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Top 5 CBG Flower Products

Until recently, legal hemp flower has been all about CBD, but now cannabigerol (CBG) strains are rising to prominence. Known as the “mother of all cannabinoids”, non-psychotropic CBG has a unique set of beneficial properties that hemp users cannot get enough of. 

I want to start with the five best CBG flower products on the market right now, before touching upon potential therapeutic uses and how to get the most out of CBG buds. 

Top 5 Begin Here

1. Best Selling CBG Hemp Flower

Black Tie – SuperGlue CBG Hemp Flower

With a whopping 22% CBG, the SuperGlue strain from Black Tie is a worthy winner. Boasting a gorgeous piney and hoppy aroma and delivering a deliciously smooth smoke, these buds are a genuine delight.

Hand-trimmed and beautifully manicured, SuperGlue CBG flower is super potent. A sprinkling of dark, orange terpenes gives these buds a cute finish. The hybrid-style effects of this strain make it perfect for mornings, afternoons, and evenings.

Available sizes: 1g, 3.5g, 7g, ½ oz, 1oz

2. Most Popular

American Shaman – CBG Flower

Cultivated in the United States, American Shaman’s collection of CBG flower is a deserved runner-up. Choose between intense John Snow buds at almost 21% CBG, or get acquainted with the lighter Sour G and White Widow strains.

American Shaman strains have tiny amounts of THC – well below the 0.3% legal limit – which is ideal if you have drug test worries. The third-party reports from DB Labs show small concentrations of CBC in American Shaman’s CBG buds, bringing extra benefits.

Available strains: Jack Frost, John Snow, Lemon Cream Diesel, Sour G, White Widow

3. Runner Up

Cheef Botanicals – White CBG Hemp Flower

Teeming with trichomes, White CBG flower from Cheef Botanicals oozes CBG. Naturally grown and non-GMO, this legal Oregonian hemp strain has a frosty finish and a powerful, sour aroma. Checking in at 13.63% CBG, these buds are potent but not overwhelming.

The 4-gram and 7-gram purchases come in an airtight glass jar with a child-resistant cap. This Cheef Botanicals strain has no THC! You can smoke until your heart’s content without experiencing psychoactive effects, and nor do you have to panic about drug tests.

Available sizes: 4g jar, 7g (1/4 oz) jar, 28g (1oz) bag, 114g (1/4lb) bag, 227g (1/2lb), 454g (1lb) bag

4. Runner Up

CBD Hemp Direct – Paradise CBG Flower

After a few hits of this CBG strain from CBD Hemp Direct, you will feel like you’re in paradise! With an eye-popping 21.5% CBG, these Paradise buds are among the strongest you’ll find and deliver intense relaxation and happiness without intoxication.

A cross between Paradise OG and Desert Snow, Paradise CBG Flower is a sativa-dominant hybrid boasting an orangey and piney aroma. Rich in flavorful terpenes, Paradise buds contain high levels of linalool, guaiol, bisabolol, caryophyllene, and limonene.

Available sizes: 1.5g, 3g, 7g, 30g, ¼ lb, ½ lb

5. Runner Up

Nu-X CBD – White Whale CBG Hemp Flower

Settle in for a relaxing smoke with White Whale CBG Flower from Nu-X CBD. Registering at almost 12% CBG, these aren’t the most potent buds but are great for first-timers and occasional users. The citrusy aroma translates into a lovely lemony aftertaste that lingers long in the memory.

The nitrogen-sealed container keeps these buds in tip-top condition until you’re ready to enjoy them. White Whale CBG flower has passed third-party checks and is free from pesticides, mycotoxins, microbials, and heavy metals. Sold in 3.5-gram containers.

What is CBG Flower?

CBG flower is a legal form of the Cannabis Sativa L. plant containing high concentrations of cannabigerol (CBG) but less than 0.3% THC. CBG buds look, smell, and taste like good old Mary Jane, but won’t get you stoned.

CBG nugs have emerged as a popular alternative to CBD flower. Both cannabinoids are non-intoxicating and benefit the endocannabinoid system (ECS). But CBG has intriguing health effects that differ somewhat from CBD’s.

CBG has also acquired the “mother of all cannabinoids” moniker. Hemp plants are rich in CBG during the early stages of growth, but the CBG mostly turns into CBD or THC before harvesting.

Usually, CBG accounts for less than 1% of a strain’s total weight. But growers have learned to cultivate strains with much higher levels of CBG. Some CBG buds contain more than 20% CBG, making for potent therapeutic effects.

To be clear, CBG has no approved medical uses, and CBG flower is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. But studies suggest the cannabinoid has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, neuroprotective effects, and antibiotic potential.

Is CBG flower legal?

CBG flower is legal so long as the total delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content does not exceed 0.3% on a dry weight basis. This was the caveat set in the 2018 Agriculture Improvement Act (Farm Bill), which was responsible for legalizing hemp.

The Farm Bill did not set thresholds on CBG or any other cannabinoids. Therefore, hemp flower can legally contain an unlimited amount of CBG, although it’s unlikely growers will be able to cultivate strains with much more than 20%.

While legal, CBG buds look and smell no different from high-THC marijuana flower. Many people still don’t understand the difference between psychoactive marijuana and non-intoxicating hemp. Bear this in mind if you need to be discreet.

How to use CBG flower

Smoking and vaping are the easiest and most efficient ways of enjoying CBG flower. But you can also use buds to make CBG-infused edibles. Let’s explore the benefits of each method.

Smoking: When people think of hemp or cannabis flower, they think of smoking. It’s the old-school and most authentic way of consuming these plants and delivers the effects almost immediately. Just roll a joint or pack a bowl and blaze up.

Smoking CBG flower is simply a flavorful and relaxing experience. Sure, smoking CBG buds is not risk-free, and I don’t want to downplay the risks. But unlike tobacco cigarettes, CBG flower does not contain nicotine or any other addictive component.

Vaping: Dry herb vaping reduces the health risks of smoking without compromising your CBD experience. Because vaping doesn’t burn the herb, you don’t consume so many cancer-causing carcinogens when inhaling. But the effects still hit hard and fast. Vaping is also less smelly than smoking.

However, you need a device compatible with dry herbs to vaporize CBD flower – you cannot use vape pens or tank devices to vape herbs. Dry herb vaporizers are a pricy investment, but they may be worth it, depending on your circumstances.

Edibles: Of course, it’s much easier to buy ready-made edibles. But hemp-loving bakers will be pleased to know you can make edibles with CBG flower. Edibles provide a considerably different CBG experience, with the effects lasting for several hours longer.

What to Look For When Buying CBG Flower

Many hemp companies now stock CBG flower. While competition should improve product quality, it also creates an opening for chancers and scammers. Thankfully, most hemp brands are in the industry for the right reasons.

I’m confident my top five picks represent the best the world of hemp has to offer with CBG flower. But if you want to see what else is out there, I have some advice on finding safe and suitable strains.

Third-party certificate of analysis

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate CBG flower, so the market operates a third-party testing system instead. Here’s how it works: a company like Black Tie sends its CBG flower to an independent laboratory, which carries out multiple checks.

The third-party lab can ascertain how much CBG a strain has and whether it has less than 0.3% THC. A good lab also tests for heavy metals, solvents, pesticides, and other impurities. Once complete, the lab will send back a certificate of analysis for the hemp company to display on its website.

All top brands conform with third-party testing, and you should never trust one that doesn’t. If a company cannot provide a certificate of analysis, they are probably trying to rip you off by overstating how much CBG is in their flower.


While all CBG buds may look similar, the effects can vary quite significantly depending on the potency. First-timers may find 20% CBG flower too intense. Meanwhile, experienced smokers may feel underwhelmed by 10% buds.

Always double-check the potency before purchasing. Different companies may claim to sell the same strain, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the CBG percentage will be the same. All reputable hemp flower vendors state how much CBG is in their buds, and you can verify any claims with a quick scan of the lab report.


Generally, CBG nugs provide a relaxing and mood-boosting experience. But the terpenes in a strain also hold sway over the effects. Sativa CBG flower is more energizing than its counterparts, while buds with indica terpenes serve to deepen your sedation. Hybrid CBG flower gives you a mix of both.

Terpenes should work in your favor, but they can be your worst nightmare if you get it wrong. For instance, you don’t want to spark up an indica CBG joint mid-morning, or you’ll be snoozing through the day. Likewise, a sativa joint in the evening will have you buzzing all night. I recommend buying both sativa and indica flower, or just hybrid buds.

How to Store Your CBG Flower

Store CBG flower in an airtight container away from direct sunlight. Sealing hemp nugs in a mason jar or Tupperware stops the pungent aroma from seeping out. It also limits oxygen exposure, preventing cannabinoid degradation due to oxidation, as well as stopping flower from getting moist and moldy.

Storing in a dark cupboard stops light degradation. If left in the sun, persistent ultraviolet (UV) rays will gradually affect the potency of your CBG flower.

How Long does CBG Flower Last?

CBG flower’s benefits last for up to three hours when vaporized or smoked. Effects from edibles may last for up to eight hours. However, various factors can influence just how long your CBG flower lasts.

For instance, daily CBG smokers will likely experience short-lived relief due to tolerance. Meanwhile, taking edibles on an empty stomach can shorten the duration of effects and vice versa.

Your speed of metabolism can also impact how long CBG remains active. Ultimately, guidelines on blog posts like these are just that – guidelines. The only way to really know how long CBG flower lasts is to try it for yourself.

Purchasing CBG Flower Online vs. Shops Near Me

CBG flower is getting more popular, but it’s not yet a staple product in dispensaries and health stores. That said, I would always buy CBG flower online, even if I could get it at my local store. Here’s why.

Who would you trust for CBG-rich hemp flower – a health shop that stocks all kinds of supplements, or a specialist online hemp store? The latter, of course!

Shopping at CBD Genesis takes the stress out of buying hemp. Thanks to their experience and reputation in the industry, you know their products can be trusted. And if you ever have doubts, third-party reports are always available to put your mind at ease.

Buying online is cheaper and more convenient, too. Brick-and-mortar stores have too many additional costs to compete with online vendors on price.

Sure, you might have to pay for shipping when purchasing on the web, but most companies ship products for free if you spend over a certain amount.

Online stores typically offer more variety than brick-and-mortar shops. Specialist online hemp vendors will always stock more CBG strains than stores selling these products as a novelty.

Check out CBD Genesis today for top-shelf, lab-approved hemp flower! With their own range of buds and dry herbs from America’s best-known hemp brands, CBD Genesis has everything you could ask for.

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