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Exploring the Benefits of THC-O Capsules: Long-lasting Highs and Vape-Free Consumption

Are you curious about the super-potent effects of THC-O but opposed to vaping for health reasons? If so, THC-O capsules could be the healthier and more suitable THC-O product that you’ve been waiting for.

THC-O caps provide long-lasting, psychedelic-style highs with three times the intensity of THC. The emergence of THC-O marks the latest development in the thriving market for legal hemp highs. 

In this post, I’ll look at what makes THC-O unique and why capsules are used. I’ll begin with my three favorite THC-O capsule products available in 2023!

1. Binoid – THC-O Capsules (750mg)

THC O Capsules

Binoid’s soft gel capsules contain 25mg THC-O each, with 30 capsules per tub, making 750mg THC-O in all. These powerful psychoactive caps will keep you sky-high for several hours, with the slow release of THC-O ensuring extended euphoria and a mind and body buzz.

Binoid’s gluten-free, vegan-friendly capsules consist of non-GMO hemp and are manufactured in the United States. The soft gel design ensures these caps are easy to swallow, which isn’t always the case with hard capsules.

Since you cannot split the dose, the 25mg THC-O capsules should only be used by cannabis veterans familiar with high dosages. THC-O is slow to take effect, but you should start feeling high within 90 minutes. Third-party tested with less than 0.3% THC.

2. Snapdragon Hemp – THC-O 100mg Capsules

THC O Capsules

I don’t think I have ever seen a more potent THC-O product than this offering from Snapdragon Hemp. Each capsule contains a mind-boggling 100mg THC-O – the equivalent of 300mg THC. If anything, they may be too strong and are certainly only for seasoned users.

Each tub comes with 30 capsules, giving you 3000mg THC-O in total. Considering the amount of THC-O you’re getting, these Snapdragon caps are very affordable. Unfortunately, they use hard capsules, which might not work for everyone.

Snapdragon’s THC-O Capsules are vegan-friendly and produced in Tennessee. They warn the effects might take four hours to hit, so go easy with your dose. Third-party tested for Farm Bill Compliance by New Bloom Labs.

3. KB’s Hemp Emporium – THC-O Cannabinoid Capsules

THC O Capsules

Indulge in an intense THC-O experience with these no-frills capsules from KB’s Hemp Emporium. Each cap contains 50mg THC-O extract and 0.9 ml medium-chained triglyceride (MCT) oil, which magnifies THC-O’s bioavailability.

KB’s Hemp Emporium stocks a selection of cannabinoid capsules, but none match the intensity of this THC-O product. You can buy a sample pack of five to get a feel of THC-O’s effects before purchasing a better-value tub of 30 if you so desire.

KB’s Hemp Emporium is a new name in the industry, but these capsules show they are serious about making top products. Indeed, they describe themselves as the Home of Exotic Cannabinoids.

KCA Labs provides extensive third-party test results for KB’s THC-O distillate.

What is THC-O Capsules?

THC-O capsules are hemp-based products with large amounts of the psychoactive THC-O cannabinoid. Typically, capsules contain a mixture of THC-O distillate and MCT oil, with the latter helping to increase the effectiveness of the THC-O.

Capsules are an excellent alternative to vape cartridges and disposables, producing longer-lasting highs while protecting your lungs from any harmful consequences.

When consuming a THC-O capsule, be prepared for them to take up to three hours to work. Caps kick in even more gradually than edibles, as your stomach can only absorb the THC-O molecules once it has degraded the capsule and released the oil.

Capsules are more discreet than other THC-O products. They do not have any recognizable aroma, so you can easily take them without anybody noticing.

THC-O capsules have a set dosage, ensuring your highs are consistent and that you never accidentally take too much or not enough. That’s critical with a mega-psychotropic substance like THC-O, where every milligram counts.

I recommend capsules made with a soft gel casing, as these are generally smaller and less cumbersome to swallow. However, with not many THC-O capsule products available right now, there is no guarantee that your desired product will be available in soft gel form.

What is THC-O?

THC-O (also known as THC acetate ester) is a cannabinoid with intoxicating, mind-altering effects. With hemp now legal at the federal level, little-known psychoactive substances like THC-O have gotten a new lease of life in the shape of recreational hemp products.

However, unlike some other cannabinoids that have recently shot to prominence, you will not find naturally occurring THC-O in the marijuana plant. The compound must be synthesized in laboratories, albeit from hemp extract with a natural origin.

For reasons yet to be explained, THC-O does not work as rapidly as other types of THC. The cannabinoid has a delayed onset of effects whether you are vaping it, consuming it in a tincture, or taking an infused capsule.

THC-O has mysterious origins but was almost certainly synthesized for the first time at some point after 1949. Instructions on synthesizing THC-O were first released to the world in 1974 in the cult book Cannabis Alchemy: The Art of Modern Hashmaking.

Nowadays, THC-O has a recreational reputation as the cannabinoid most likely to give you a spiritual and psychedelic high. In that sense, we could say that THC-O is more akin to drugs like LSD and magic mushrooms than it is to traditional marijuana.

How to use THC-O Capsules

Even experienced cannabis consumers are prone to popping more capsules or edibles than they can handle. With THC-O so potent and slow to take effect, the risk of a bad trip with caps is even higher than with a delta-8 or HHC product.

But you can mitigate the risks by using a cautious plan to go into your THC-O capsule experience. Respecting the substance is critical to having a good time with THC-O, which means starting with small doses and spreading them out over several hours.

Wait at least four hours between your first and second capsule doses. The extended delay allows the THC-O to fully kick in, which takes time as the body must break down the capsule before absorbing the THC-O.

Once you are familiar with the effects of your dose, feel free to continue taking capsules at four to six-hour intervals. Stretching out the dosages will ensure that your THC-O high never becomes excessively potent but that you can enjoy punchy psychoactive effects for several hours.

On rare occasions, your high may become more intoxicating than you bargained for and intense enough that the side effects outweigh the benefits. But you don’t need to sit and suffer through a bad trip – taking some CBD can help relieve things and manage your high.

We know that THC-O works via the CB1 receptor in the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Helpfully, CBD suppresses activity at the receptor, acting upon it as an antagonist. CBD in your system alongside THC-O limits the latter’s effects, making you less high.

I recommend vaping a CBD disposable pen or using a tincture oil sublingually for rapid relief. To get meaningful respite from the psychoactive effects of THC-O, you need a CBD product that gets to work quickly – hence why I advocate tinctures and vape products.

The Legal Status of THC-O Capsules

You can buy these capsules in most parts of the United States, but that hasn’t stopped these and similar hemp-based products from coming under scrutiny. The super-potent effects of THC-O are somewhat controversial, as are the processes used to make it.

Going by the 2018 Farm Bill, there’s no disputing that THC-O capsules are legal. The bill doesn’t restrict THC-O levels in hemp-derived products; all looks good if the capsules do not exceed 0.3% THC. However, that hasn’t been enough to stop the debate.

Some have questioned the manufacturing methods behind THC-O, suggesting the cannabinoid is synthetic. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has declared that synthetic cannabinoids remain illegal despite the Farm Bill. But THC-O is not synthetic.

Okay, you cannot extract THC-O directly from hemp. The process starts with natural CBD-isolate extract, which chemists transform into delta-8 distillate and then THC-O distillate. But vitally, the THC-O manufacturing process has a natural, cannabis-based origin.

Others have raised the Federal Analog Act, which classes THC analogs as Schedule 1 substances. While traditional THC-O may be covered by the act, manufacturers mention their products contain a slightly different cannabinoid – delta-8-THC-O.

Effectively, the THC-O we see in THC-O capsules is an analog of delta-8, not THC. Manufacturers have carefully navigated the legal minefield, developing THC-O products that take advantage of all the legal loopholes. I’m pleased to say that THC-O capsules are legal!

Drug Tests and THC-O Capsules

I don’t recommend taking THC-O capsules if there’s a chance you might get drug tested. We have a limited understanding of whether cannabinoids similar to THC are drug test detectable – but they likely are, and it’s certainly not worth the risk.

All standard drug tests can detect marijuana usage, with a strip that turns positive if tetrahydrocannabinol is present in the sample. However, these tests are not 100% precise and don’t only provide a positive result for delta-9-THC.

THC-O, whether it’s delta-9-THC-O or delta-8-THC-O, is almost identical to THC. Therefore, we can predict that THC-O has a metabolite similar to THC and is drug test detectable.

What to Look for When Buying THC-O Capsules

As of March 2022, only a handful of vendors stock THC-O capsules. But as they become more widely known, I imagine the market for these products will grow. Let’s explore what makes a high-quality THC-O capsule and how to stop yourself from getting scammed.

Third-Party Certificates of Analysis (COA)

Highly psychoactive THC-O products represent a lucrative opportunity for fraudsters. Sadly, not every THC-O product is up to standard, with some companies selling you short or even infusing products with low-quality and possibly dangerous distillate.

Only buy THC-O capsules that come with a third-party certificate. These make up for the lack of FDA product regulation and show you which brands meet their obligations and which ones are taking you for a ride.

A third-party test must provide details on the amounts of THC-O and THC in a capsule to confirm potency and Farm Bill compliance. I also like to see reports that delve into product purity, as this assures that brands are synthesizing THC-O correctly.

Serving Size

THC-O concentrations in capsules vary, with some products tailored for tentative first-timers and others designed to give even hardcore users an explosive trip. Unlike with edibles, you’ve no option but to take an entire capsule dose in one hit – so you must get it right!

Other Ingredients

Thus far, every THC-O capsule I’ve seen contains a blend of THC-O distillate and MCT oil, with very little else. But with capsules, there’s always the potential for brands to add in other ingredients. These could include natural terpenes or adaptogens. Keep an eye out!

How to Store Your THC-O Capsules

Store your capsules in the tub provided and in a cool, dark, dry place away from direct sunlight. Oxidation is not an issue as the THC-O comes sealed within the capsule. But your product will still gradually degrade if left exposed to UV rays.

How Long Do THC-O Capsules Last?

Expect your THC-O capsule to last for at least eight hours. THC-O has slow-acting but sustained effects and kicks in more slowly in capsule form than in other product types.

Purchasing THC-O Capsules Online vs. Shops Near Me

If THC-O becomes as sought-after as CBD and delta-8 products, you may start seeing capsules at your local shop. However, you should always buy the cheapest and best-quality THC-O capsules and other products from a specialist online store.

Knowing who to trust in the hemp industry is hard, but reputable online vendors simplify matters. Stores with experience in selling THC-O and other hemp products stick with trustworthy, third-party tested brands.

Ralph Gary
Ralph Gary
Ralph is a passionate author at tooslick.com, a leading drug education website. With a background in public health, he combines research and empathy to create informative content that empowers readers with knowledge on substance abuse. Ralph's mission is to foster a safer and healthier community through education.

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