anti-cannabis friend might not. Trust me, it’s not worth the hassle to argue with them!

How Long Does CBN Flower Last?

The relaxing effects of CBN flower last for up to three hours if you smoke or vape the herb. Consuming it in a homemade edible will extend the effects for a few hours.

However, the speed of your metabolism may affect how quickly or slowly the effects of CBN wear off. A tolerance build-up from regular consumption may also shorten your CBN flower experience.

Purchasing CBN Flower Online vs. Shops Near Me

Purchasing Online

With hemp-based products continuing to boom, more and more stores are looking to cash in. But gas stations, convenience stores, and similar non-specialist brick-and-mortar shops should be avoided when buying CBN flowers. You’re much better off with an experienced and well-known online hemp vendor.

Specialist retailers can see scammers coming a mile off. You’ll never see unapproved and untested goods on the online shelves, but convenience stores and gas stations are infamous for selling sketchy products.

In addition, a proper hemp vendor will have a much larger collection of products than stores looking to make a quick buck on CBN flowers. Since not all CBN buds are the same, having that choice isn’t just a perk but a necessity.

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