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A Guide to Passing with P Sure Synthetic Urine

P Sure Synthetic Urine replicates real urine as closely as possible, so it meets all the requirements of a standard drug test. This product is popular because it’s easy to use.

Using P Sure is super easy. The instructions are as follows:

  1. Heat the urine to the necessary temperature
  2. Strap to the body for discretion
  3. Provide a urine sample with the synthetic urine

It really is that easy, but we’ve got the answers if you still have questions! In this review, we delve into the specific qualities of P Sure and highlight all the steps you must follow to guarantee success. And believe it or not, synthetic urine has some other interesting benefits – read on to find out more!

Introducing P Sure Synthetic Urine

P Sure is a popular unisex synthetic urine, and it certainly looks like the real deal. But there are some pressing questions regarding how effective drug screening is.

Synthetic urine products must contain a collection of compounds found in real urine; otherwise, it is immediately obvious that a product is fake. Unfortunately, there is uncertainty as to whether urea or uric acid is present in P Sure products.

A few years ago, this wasn’t such an issue. But as drug tests have become more sophisticated to weed out fakes, brands that haven’t kept up with the times are less likely to yield success. It’s possible this is what’s happened to P Sure, although it’s worth noting that some online reviewers still report good results about the product.

P Sure kits come with 3.5 ounces of premixed synthetic urine and a hand warmer to help get the product up to body temperature. That’s standard for readymade synthetic urine, although it would be nice if the pack included a rubber band to make it easier to strap the hand warmer to the bottle.

Getting success

Let’s assume for a minute that P Sure works perfectly. You’ve got the bottle, and it’s time to prepare with the test fast approaching! Here’s what you’ve got to do.

  1. Heat the urine: Pour the sample into a cup, and heat in the microwave for 10 seconds
  2. Read the temperature: Pour the sample back into the bottle, and read the temperature on the attached strip (90 to 100°F)
  3. Attach the handwarmer: Strap the handwarmer to the bottle with a rubber band, to keep the synthetic urine at body temperature for up to six hours

That’s all there is to it, although the type of test you’re facing will determine if you need to take some additional measures. For example, if you get to take the test alone (or even home with you), it’s simply a case of getting the sample into the test cup.

But if you’re required to pee on demand (with perhaps even someone watching!), you’ll need to keep your synthetic urine completely under wraps, or you risk blowing your cover.

You may benefit from an extra purchase, such as a belt or leg strap. This will help you always conceal the synthetic urine bottle, and you will be able to keep it with you in the event of a surprise test.

Frustratingly, however, there have also been criticisms of the P Sure Temperature Strip not providing an accurate reading. This is a big problem if you need to “pee on demand,” since an unrealistic temperature reading will be an automatic giveaway that you are using a fake.

If you proceed with P Sure, ensure that you keep the bottle out of direct sunlight before use, or the chemical composition of the synthetic urine could get destroyed.

3 more uses of P Sure Synthetic Urine

Fetish play

We know what you are thinking: why else would anyone want synthetic urine but to pass a drug test? You may be surprised!

Fetish play

P Sure markets its urine as an “adult novelty” product, and it’s an appropriate description! Increasingly, kinky fetishists are turning towards synthetic urine over the real thing during playtime.

It looks and smells the same but is free from toxins and impurities, eliminating any risk of disease transmission. P Sure is a fun product if you want to spice things up in the bedroom.

Scientific studies

Sometimes, scientists like to conduct studies with urine – or, more specifically, the compounds found within the urine. Since real urine may be loaded with toxins, a synthetic alternative like P Sure can make life a lot easier for researchers.

Alternative therapy

Urine as medicine? That may sound strange to Americans, but it makes total sense in some parts of the world. Urine has a long history of use – in India, for example – as a natural therapy for an array of ailments, and synthetic products are getting more popular by the year.

A quick disclaimer: we do not recommend urine for any medical conditions, and you should never ingest synthetic urine products.


So there you have it. P Sure is a basic synthetic urine product that may help with drug tests and boasts a variety of other fascinating users. However, it is undeniable that the bad reviews and doubts over whether the product contains vital urea and uric acid holds it back. In an industry where consistent progress is crucial to stay ahead of the game, P Sure may fall a little short.

But we want to hear from you! Have you tried P Sure Synthetic Urine? What was your experience like? Did you find it easy to use? Drop a comment below and join the conversation!

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