Top 5 HHC Wholesale Vendors

Tim Rosenberger Tim Rosenberger

March 30, 2022

Legal, psychoactive hemp products are big business right now, with HHC one of the latest cannabinoids to make an impact. HHC is a little less intoxicating than THC but has relaxing properties that make it an ideal substitute for indica marijuana strains.

If you are interested in selling hemp-based legal highs, HHC products are a must-have. You could choose to specialize in HHC or stock it alongside similar cannabinoids, such as delta-8, delta-10, and THC-O.

Before I explore how HHC could benefit your business, here are my top five HHC wholesale vendors of 2022!

Top 5 Begin Here

1. Best Wholesale


CBD Genesis

CBD Genesis is everything that I look for in a wholesale vendor. They sell a superb range of high-quality products at competitive prices and are always happy to help with any questions and concerns I have.

Their stellar HHC collection includes premium e-liquids, cartridges, disposables, gummies, and tinctures. CBD Genesis stocks several impressive own-branded products, in addition to HHC from the likes of Pure Xen and ELYXR LA.

These guys never miss a trick, always bringing the hottest new HHC products to their wholesale catalog quickly. Ensure your store has an up-to-date selection of the finest HHC products by buying wholesale from CBD Genesis! 

2. Most Popular


Eagle Moon Hemp

Eagle Moon Hemp is a family-run business operating out of Luna County, New Mexico. They stock a huge variety of hemp-based products, including HHC. You can buy wholesale HHC distillate, gummies, and cartridges from Eagle Moon Hemp.

The company goes in-depth about the hydrogenation process used to make their HHC distillate – I like to see such transparency. They are frank, open, and honest about the present HHC situation and how the industry may develop.

Buy ready-made products wholesale or work with Eagle Moon Hemp by getting involved with a white or private labeling program. Your wholesale preference comes down to whether or not you want to customize products and how much effort you are prepared to put in.

3. Runner Up


Hemp Living Wholesale

Take advantage of the fast-growing HHC market by making an affordable bulk purchase at Hemp Living Wholesale. With a range of dab waxes, disposables, gummies, hemp buds, pre-rolls, and more, this vendor caters to all tastes.

Hemp Living has several own-branded products, but some exciting additions from Cake, Butter, and The Dopest, too. I’m impressed with how extensive their HHC range is given how new the cannabinoid is to the scene.

Treat your customers to a relaxing, intoxicating, and somewhat euphoric experience by investing in Hemp Living Wholesale’s HHC products. They all come with detailed descriptions and comply with the 2018 Farm Bill. 

4. Runner Up


Terpfusion CBD

If you want a solid and reliable set of products to begin your HHC journey, look no further. Terpfusion CBD manufactures HHC products in-house at facilities in Florida and South Carolina – and they live up to their billing.

You could buy purified HHC distillate and make products with a personalized touch. Or you may prefer to save yourself the hassle by purchasing ready-made gummies, tinctures, cartridges, disposables, and concentrates.

Whatever your approach to business, Terpfusion CBD will work with you, customizing if necessary until you have the perfect private label HHC products. Everything available at Terpfusion CBD comes with a third-party lab report. 

5. Runner Up


Exhale Wellness

Exhale Wellness is much-loved by customers for its psychoactive HHC products, but the company is also great for vendors. Having set the market alight with its delta-8 collection, Exhale Wellness is turning heads with its wholesale HHC range.

Choose from HHC gummy cubes, tincture oils, disposable vape cartridges, pre-rolls, and even HHC hemp nugs. All Exhale Wellness products are Farm Bill compliant, 100% natural, and come with a money-back guarantee.

However, I retain some skepticism about Exhale Wellness and don’t rank them as highly as other wholesalers. Despite the calming claims about third-party testing, I could only find certificates of analysis (COAs) for some of their products. 

What is HHC?

HHC (hexahydrocannabinol) is a cannabinoid with psychoactive effects. Legal in the US when derived from hemp, most HHC is lab-synthesized via hydrogenation. But researchers have found naturally occurring HHC in cannabis, too.

HHC is a hydrogenated derivative of delta-9-THC (THC), the primary mind-altering component of marijuana. The cannabinoid induces euphoric effects, but initial evidence indicates HHC is somewhat milder and more relaxing than THC.

There are a few different types of HHC, including 9-alpha-HHC and 9-beta-HHC. While broadly similar, animal studies suggest the latter has a higher binding affinity at the endocannabinoid system’s CB1 receptor.

How HHC can benefit your business


The hemp industry has inadvertently allowed for the creation of law-abiding, intoxicating cannabis-like products. That’s right! You can get high with HHC products while enjoying federal protection courtesy of the Farm Bill.

Unsurprisingly, this fortuitous development has brought about a once-in-a-generation business opportunity. Millions of Americans who cannot legally acquire classic cannabis can now indulge in the likes of HHC and delta-8.

If you already sell hemp-based products and have a good reputation, stocking HHC is an excellent way of expanding your repertoire. And for those small businesses looking for an entry, going hard on HHC could be a neat way of building a niche.

HHC products appeal to different types of hemp and cannabis users. Some are happy with any legal product that makes them stoned. Others seek out HHC for its less intoxicating and more sedating high

In theory, HHC may also have therapeutic benefits, given its chemical likeness to THC. For those medicinal users who find THC too psychotropic and struggle with its side effects, the more calming HHC could work wonders. 

Types of HHC products

Thus far, most HHC products I have seen contain pure HHC. But the hemp industry’s progression has taught us to expect the unexpected. Brands could easily blend HHC with additional cannabinoids, such as delta-8, delta-10, or even CBD.

An HHC and delta-8 mix would balance their relaxing and energizing effects, generating a hybrid-style high. Combining HHC with CBD would result in a mildly psychoactive experience focused on sedation and therapeutic relief. 

Cartridges: Vaping newbies love the simplicity and convenience of HHC cartridges. Pre-filled with high-strength HHC distillate, these carts work when attached to a 510-threaded battery. Most brands stock carts in multiple flavors with various terpenes.

Disposables: Give your customers an even more efficient HHC vaping option with disposables. These all-in-one devices come pre-filled and fitted with a built-in battery, taking all the hassle and maintenance out of vaping HHC. 

Tinctures: Health-conscious hemp users often gravitate to tincture oils, which do not involve smoking or vaping. Yet consuming HHC under the tongue still delivers an explosive, fast-acting high. You can also add HHC oil to a drink and take it orally.

Edibles: These products aren’t merely about taste. HHC gummies and similar candies promote extended psychoactive highs and give users precise control over how much they take. And unlike carts and flower, you can take edibles discreetly. 

Flower: You could purchase HHC hemp nugs, although these do not contain naturally occurring HHC. Instead, companies make them by spraying or soaking hemp flower with psychoactive HHC distillate.

For passionate cannabis smokers, flower products are a stand-out HHC choice. But users can also vape HHC buds or cook up homemade edibles with them. HHC flower has a small but legal amount of THC that may make users fail a drug test.

Will HHC products remain legal?


In the US, HHC products are legal and have been since lawmakers passed the 2018 Farm Bill. Critically, the Farm Bill legalized all naturally occurring cannabinoids derived from hemp with less than 0.3% THC.

Technically, that covers HHC, which scientists have identified in natural cannabis. And while HHC products consist of high-strength distillate made in laboratories, that distillate still has a natural, hemp-based origin.

Moreover, compared with other legal highs like delta-8, delta-10, and THC-O, HHC may be on more secure legal ground. Notably, unlike those three, HHC is not a tetrahydrocannabinol and could be trickier to ban in the future.

Right now, HHC has a lower profile than delta-8. I consider that a good thing, as it means legislators won’t be targeting the cannabinoid specifically. We have already seen several states ban delta-8, even though it’s still legal at the federal level.

That said, who knows what will happen with HHC going forward. If it goes genuinely mainstream, HHC-infused products may come under more legal scrutiny. But that could be years away – if it ever happens. Now is the perfect time to cash in on HHC! 

HHC products and drug tests

You should warn customers that HHC products could make them test positive on a drug screening. That may go against what you have heard, with some claiming that HHC is undetectable on drug tests – but there’s no firm evidence for that.

People could say this because HHC is not a tetrahydrocannabinol. Some HHC users also reckon they have passed a test with HHC in their system. However, HHC has a similar chemical structure to THC and it’s an extremely durable cannabinoid.

Until we get studies on HHC and drug tests, nobody can say with certainty whether HHC shows up. That’s why it’s best to be cautious and view HHC like any other intoxicating cannabinoid.

Think about it: you don’t want to sell products to customers that could make them lose their jobs without letting them know about it! 

What to Look for When Buying HHC Wholesale

Hopefully, you are convinced by now that HHC is right for your business – but it’s not quite time to buy yet! Before you make a wholesale purchase, there are some vital things to know about the hemp industry and HHC specifically.

Ensure that you end up with the highest quality HHC products that match up with your customers’ needs by following these tips.

Buy third-party tested products


Customers will assume there’s something suspicious going on if you cannot supply third-party lab reports for products. It’s the only way of proving that are a legit actor in the hemp industry, which isn’t subject to FDA regulation.

When purchasing wholesale HHC products, check for third-party certificates of analysis (COA) before you buy. While you can legally sell products without a COA, you may struggle to shift them. 

Look for high-strength HHC distillate

Your HHC products should contain the most potent HHC distillate possible. You won’t find 100% HHC distillate, and the strength can be a little inconsistent. But look for extract or ready-made products with more than 90% HHC. 

Shop with a knowledgeable and responsive wholesaler

Dropping thousands of dollars on a wholesale purchase is much different from splurging a few bucks on one or two items. 

When committing to spend that much money with a wholesaler, you should expect them to know their stuff and be willing to help. 

The leading wholesale vendors will answer your questions quickly and work to find the best solution for your store. 

How to Store Your HHC Wholesale Products


Keep all HHC wholesale products in a cool, dry, and dark location, away from direct sunlight. Take extra care with edibles, which you may need to keep in a refrigerator. Melting has no impact on HHC potency, but it does affect serving sizes.

How Long Do HHC Wholesale Products Last?

HHC has a very long shelf life, with its hydrogenated structure protecting well against degradation. In theory, HHC products could last for years, although they will eventually lose potency. Don’t keep stock hanging around for too long.

Purchasing HHC Wholesale Online vs. Shops Near Me


Online trumps the physical world when it comes to buying HHC wholesale. Even in the hemp scene, HHC is still somewhat obscure, hence why you’ll have more reliable results when purchasing online.

And while you aren’t speaking face-to-face when buying online, it’s typically more transparent and less stressful than shopping in person. You can take your time to read up on a company’s credentials, and you won’t feel pressured into a purchase.Register for a wholesale account at CBD Genesis and start selling HHC products in your store today! 

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