How Long Does HHC Stay in Your System?


If you have doubts about taking HHC due to drug tests, you’re probably wondering, “How long does HHC stay in your system after consumption?” While we don’t have many studies on HHC, it’s unlikely that it acts differently to other cannabinoids.

In this guide, I’ll explore how long HHC could remain detectable in your urine, blood, hair, and more. I’ll also be looking at what HHC – a popular hemp-based high and cannabis alternative – does and how to take it!

But let’s get started with a look at the five best HHC products you can buy in 2022!

1. Best Selling Delta 8

HHC Cartridge by Genesis (1000mg)

Genesis HHC vape carts tick all the boxes – high potency, maximum flavor, and a smooth vaping experience. With nearly 1000mg of hemp-derived HHC distillate and hefty levels of natural terpenes, expect delicious vapor and intense psychoactive effects.

Genesis adopts the standard 510-threaded cartridge design, so you’ll have no issues attaching these carts to your regular vape battery. I’m a fan of HHC carts, as it means I don’t have to waste time topping up my vape or stressing about leaks.

HHC is still new, and I’m impressed that Genesis already has five HHC carts in its range – a selection of indicas, sativas, and hybrids. All carts are Farm Bill compliant and have passed third-party tests.

Strains: Ekto Cooler (Hybrid), Maui Wowie (Sativa), Pink Kush (Hybrid), Purple Urkle (Indica), Slurricane (Indica) 

2 Most Popular

JGO HHC Gummy Watermelon Bomb 750mg

JGO’s HHC gummies are among the most affordable in the market without sacrificing potency.

The entire bottle boasts a whopping 750mg of HHC, with each gummy containing 25mg.

The gummies come in a delicious watermelon flavor.

You can expect an amazing feeling of relaxation perfect for taking the edge off after a long day at work.

3. Runner Up

HHC Disposable by Genesis (2000mg)

If 1000mg of HHC isn’t enough, ramp it up to 2000mg with these mega disposable HHC carts by Genesis. These guys use the same blend of HHC distillate and natural terpenes, which make for a clean, crisp, and unforgettable vaping experience!

Genesis has made premium hemp-based products for years, starting with CBD before expanding into delta-8. Getting into the HHC market was the natural next step. With these disposables, they’ve shown they are one of the hottest brands in the scene.

Five HHC disposables are currently available, and this range could expand in the future. All Genesis products are third-party tested regularly to ensure Farm Bill compliance. 

Strains: Maui Wowie (Sativa), Slurricane (Indica), Purple Urkle (Indica), Pink Kush (Hybrid), Ekto Cooler (Hybrid) 

4. Runner Up

Binoid HHC Tincture 1000mg

This HHC tincture comes with 1000mg of premium 92% HHC distillate.

As if that wasn’t enough, it’s also combined with MCT oil. Together they produce an amazing mind and body experience.

The bottle contains a total 920mg of HHC, which packs a punch unlike many other HHC tinctures. The HHC is 100% natural and hemp derived.

It does not contain any added flavors. This is as natural as it gets.

Like with most tinctures, the effects are fast acting and potent as you don’t have to wait for your stomach to break down a solid substance.

5. Runner Up

Binoid HHC Softgels 750mg

Binoid’s HHC Softgels are one of the very few HHC softgels available in the market.

The bottle boasts 750mg of natural and hemp derived HHC, with each softgel containing 25mg.

They are 100% Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, and proudly made in the USA.

With 92% HHC in each capsule, you can expect an amazing mind and body experience similar to the Binoid HHC Tincture.

How Long Does HHC Stay in Your System?

Several types of drug tests can screen for cannabinoids. Researchers are uncertain about whether HHC metabolites are detectable on drug tests, which are designed to detect THC metabolites.

THC’s metabolite is THC-COOH. HHC produces two known metabolites – 8 alpha-hydroxy-HHC and 8 beta-hydroxy-HHC. Let’s assume that HHC does show up on drug tests, as some suspect. 

Urine: Most drug tests in the workplace are urine tests – both 5-panel and 9-panel tests have a strip that detects marijuana metabolites. THC can show up on a urine test for anywhere between a few days and a few weeks.

We can expect that HHC metabolites would remain detectable for a similar period. The length of time HHC could be detected depends on how much you’ve consumed and the sensitivity of the drug test. 

Blood: Blood tests are rarely used to check for the presence of drugs. But they are useful in the immediate aftermath of accidents as drugs become detectable a few minutes after consumption. 

Drugs only remain detectable in the blood for around four hours. However, if you are involved in an accident on the road or at work, you could be subject to a blood test. 

Since HHC is psychoactive, you would probably be regarded as being under the influence. That HHC is federally legal likely wouldn’t make much difference – after all, alcohol is legal, too. 

Hair: Cannabinoid metabolites remain detectable for longer in hair drug tests than in any other type of drug test. Tests can find THC metabolites in hair follicles for up to 90 days after consumption – we can predict a similar situation for HHC.

Despite the long detection time, which would in theory make hair follicle tests more effective, they remain uncommon. According to HireRight, only 7% of employers use hair tests to check for drug use.

Oral fluid: Otherwise known as saliva tests, law enforcement often uses these quick and easy tests to check for drug use within the last 24 hours. THC remains detectable in oral fluid for up to six hours. HHC is unlikely to be much different.

HireRight estimates that around 10% of employers use oral fluid or saliva drug tests.

What is HHC?

Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is a cannabinoid with psychoactive properties, generally derived from legal hemp. HHC products – including vape juices, edibles, and tincture oils – have emerged as popular cannabis substitutes in states without legal marijuana.

HHC and THC are similar in terms of chemistry and effects. The former produces all the euphoria and mind-altering trickery associated with the latter. However, HHC is not as potent as THC and has a more sedative, calming effect.

Researchers identified HHC as a natural cannabinoid as far back as 1947. But in truth, the HHC you’ll find in products isn’t strictly natural – instead, chemists concoct HHC distillate in laboratories.

That’s not as scary or nefarious as it may seem! THC turns into HHC via hydrogenation, which does happen naturally, albeit in small amounts. But in the laboratory, chemists can process enormous amounts of THC into HHC distillate.

How to Take HHC

You can get high with HHC in a few different ways. There are upsides and downsides to each method – ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference.


Smoking and vaping HHC produces the fastest-acting and most powerful high. The psychoactive effects kick in within a few minutes, rapidly building in intensity for 30 to 45 minutes. After that time, the high levels off and gradually subside.

For smoking, you’ll need HHC flower, which you can roll into a joint or pack into the bowl of a pipe or bong. Disposables, cartridges, and e-liquids are typically used for vaping, but you can also vape HHC flower in devices compatible with dry herbs.

Both smoking and vaping deliver a speedy high. While smoking HHC flower is not as addictive as smoking nicotine-rich tobacco, it’s still harmful. Most experts agree that vaping is considerably less dangerous, even if it’s not healthy.


Taking HHC in edible or capsule form makes for a unique high – and one that is much different from inhalation. We associate edibles and capsules with longer-lasting psychoactive effects. An oral dose of HHC could make you high all day!

The downside is that it can take an hour before you start feeling stoned. The delayed onset of effects makes it difficult to find the perfect dose. 

If you’re new to edibles and capsules, start with a small quantity and wait for at least three hours before upping your intake. You can always consume more as you get familiar with HHC – but a bad first trip might put you off for good. 


With a high that’s somewhere in between inhalation and oral consumption, sublingual absorption will give you an intense and relatively fast-acting high.

Sublingual absorption works by taking an HHC tincture oil under your tongue. Squeeze the oil into the bottom of your mouth, flatten out your tongue, and hold the oil for up to 60 seconds.

The sublingual glands in your mouth transport the HHC cannabinoids into your bloodstream more quickly than edibles. 

Sublingual absorption is also a completely healthy way to take HHC, even if the effects aren’t as instant as when smoking or vaping.

Understanding the Legal Status of HHC

In the United States, HHC is legal at the federal level, providing it is derived from hemp plants with less than 0.3% THC. Lawmakers indirectly legalized HHC in 2018, after passing the Agriculture Improvement Act, more often known as the Farm Bill.

When buying HHC products, you’ll always see brands making a fuss out of being Farm Bill compliant. That’s because HHC products with more than 0.3% would be classed as marijuana – and therefore, a Schedule 1 drug in the eyes of the feds!

Nobody knows whether HHC will stay legal in the months and years to come. While the consequences of legalizing HHC were unforeseen, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) hasn’t indicated that it’s planning a crackdown.

Some state governments could take matters into their own hands. As of February 2022, delta-8 – a similar hemp-based legal high – is illegal in 18 states. If HHC gets as popular, states could move to ban it. But none have done so yet.

What to Look for When Buying HHC Products

If buying HHC flower, vape cartridges, edibles, capsules, or anything else, always look for third-party certificates of analysis (aka lab reports). Without these, you can’t be sure whether a product contains HHC, if it’s safe, or if it’s even legal.

Certificates of analysis have become commonplace with hemp products, which are not government regulated. Third-party lab testing works as a voluntary system, but it’s proven an excellent way of weeding out fraudsters and scammers.

Companies should publish third-party reports for their HHC products online. If you can’t find any, contacting the manufacturer or choose a different brand. There are lots of honest businesses around – you don’t need to waste money on sketchy HHC.

Purchasing HHC Products Online vs. Shops Near Me 

Further to my point about ensuring your HHC product is lab-tested, it’s much easier to do this when purchasing online. Brick-and-mortar stores are very hit and miss, with gas stations and headshops notoriously unpredictable.

Buying HHC from a genuine hemp retailer has additional benefits. These stores normally stock a wide range of products from various brands. Whether you are new to HHC or want something extreme, you’ll find it when you buy online!

Make your first HHC purchase today at CBD Genesis! Choose from their exciting own-brand range and products from other leading names in the industry!

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